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Wearin’ Connected Vest: New Ready-to-Use Wearable Technology for Connected Soldiers

Fischer Connectors Group, the leader in rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments, is proud to present its spin-off Wearin’™, the provider of new wearable connectivity solutions.

Wearin’s solutions integrate wearable technology into ergonomically designed gear, helping reduce weight, simplify use and enhance situational awareness.

Easy-to-use, rugged & lightweight, Wearin’ connectivity solutions are suited for the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA), Soldier Modernization programs and C5ISTAR applications.

At the recent AUSA NOW, Wearin’ unveiled a connected vest designed to meet SWaP (Size, Weight & Power requirements) and enhance soldier mobility, performance and safety.

The Wearin’ connected vest offers a distributed data (USB 2.0) and power bus, eliminating external cables and multiple batteries. Connector receptacles sewn in strategic locations turn the soldier’s vest into a flexible hub delivering power and data.

Communications gear, sensors, cameras, night vision systems, smartphones, tactical computers, GPS devices and other essentials can be fastened with matching plugs built directly into the device.

The new ready-to-use connected vest is Wearin’s Starter Kit, now commercially available. It includes:

• 1x tactical plate & load carrier (vest)

• 1x tactical wearable hub USB 2+ / plug & play with standard wiring integrated within the vest without break-out cables

• 6x Fischer LP360™ cabled receptacles integrated into the vest, i.e. sewn thanks to the new Fischer LP360™ Quick Detach System* including an adapter, a sewing junction, and a retaining ring

• 1x cable with a Fischer LP360™ plug and Fischer UltiMate™ 80* plug (6-pin NATO STANAG 4695 compatible)

• 1x cable with a Fischer LP360™ plug and a USB type A

• 1x Fischer LP360™ LED

• 1x Fischer LP360™ USB 2.0 adapter

Optional applications include the Fischer LP360™ Rugged Flash Drive and the Fischer LP360™ BodyCam*.

* Fischer Connectors’ NEW products commercially available as of September 2020

Wearin’ for Defense & Security. As part of the Fischer Connectors Group, Wearin’ combines the agility of a start-up with the expertise of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments. With a global network of specialized partners in wearable technology, data management, garment manufacturing and other fields, Wearin’ breaks the silos of product development to help create comprehensive, rugged and reliable military-grade wearable ecosystems.

8 Responses to “Wearin’ Connected Vest: New Ready-to-Use Wearable Technology for Connected Soldiers”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Cool idea but poor execution. The carrier itself lacks a lot of useful features and seems to be manufactured from less than cutting edge fabrics. If this was done in partnership with someone like crye, first spear, or velsyst, I could see it being a lot more practical.

    • Dirt Dart says:

      Crawl, Walk, Run.

      • Strike-Hold says:

        It’s just a demo vest – of course a mission-ready model could be built using some other platform.

        • Jack Midgley says:

          Hi Strike-Hold – this is Jack at Wearin’. Thanks for the comment – and you’re exactly right. We can incorporate this new concept into any vest or garment based on our customers’ requirements. Best wishes!

      • Jack Midgley says:

        Hi Dirt Dart – this is jack @ Wearin’. Thanks for the note, and we agree. The vest is a demonstration of what we can do to improve connectivity while minimizing external cables. We think that this is the future for connected soldiers…who have to crawl, walk and run!

    • Jack Midgley says:

      Hi Bob – This is Jack at Wearin’. Thanks for the feedback on the vest. We’re demonstrating the concept of improving connectivity and usability by allowing direct connections that minimize external cables. As we continue to develop, we’ll be including this concept in standard-issue military and security vests and other wearables. Best wishes!

  2. Andy says:

    I like the idea for a demo, but execution is poor as mentioned before. Large plastic proprietary receptacles are a bad choice. They could use a NATO plug like on the W4 cable that terminates in a small sewn pocket no bigger than the plug itself in strategic locations at the end of the MOLLE row. No loss of MOLLE space, standardized plug, adapters can be made and many already exist, instant integration with current military radios, less bulky…

    I love seeing the industry innovation, but really question if much of this is a showcase for their partner than a real attempt at making warfighter gear.

    • Jack Midgley says:

      Hi Andy – this is Jack at Wearin’. Thanks for the feedback. The picture might leave an impression that this is a plastic connector – its not. The Freedom series connector is all metal, with a plastic mount to the vest. We think the connector is easier to mate/demate and can be positioned more flexibly than any current approach — allowing users to eliminate or shorten any external cables. We think that next-gen warfighters will demand this approach as the amount of digital gear, sensors and other connected peripherals continues to increase. More to follow! Best wishes from Wearin’.