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SHOT Show 23 – Crye Precision

The items showcased in the Crye Precision booth are “coming soon” which means we should see then during this calendar year.

ATO High Loft Parka & Pants

The ATO ALPINE TERRAIN OPERATIONS High Loft Parka is a static insulation layer for cold weather environments. The Climashield Apex insulation is thermally mapped with three different weights that deliver optimized warmth while minimizing overheating. The unique reversible design provides both alpine and woodland concealment as needed. It is constructed with a durable nylon outer fabric that is wind resistant and packable. The ATO High Loft Parka features an expandable front zipper that allows the flexibility to layer up or down and even provides coverage for fully loaded plate carriers and vests. Hand pockets are lined in fleece for warmth and interior mesh pockets accommodate cold weather gear like goggles.

ATO HD Overwhites

The ATO Overwhites provide alpine concealment in a robust combat feature design. Built from a durable ripstop nylon shell, it utilizes water resistant reinforcement in areas of high wear like the shoulders, seat, and lower arms. You’ll see some M1951 Fishtail Parka DNA in there. Shoulder and cargo pockets stow essential cold weather items and pit zipper pass-throughs.

G4 Aviation Uniform

Developed in conjunction with a SOF aviation element, the G4 Aviation Uniform is offered in both male and female fit. It utilizes the same fabric as G4, the FR Commando Twill. There are also both Field and Combat models.

You’ll find some aviation unique features like dual entry shoulder pockets, center front zipper and loop placement to accommodate ID. The pants also have double seats, oversized patch pocket on calf, vertical zippered entry on thigh pockets, and a multi-tool pocket.

Offered in MultiCam m, Black, and Ranger Green.

LVS Female Fit

Crye’s proprietary 3 dimensional forming technology allows them to shape the vest to directly match the contours of the human body. Now they’ve applied it to the female form. Because it is molded, the armor will not crumple and fold up in the bottom of the carrier. Infact, the LVS Base Vest requires no external carrier at all.

FB/40mm Pouch

The FB/40MM POUCH is designed to accommodate flashbang and 40mm grenades. It is constructed from laser-cut AIRLITE and features a welded attachment strap with a unique tab geometry. Heavy-duty elastic provides a secure fit while the flap is tucked into the pouch. The dual security closure allows for extra security of your flashbang. Available in single, double and triple pouch.


Coming this year! Purpose built for multi-day recce missions, the SMOC (Special Missions Operations Coat) is designed to provide combat-specific weather protection and allow storage of critical gear. Constructed from a durable water repellent ripstop nylon shell and fully lined to provide warmth and wind protection, while the mesh venting at the chest pockets and underarm help to avoid overheating during movement. Designed with thumb loop cuffs, an elastic crotch strap and a shock cord cinchable waist to ensure proper fit and security.

See the 2023 Crye Precision catalog here.

15 Responses to “SHOT Show 23 – Crye Precision”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    I like the changes they’ve made to the over-white parka. Have they also made proper over-pants to go with it now too, instead of those crazy “leg warmer” style things they did before?

  2. Ray Forest says:

    Oooooh that smock looks nice. I’m sure its gonna cost more than dual tube NVG’s but It looks really nice. I’d still like to see more details.

  3. Cuvie says:

    What happened to the JPC R-Series that they showed off last year?
    It’s not on the 2023 catalog.

  4. James says:

    The Mid-loft layer in the catalog looks really good, pants especially.

  5. jjj0309 says:

    The Aviation pants looks really slick. Looks hilariously overengineered at the level of Kitanica but looks functional and practical at the same time. No way near discreet for civilian use but I think many people who are not aviators would like it too. I wonder if there’s backside/rear pocket for smock.

  6. AbnMedOps says:

    Hooray for reversible camo!

    • Rancho'Relaxo' says:

      The author of the article, I believe incorrectly states “provides both alpine and woodland concealment”, it is not “woodland” it is “multicam”.

  7. shewantstheISRD says:

    So what happened at the party last night?

  8. Frank says:

    Can we take it from the new “Smoc” we are recognizing the value of a long issued British Army item, the DPM/MTP combat smock?

    • SSD says:

      Yes, it was introduced last year but now in production.

      • jukk0u says:

        Ix-nay on the Ock-smay in the catalogue. I looked forwards and backwards, no joy. Same with their website. You have it on good authority that the SMOC is in production?

  9. John says:

    Where can we see the catalog? The link does not seem to work.