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Warrior East 21 – SIG SAUER MHX

When the Army selected the SIG P320 as their new Modular Handgun System, they truly adopted a modular system. The serialized part is the Fire Control Unit and everything else can be swapped out. Already, several organizations have considered ways to use this modularity, like Air Force Office of Special Investigations which wants a sub-compact carry pistol.

At Warrior East, SIG displayed a simple brown box which, when opened, contained the parts needed to convert a standard MHS M18 into an “MHX”, based on SIG’s X-Carry configuration. This kit is based on the OSI requirement for an M18 Gun Conversion Kit, but the reality is that there is a wide variety of OEM and after market parts and accessories which will work with the P320 platform to make it more effective for certain applications. For instance, you’ll note that while MHS is Coyote on color, OSI desires a Black pistol, to blend in better with their plain clothes, law enforcement role.

Expect more organizations to swap parts on their MHS as they complete fielding and units become more comfortable with the platform and what it can do.

Units and agencies can procure SIG products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

4 Responses to “Warrior East 21 – SIG SAUER MHX”

  1. PJ Coffey says:

    There should be cuts on the frame for the safety to drop into. Boresight in Florida did an incredible job convertering my personal M18 to an MHX with mods to the grip as well.

    • Michael Flynn says:

      The unit that wanted it, who is now carrying it, didn’t want an external safety.

    • WarBro says:

      Safety? Lol!!!

    • mike says:

      There are cuts on the frame for the safety. If you’re having trouble seeing them just hit it with a Dremel a bit and you’ll see it!