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Some Background on Roggenwolf’s NZ Camo Candidate

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

We received this account of Roggenwolf’s experience in vying for the New Zealand camouflage program.

In April 2011, Roggenwolf was advised that New Zealand Defence Force [NZDF] was looking to update its DPM Combat Uniform. Part of the plan was to implement a new camouflage pattern that could work across multiple operating environments, and I was asked if I would be interested in submitting a proposal. Naturally, I was.

The final submission was received by Yakka Apparel Solutions (NZ) on 19 May. Within a week, I was told that one my camouflage designs — RyewolfR2 — would continue to the next stage. Six metres of fabric were printed, and trial garments were cut and sewn.

Recognition testing was conducted around Waiouru, in a variety of terrains: jungle, forest, open country tussock, sandy and urban. The disruptive effect of RyewolfR2 was good enough that it passed another down-select. My submission had gone from being one among 12 contenders to being one among five.

However, the colourway was not ideal. Based on feedback and photos from Waiouru, I decided that Roggenwolf’s original “Timberwolf” colourway might be a better choice. A few variations were proposed; prints and fabric were sent; garments were made; and by the end of November 2011, RyewolfR2 was running neck-and-neck with only one other design: HyperStealth’s Multi-Terrain Camouflage [MTC].

Regular visitors to Soldier Systems Daily will already know that MTC ultimately won the race. They will also know that the final selection was based on aesthetic appeal; additional testing revealed only slight differences in camouflage effect.

So I don’t feel defeated. Instead, I feel validated. Since 2006, Roggenwolf has developed camouflage solutions utilising proprietary paradigms and techniques — and now I know that my ideas work.

As a result, I’m currently looking at producing Roggenwolf Warg5U on a commercial basis.

Warg has been chosen for a number of reasons. First, it’s more widely known than RyewolfR2. Second, it’s a little easier on the eye than RyewolfR2. Most important, though, is the fact that it was specifically designed to utilise the colourway that NZDF has determined works in jungle, woodland and urban settings.


Roggenwolf Statement on US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The statement was released yesterday by Australia’s Roggenwolf.

You might recall that Roggenwolf Tiwazâ„¢ was developed specifically as a possible answer the U.S. Army’s identified need for a family of camouflage patterns. Unfortunately, we have been advised that Tiwazâ„¢ has been eliminated from the final down-select, and will no longer be a participant in the U.S. Army camouflage improvement effort.

We know that this news will be just as disappointing to our supporters as it was to us. However, it must be said that we actually achieved more than we thought was possible, back in June; and that those achievements are largely due to the support and encouragement of our enterprise partners, Bradford Printing & Finishing, and Premier Defence Agencies.

In spite of this set-back, Roggenwolf continues to pursue other opportunities in North America, Europe, and the Asia–Pacific region. As always, our design philosophy is built upon the belief that an effective camouflage uniform not only conceals its wearer in country, but reinforces its wearer’s sense of identity.

Camo Truck

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

This is PA-KO’s brand new MAN prime mover. PA-KO is SPECOPS.pl’s distributor as well as a licensed weapons dealer. As you can see it’s covered in the WARG 5PL camo pattern developed especially for this vehicle by an Australian company, ROGGENWOLF.

The pattern is individually developed for each vehicle and takes into account the vehicle size and the distance at which the camo effect is to be achieved. In this way you can “program” the pattern to suit specific needs.

The paintwork on the truck was applied with a glossy finish for practical reasons, as this is a commercial vehicle and will be traveling all across Europe. However, in the development are military vehicles, including tanks, and they will have a matte finish and will undergo field trials. Consider, this MAN truck a technology demonstrator.


Roggenwolf Warg Update

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Last month we mentioned that the Polish company SpecOps would be incorporating Roggenwolf’s Warg camo patterns into their line. At the time we showed you the forest version. Newly produced, we can now unveil the desert pattern. This pre-production MBS-1 uniform features the 5-color desert variant of Roggenwolf’s Warg. Additional trial uniforms are now being shipped to Polish SF units and to Australia for field trials.