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The Talos LT Halfshell In Action – Courtesy of Haley Strategic

Arc'teryx LEAF Talos LT Halfshell

We recently recommended the Arc’teryx LEAF Talos LT Halfshell and we just got these photos from Haley Strategic Partners that give you some good all around shots of the Talos LT to help you get a better feel for it. As it turns out there are a whole lot of other great products in these photos like carbines from Bravo Company USA featuring parts from B5 Systems as well as armor carriers and pouches from Mayflower Research and Consulting along with holsters from G-Code. You may also notice a lot of Kryptek camouflage in these photos including some cool custom combat pants from Australia’s Platatac, not to mention some interesting gloves from Outdoor Research.

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14 Responses to “The Talos LT Halfshell In Action – Courtesy of Haley Strategic”

  1. Will says:

    So has ‘tactical training’ turned into the next professional sport with the focus on obtaining corporate sponsorships and blatantly paid for product endorsements? I have no idea how intentionally underexposed, over-staged photos, gives me any more knowledge of an over priced Arc’teryx shirt, other than Arc’teryx paid HSP (and SSD?) a pretty penny for the product endorsement.
    Not even a faux review.

    • SSD says:

      I didn’t get paid a dime for these photos. Is that how it’s supposed to work? Amazingly, I’ve run SSD for a living for over 4 years and don’t get paid to run people’s photos. I guess I’m missing out.

      Or, perhaps your time would best be spent elsewhere since you couldn’t get anything out of these photos and you’re too fucking lazy to have read my “faux” review published earlier this week of the shirt I purchased. I know it certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    • Ben says:

      Is tactical training a “professional sport”? No, but it is a profession and as such there’s an industry now based around providing users with specifically engineered, purpose built equipment.

      Dudes always get so bitter when people have nice things…

  2. Jones says:

    Haters always gonna hate.

    I will have to say I hate the new sleeves on the new Talos LT, the old ones were so much better. There is too much bulk when rolled up. Other than that the rest of the shirt works as usual.

    • SSD says:

      A friend of mine doesn’t like the sleeves either but I am glad they dropped the retention system as well as the snaps.

      • Jones says:

        Agreed, if they had just dropped the straps… if only. I see a modification coming to my older Talos top.

  3. Jack says:

    Thanks for sharing… Does anyone know who makes that kryptek sling?

  4. Jack says:

    Wait. I’m wrong. Nvm. Not a sling. Lol

  5. Jason says:

    When are those OR gloves ever going to be released? Anyone know?

  6. Jason DTI says:

    It has gotten to the point where a blog, review, article, FB status, etc…really needs to have a comments section disabled. The tactical industry and the people to which it markets are full of Type A, alpha dog personalities that are most dangerous when they are ignorant. Will, your ego is not your amigo. Show SSD and Haley and honestly, everyone a little respect. The comments in nearly any “tactical post” could be read by someone without a solid position on the 2nd amendment and this juvenile behavior could be the thing that forces their choice in what to believe. If you don’t like the post or think it is “faux”, go to another website, and buy another product. Learn some humility and try to be teachable-it will serve you well in life.

  7. Captain Smoof says:

    I’m thinking about rocking one of these for a ruck race. Any experience/thoughts on how quick drying they are? Would they chafe when wet?

    Would you reccomend a base layer or could this be worn next to skin?

    Many thanks!