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TacHacker – Unleashed Tactical Equipment Presents Hotel Room Key Hacks a Simple Fix

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Our friends at Unleashed Tactical Equipment spend a lot of time on the road, just like our readers and they are concerned with the all-too-common breakins that are occurring in hotel rooms due to vulnerable electronic locks. For you road warriors, they offer this advice.

It’s seems to be making the rounds in the press this past few weeks that there’s a security issue with certain hotel room electronic key locks. We can confirm that the issue is real and the room door locks can be bypassed using a few low cost pieces of electronic trickery.

We’ve been aware of this for some time, years in fact, so we thought we’d offer up this simple suggestion against a potential surge in room break ins.

When you first enter your electronically secured hotel room take a good look at the outside (hallway) side of the door lock. At the bottom of the underside of the door lock (facing the floor) you may find a round hole approx 5mm in diameter. This is the access point used to bypass the room electronic security.

You need to plug this hole using anything to hand. I tend to use a strip of paper torn from the room stationery, formed into a tight , interference fit, roll that is then pushed into the hole. The roll of paper will gradually unravel and fill the orifice. This technique is non destructive and can be relatively easily removed by hotel maintenance staff.

Assuming someone does access your hotel room, always use the hotel or room strong box. If you don’t, your insurance probably won’t pay out.

Sleep easy.

Team UTE

Multispectral Signature Management from UTE

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Unleashed Tactical Equipment is launching their new proprietary textile product called FGM4 that offers multispectral signature management. Primarily it provides disruptive concealment in thermal infra red, near infra red, and visual spectrums. Additionally, FGM4 boasts to provide Thermal Management and Protection as well as Antimicrobial and Antistatic Protection. FGM4 is available in standard weight, stretch, flame retardant and high strength options.

FGM4 Information

FGM4 can be seen beginning later today at Techtextil 2011 at Messe Frankfurt in Germany.

Trade inquiries please contact www.unleashed-tactical.com.

UTE Unleashes New Eyepro

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Created by celebrity international designer Gok Heston-Cumquat McKeith, their new range Eyepro has something for the enlisted ranks as well as toff officers. Did we mention they are on sale?


Yato Technology from UTE

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Unleashed Tactical Equipment revealed their new Yato thermal management technology at the recent IWA in Germany. Essentially, Yato reflects thermal energy with the added benefit of anti-microbial and anti-static properties. It can be added as a third layer in laminated fabric solutions.

Yato can be built in to a variety of products. For example, the hooped bivy was manufactured with Yato. During testing in a -4 deg C environment, the ambient air temperature within the bivy remained significantly higher than in a bivy without Yato thermal management.

The thermal management properties go both ways. If you are in a hot environment, Yato will reflect heat away from the fabric and help keep the inside cooler. It also offers some RF suppression properties as well. This brochure from UTE tells a little more of the Yato story.

Yato Product Data


Unleashing Cilahc

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

We know, so you’re asking yourself, “What the hell’s a Cilahc?” Don’t worry, we did the same thing when Unleashed Tactical Equipmentâ„¢ came to us to talk about it recently. You may recall that last summer we wrote an article about UTE’s Fit to Fight initiative which came about due to a longtime mate’s battle related severe burn injuries while wearing non-FR clothing. Over time this project evolved into the Cilahc range.

Below are two of the Cilahc products; the jacket and pants.

You need to read this exclusive interview to get an idea of where they are heading with this range of FR clothing and their overall philosophy.

SSD Interview With UTE on Cihalc

For more information visit unleashed-tactical.com.

Save 30% with Unleashed Tactical

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Just this week we wrote about UTE’s new website and products and then they turn around and publish this on their blog:

For five days we’re offering an incredible 30% discount on all products in our covert and performance tactical range of products. The discount code will be published on our Facebook page and will be active from midnight tonight GMT. You need to go to our Facebook page and click “Become a Fan”. The banner on the left will have the discount code.

Unleashed Tactical Equipment Announces New Products and Webstore

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Today, Unleashed Tactical Equipmentâ„¢ released details of their new range of products for military, law enforcement and security professionals. This includes not only completely new products but updates to the Vanguard Thermal Suppression line as well.

Atap Shell Garments

The Atap range of products are straight forward and remove superfluous accessories, replacing them with carefully researched and implemented features that enhance the comfort and performance of the wearer. The design maximizes the functional surface area of the military grade three layer ePTFE laminate in a garment that allows unequaled levels of vapor transfer. The use of MULTICAM® disruptive pattern allows the Atap Shell Garments to work across varied environments and integrate with the growing user base of agencies who have adopted this pattern.

I’ve been in this business for a long time and this is the first garment set that ticks all the boxes for deployed personnel that can expect to be caught in inclement weather conditions” said Stevie Malcolm CEO of Unleashed Tactical Equipment. “It’s the result of user input, great manufacturing technology and the best available materials that makes this a must have combination.”

Westcomb® Outerwear

Unleashed Tactical Equipment™ has also completed an agreement with Westcomb® Outerwear resulting in UTE offering the entire Westcomb® line to the tactical user community. They are working with Westcomb® to exclusively offer the complete range of products to professional military, law enforcement and security users.

Vanguard Thermal Suppression – Gen II

Finally, the Special Products team at Unleashed Tactical Equipment™ has released the second generation of their Vanguard Thermal Suppression technology. This second generation of products offers a broader scope of application including suits, over suits, head, face & shoulder covers, equipment covers, user applied appliqués and OP screens. Say’s Dave Green, technical project lead, “the versatility of the second generation products provides several improvements to the surveillance operators tool kit including user customization.”

The new webstore can be found at www.ixi-jrs.com. SSD readers get 10% discount using SSD as the voucher code at checkout.

Anatomy of a Shell Garment – Parts 5 & 6

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

BFE Labs once again hosts the final two installments of Unleashed Tactical Equipment’s “Anatomy of a Shell Garment” which when used as a whole, is an excellent primer for those who want to learn about shell garments, their construction, and what they are made from.

Part 5: Garment Construction

Part 6: Bringing it all Together