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Defensor Fortis Modular Helmet System

Air Force Security Forces…

Want an NVG Mount that actually stays put?

Want a RAIL System for helmet mounted lights, or helmet mounted cameras to document training or actual operations from Airman “Point of View” for AARs?

Want a better, adjustable, more comfortable helmet retention?

Want your goggles to stay put on your helmet?

Here’s your solution! It will completely modernize your existing ACH-style helmets.

Defensor Fortis Modular Helmet System from ADS

You now have the ability to add these items/capability to your currently fielded MICH/ACH helmets. No need to buy new helmets. This system adapts to what you’ve already invested in. It includes an integrated helmet cover with rails and VAS shroud from Gentex/Ops-Core along with a Charge Pro MPLS light from Princeton Tec and a set of ESS Pivot Profile Goggles which are designed to work in concert with the Ops-Core ARC Rail. The whole kit and caboodle is topped off with the Team Wendy Cam-Fit Retention System with Boa Fit Constrictor for custom fit.

The Defensor Fortis Modular Helmet System is available through ADS Inc.

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4 Responses to “Defensor Fortis Modular Helmet System”

  1. Paddy says:

    I’ve been in SF for almost 8 years now, and i can honestly say it’s about time we started to catch up with the new kit that companies have been fielding for awhile now. If only we could get rid of the DF-LCS. And thank you SoldierSystems, we get better info here than we do from SF Center!

  2. CJ (The conservative one) says:

    How long until HQ AFSFC says that this is not authorized?

    • Paddy says:

      I think if it’s called the DF-MHS, it was signed off on by the guys at HQ AFSFC who authorized the DF-LCS. Hoping anyway.

  3. Mad Dog 0-1 says:

    AFSFC ….that place is like the blind leading the blind with the only one Great E-9 left in the career field drowning in a pool of civilian ignorance. Yes, the civilians run that place….