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Defense Mechanisms – Wedge Pouch

Thursday, December 29th, 2022

I ran across this the other day and thought it was worth a share. The use of wedges is becoming more common and it’s nice to see Defense Mechanisms is making a pouch to keep them handy.

Specifically, it’s designed to carry the 1.5″ Bushido Breacher’s Wedge but should fit similar sized items. PALS compatible, it requires MALICE clips or other adapters to mount.

Offered in a variety of patterns and colors.

SET Breaching Tools – Available from Strohman Enterprise

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

SET (Sweden Entry Tools) Breaching is the manufacturer of the world’s highest quality mechanical breaching tools. They are made of hydraulic-pipe steel and will not snap or break in even the most strenuous situations. The Light Breaching Kit design is a staple piece of equipment in any operator’s kit. Due to the tools’ unique design and intuitive functionality, single or multiple operators can breach a wide variety of Heavy Security doors. This includes outward opening steel doors and security doors with laminated glass commonly found in public safety buildings. Tools designed by Breachers, used by Breachers, with Special Operation Units and SWAT teams throughout the world.

Contact Strohman Enterprise for more information on training or a quote.

SOFIC 22 – Blue Force Gear

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

From their booth in the SOF SELECT pavilion BFG shows us a very specialized piece of kit.

The Breacher’s Leg Bag is designed to keep strip charges at the ready.

This is a special order item from

Have You Seen BFG’s DICK?

Monday, March 28th, 2022

Blue Force Gear’s Dual Initiator Coupler Kit is a simple device created to simplify and standardize dual explosive initiator systems.

It accepts two dual purpose M81 igniters for use with shock tube or M700 timed fuses aligned so that both firing pins can be pulled at once if needed.

Setting up a system is simple and you don’t need any tape or self-configured blocks.

Once the initiators are inserted, they are held in place by velcro one wrap.

Bushido Tactical – Single Breaching Tool MOLLE Mount Now Available in MultiCam

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

Bushido Tactical’s single breaching tool MOLLE mount now available in MultiCam.

It can be used to carry a wide range of breaching tools including a small rescue disc quickie saw / grinder.

Also available in Black, OD Green and Coyote.

Available exclusively from Kiwi Breaching and Bushido Tactical.

SHOT Show 22 – Bushido Tactical

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Bushido Tactical offers a line of breaching tools and carrying solutions. Look for a breakdown of the whole line on SSD over the coming months.

Kinetic Breaching Technology: Integrated by Aardvark Tactical

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

La Verne, CA: Aardvark Tactical is excited to announce the expansion of their portfolio with the Kinetic Breaching Tool (KBT). The KBT was purpose-built from the ground up to solve a specific problem for tactical units: filling the gap between manual forced entry and explosive breaching. This tool employs the best of physics in the form of a self-contained, jack-hammer style impact ram driven by a powder-actuated cartridge. This allows a large amount of energy to be precisely directed into locking mechanisms, hinges, or braces while minimizing the chances of collateral projectiles.

Although it weighs just 28 pounds, this tool has an energy output of 850 ft-lbs and comes with an eight-cartridge replaceable magazine. This allows the KBT to quickly breach fortifications that would otherwise be unbreachable or would simply take too long to breach, potentially exposing breachers to unsafe situations. These techniques include “Dead Man” and “Jamaican” bracing techniques, as well as outward swinging steel security screens and metal doors. The KBT also increases operator safety by allowing breachers to work from behind a shield or from the side of the door. This is a ready-to-use device that can dramatically increase breaching effectiveness and operator safety in ways that traditional breaching tools cannot.

KBT is currently in use by hundreds of units worldwide, delivering breaching solutions that minimize risk and maximize mission stability. This tool is more than a breaching device: it allows operators and units to approach their mission with heightened security.

Commenting on KBT’s technology, AARDVARK CEO Jon Becker states that: “The KBT is the most revolutionary breaching technology I’ve ever seen. It allows for extremely rapid breaching, and can bring down doors that are nearly impossible to breach without fatiguing the breacher. For large or complicated breaches, there is no other technology available that does what KBT can.”

The Kinetic Breaching Tool is available now, exclusively from Aardvark Tactical. Visit to learn more.

Bushido Tactical Soft Shell Breaching Tool Pouch

Friday, August 20th, 2021

BT Soft shell breaching tool pouches can be mounted on the back of your carrier or the side of your cummerbund for easy access.

Design to carry BT’s collapsible breaching tools as well as other brand tools with a shaft diameter of 1.5”.

Available from and