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SOWF USA Officially Releases Product Line

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Sticker Label SOWF Image

SOWF USA (Sacred Order of Water Foul) is a lifestyle company founded by a former Navy SEAL and a former SWAT operator. Their company mantra is “If you don’t NO, you KNOW”, which is centered on the attitude of taking life head on and never saying no to anything.

SOWF USA has recently launched their first products, including apparel, patches, beverage coozies, and stickers.

Check ’em out at

High Speed Gear – NVG Counterbalance Pouch

Monday, August 31st, 2015

SWANSBORO, North Carolina – Aug. 31, 2015 – High Speed Gear has a history of producing some of the most versatile tactical pouches and platforms in the industry.


In keeping with that standard, High Speed Gear is proud to release its new NVG Counterbalance Pouch, designed by RE Factor Tactical. This pouch is designed specifically for individuals using night vision systems with a battery pack attachment. The pouch comes with two .45-pound steel plates to give the user an additional counterweight of just under 1 pound. When combined with the battery pack and batteries, the total counterweight can equal up to around 1.5 pounds to improve balance and comfort with NVGs.

Unlike other counterweights on the market, the Counterbalance Pouch does not impede the use of the NVG battery pack. The pouch is designed to allow the user to utilize the on-off toggle switch, as well as easily change out batteries without removing the battery pack or pouch. Furthermore, we added three small pockets that can be used to stash survival gear, batteries, or any other small mission-essential items. The pack comes with an outer loop panel for adhesion of patches or the addition of illumination marking equipment. It also includes a hook panel on the back to adhere to the back of common Ops-Core/Team Wendy helmets and two bungee support tabs that can adhere to the sides of the helmet to help secure the pouch in place in austere environments.

The NVG Counterbalance Pouch is available now. Made 100% in the USA by High Speed Gear, and designed by Veterans at RE Factor.

For more information, visit

Beez Combat Systems – BALCS Cumber Carrier

Monday, August 31st, 2015

BALCS Cumber Body Armor Carrier Multicam Black Front

Beez Combat Systems has released an updated version of their BALCS Cumber Carrier. Made of Cordura nylon, the BALCS features a full cummerbund with three rows of PALS webbing for modularity. Internal front and back hard plate pockets are sized for SAPI, ESAPI, SWIMMER, and Rectangle cut plates. A built in front Kangaroo pouch allows for storage of two magazines, and Velcro on the front and back allows for name tape and ID patches. Additional features include adjustable shoulders, a reinforced drag handle, and vertical webbing for QASM buckle attachment.

As you can see in the photos, the carrier is available in MultiCam Black, which is a new colorway that extends to all Beez products. Made in the USA.

Additionally, Beez Combat Systems is attending the upcoming NTOA Tactical Conference and Trade Show. They will be displaying the BALCS Cumber Carrier in Multicam Black at booth #328.

“If Only There Was A Law…”

Monday, August 31st, 2015

If only there was a law against murder, all of these killings would stop.

As we all know, depending on the jurisdiction there are multiple statutes against different types of murder, conspiring to murder, using certain implements to murder, depraved indifference to murder and so on.  Yet, it continues to happen.

Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste
The anti-2A agenda takes every opportunity to call for “common sense” gun control measures, including the most recent horrible murders, where the perpetrators took advantage of social media to spread their agendas of hate.

In the case of the Charleston church murderer, Dylann Roof, the government failed to enforce current legislation by allowing him to purchase a gun in spite of a drug arrest. More recently, Virginia murderer Bryce Williams purchased his gun legally. Yet, none of the current, or proposed firearms legislation would have prevented either of those fiends from violating one of the most fundamental precepts of modern society, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Murder, It’s Illegal, And Yet They Persist
Despite the quote I led the story with, murder is already against the law. Short of developing crime precognition and arresting those who plan to kill, there are no laws that will stop a determined murderer. If they ignore our most basic laws and the sanctity of life, why would we ever expect them to obey gun laws?

Individual Responsibility
Individual responsibility was long the cornerstone of our country’s strength. Now, we have a very vocal element of our society that doesn’t want to hold the individual responsible. Instead, they’d rather blame inanimate objects; like guns and knives, as if the evildoer were the victim.

I personally don’t believe that anyone who commits murder is in their right mind, but that doesn’t mean they are insane either. Conversely, one can be certifiable, unaware of the consequences of their actions, and still do things that are against the law. To be sure, most perpetrators know exactly what they are up to, but the punishment associated with murder doesn’t deter them. We can’t stop evil in men’s hearts but we can counter their actions, if we are prepared to take reaponsibility for our own safety and that of our loved ones.

Some acknowledge evil, and yet their answer is prohibition. They want to ban all firearms hoping that this will stop murder. But, making it harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves is no answer either.

We need look no further than another instance of prohibition for the answer. As a society we have banned drugs. And yet, our prisons are full of those convicted of trafficking in drugs as well as associated crimes. The criminal element has ended any debate. If guns are outlawed, outlaws will have them, and the citizenry will be left at their mercy. If we want crime and helplessness to sky rocket in America, simply disarm our law-abiding citizens.

More Laws Aren’t The Answer
It’s high time that the anti-gun agenda abandon its tactic of blaming firearms for the acts of criminals and begin to look at enforcing existing laws, as well as effective mental health care. It’s not going to stop all criminal activity, but it will certainly will help.

As for the truly evil ones? I don’t think we’ll ever stop them, but at least the rest of us can defend ourselves, so long as we are armed.

MATBOCK – MR Dry Drybag

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Mr Dry

Click to view .pdf

The MR Dry is the result of a collaborative effort between MATBOCK, Mystery Ranch, and Drift Dry which produced a fully waterproof assault pack system. The system consists of a full support backpack frame with quick dry shoulder straps, and a dive capable waterproof bag with integrated oral inflation tube and reinforced bottom panels. The frame accepts any existing 3-Day Mystery Ranch Assault Pack or Med Pack.

Out of the initial run, only 5 Black MR Drys are left for purchase. Lead time for Wolf Grey and Multicam is approximately 12-14 weeks.

Here is a video which quickly shows how to go from dry to operational using the MR Dry. The video also shows how the inner Mystery Ranch pack can be detached from the Mr Dry, then attached to any Mystery Ranch yoke system.

215 Gear – 28″ Gear Bag

Monday, August 31st, 2015

28IN Gear Bag, Corner, Web, White, Final

215 Gear’s 28″ Gear Bag was designed as a load out bag for holding all the essentials when traveling, including armor, clothing, boots, extra pouches, etc. The exterior is made of 1000D Cordura, while the internal main compartment is made of 400D for easy cleaning. This compartment is sized for armor and/or clothing, and there is additional storage via a zippered pocket in the large opening flap.

28IN Gear Bag, Top, Web, White, Final

A long side exterior pocket is perfect for storing boots and socks, while the two shorter exterior pockets are sized for miscellaneous pouches and/or extra gear. The 28″ Gear Bag also features two compression straps, and two shoulder straps with AustriAplin aluminum triglides to handle the weight of a fully-loaded bag.

Available in MultiCam, Coyote and Black. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

This Is A Cool Story

Monday, August 31st, 2015

The Norwegian painter, Knud Bergslien (b. 1827 d. 1908) painted the famous picture Birkebeinerne, depicting two loyal soldiers carrying the young prince, Hakon Hakonsson, to safety in 1206. In 1945 Bergans paid N.Dr.5,000 for the rights to use the theme. The name “Birkebeiner” is a registered Bergans brand name. The painting was used as a brand image for a period of 50 years and was re-designed as the vignette used on Bergans products today.

Gorilla Ammunition Conducting Firearm Package Giveaway With Industry Partners

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


Gorilla Ammunition conducting firearm package giveaway with industry partners.
Gorilla Ammunition with shooting sports and defense training industry leaders building a firearm and training package. One lucky entrant will be awarded this package valued at over $5,000

Vero Beach, FL, – August 25, 2015 – Gorilla Ammunition, a manufacturer of high quality modern sporting rifle ammunition, partnered with nearly a dozen leaders in the firearms and training industry to build an incredible firearms package as part of sweepstakes.

“We were looking for a new way to engage our current customers and grow our brand awareness with consumers not familiar with Gorilla Ammunition. Turning to our friends in the industry we were able to put together a package that is awesome. Not only is the lucky winner going to be able to have a one of kind AR15, we are providing ammunition and training, so this will allow the winner to learn safe firearms handling techniques and also learn to employ the firearm in various tactical situations by attending Tactical Response class” said Gorilla Ammunition’s Jay Duncan.

The Gorilla Ammunition sweepstakes begins on August 26th and the winner be selected on Thanksgiving, which is November 26, 2015. The winner will be announced the Gorilla Ammunition Facebook page.

Contestants can enter at

“We appreciate Jay, Gorilla Ammunition, and other industry partners for conducting this great sweepstakes. We are confident the consumers will be encouraged to participate and support the companies which are making donations.” said Nate Stokes of Unity Tactical.

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high quality modern sporting rifle ammunition and dominates the 300 Blackout ammunition category. All of Gorilla Ammunition modern sporting rifle ammunition offerings are capable of Sub-MOA accuracy and have standard deviations in muzzle velocity of less that 15 feet per second. Gorilla Ammunition’s industry leading performance and quality control has helped them grow rapidly in a very competitive market.