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Kick Some Ass with a Rolled Up Magazine – Redux

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

We first published this article in March of 2010. It’s still classic. Then again, there’s the Craig Sawyer method.

If you are a fan of our WTF? series of articles then this one is for you. We think we have identified the mother of all WTF?’s and all future articles will be judged against this one. This is awesome!

Professor Ronald Duncan is providing instruction in the art of Hoda Korosu; the art of improvised weaponry. I was actually quite pleased to see this since I have been telling my kids since they were little that you could turn anything into a weapon. I don’t think they really ever believed me until now.

Ever get your ass kicked with a rolled up magazine? Well be careful with this information. It can be dangerous. Seriously, someone (yes it was one of those doubting Thomas children of mine) almost put my eye out earlier. If you do put your eye out, (or anything else) remember, we warned you.

Finally, I gotta say, seeing this guy I immediately think of Pootie Tang and the belt.

Costa – Full Auto – Night

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Talk amongst yourselves

Panteao Productions Introduces IDPA World Championship DVD

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Panteao Productions has introduced a new DVD in the Panteao Documentary series of videos called 2011 IDPA World Championship.

The IDPA World Championship drew shooters from all over the world to compete at this inaugural event. Facing 27 stages with a minimum of 326 rounds to fire, it was going to be a challenge for any shooter. To add to the complexity of the stages was the inclement weather and souring temperatures. We take you to the IDPA World Championship so that you can see the very first match of its kind and relive history being made. You’ll follow different squads firing stages that vary in complexity and hear from the shooters themselves what they thought of the match. We take you to the awards banquet and after the match, give you an inside look at one of the Shooting Sports Clinics where top shooters help other shooters improve their skills.

The DVD will begin shipping by the first week of January. Pre-orders are being accepted by Panteao. The video is also available streaming to Panteao website subscribers.

Visit the Panteao website at www.makeready.tv

Cedar Ridge Aviation – Heli Assault

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


TF Presents – Vehicle Counterambush: Fighting Drill for the Zombiepocalypse

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Training for the worst case scenario…that’s the way to prevail. Not just to survive (which obviously is important) but to win. Rob Pincus is a longtime firearms and tactics trainer many of you might be familiar with. He’s the host of SWAT Magazine TV, a prolific writer, author of both Combat Focus Evolution 2010 and the Training Log Book and one of the busiest instructors we know of. He’s come up with quite a few drills some of our friends use on the range themselves, but this one may be the coolest one yet – and just in the nick of time. Everyone preparing for the impending zompiepocalypse, from Ohio cops to 5.11 Tactical, are undoubtedly relaxing now that Halloween is past. As though somehow the end of the world will happily coincide with a convenient undead-friendly holiday. Complacency kills, whether you’re a cop on the street, the gunner on top of an up-armored or the leader of a zombie eradication team.

Check out this drill, and if your rangemaster has a sense of humor try it yourself. Truth be told, you could probably make the argument that it simulates having to engage from inside a heavy, rioting crowd…but zombies are a more likely threat.

This article first appeared on www.TacticalFanboy.com.

Tactical Training Videos – Fact and Fiction

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Many SSD readers are military or LE veterans and learned the tactical application of firearms while in uniform. Some of you same shooters have joined others who have never served to attend formal training courses presented by professional trainers. And while formal training is by far the best way to learn, it isn’t always accessible. Whether a shooter wants to acquire knowledge from a new trainer or reinforce lessons already learned from another, it becomes clear why training videos are so popular.

Training videos are hardly new. You may have seen the infamous Army training films from World War II and the military has continued to produce movies on a variety of subjects over the years. During the 1980s companies like Paladin Press began producing training videos in VHS format. In fact, you can still get the great Jeff Cooper’s Defensive Pistolcraft on DVD. Nowadays, they have become pretty hi-tech, produced with state of the equipment and edited with techniques found in hit movies.

Types of videos
Today, there are several options on the market offered by different companies. You have instructional videos from Daniel Defense, Magpul Dynamics, Panteao Productions, Thunder Ranch, Viking Tactics and yes, even Paladin Press is still in the business with each company offering their own interpretation of what an instructional video should be.

There are different formulas used by the various production companies. For instance, Magpul Dynamics has spent the most money per video title having gone so far as set up an in-house production company. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have Viking Tactics and Thunder Ranch. The important thing is not how much money each company spends on the instructional videos, but rather, how well the information is passed on to the viewer. Whether a company spends $200K or $2K isn’t important. It’s what you get out of the video that matters.

Another thing that is different about the various videos on the market is their presentation style. One method of instruction is to present a classroom setting on the range with the instructors addressing a range full of students. There are pros and cons to this. With this format, much attention is spent on getting the right camera angles on students and capturing the interaction between the them and the instructors. Depending on the students, they can sometimes be a distraction. On the flipside, you get to see the instructor interact with the students which might give you clues on whether to pursue attending a class. Remember that the end goal of an instructional video is to teach you techniques or pass along information about the given subject matter. Instruction isn’t about how Gucci someone looks on the range with all their kit. These guys aren’t movie stars, but they are rock stars.

The other approach to training videos is to feature the instructor addressing the viewer in a one-on-one setting. This removes the extra content normally associated with a video showcasing students and keeps the focus primarily on the instructor. Some like the format of a classroom environment while others instead prefer the one-on-one instruction.

Why use a video?
Should you try to learn tactical firearms manipulation solely from a video? No. However, can you learn a lot from a video. While there is nothing like a live instructor coaching you, the advantages of training videos are myriad.

For example, you can take it at your own pace. Many times, because of the size and schedule of a class, an instructor won’t be able to work on a technique over and over. Dovetailing on that concept, you can replay a technique over and over, slow it down, or even freeze frames. This gives you access to the instructor that you wouldn’t have even in a class, allowing you to customize the training experience a bit for yourself.

Additionally, you can learn from a new instructor or “try him out” before you invest the thousands of dollars it can cost to attend a formal course once you add up supplies, travel and lodging.

While many are using tactical training videos to improve their fighting position, there are others who are looking for “entertrainment.” Yes, you read that right; “entertrainment.” Just as there are some students who attend classes for the “wow” factor, kind of like guys who attend fantasy baseball camp, there are those who buy videos to watch the pros. Unfortunately, some of these guys are going to think they are being trained while they sit there watching the video. Or better yet, they’ll critique the trainer from their couch.

If you are looking for the MTV factor, there are several reality shows that should hold your attention. Top Shot, Sons of Guns, One Man Army and some of the survival shows currently on the air provide entertainment.

What does the future hold?
Already, a new option is the ability to watch the training videos online via streaming video rather than on a DVD. Like video subscription services such as NetFlix, this new approach allows you to pay a subscription and pick and choose which instructors and which videos you want to learn from. The next logical step being able to take that training to the range via your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

If you’ve played any hit video games you know, we are one step closer to interactive training systems based on popular gaming consoles. If anyone remembers the old FAST trainers or even older Weaponeer, then you can see that the only thing missing from low-cost interactive training is the interface. Devices that can be adapted to real weapons or purpose built training guns will be available. As training devices become more realistic, specialized apps or games will be developed that not only provide feedback on hits but also on other aspects of marksmanship. Perhaps such technology will get the enthusiast off the couch and help them make that transition from entertrainment to actual training.

Until then, just remember, there is entertrainment and there is actual training. If you are looking to be entertained, you should stick to the X-Box or reality television programs. Can you be entertained by watching a video of an instructor demonstrating shooting techniques? Sure, but if what you really want is to improve your knowledge and skill set, pick up a training video. Proficiency comes with hard work, not from sitting around watching someone else sweat on TV. Be safe, and make sure your weapon is safe when conducting dryfire practice of techniques. Follow the four rules of gun safety when training. Whether you have served in uniform or have learned tactical shooting from civilian trainers, tactical training videos are a great tool and serve as an excellent supplement to formal training.

Bulletstorm ‘Epic Edition’ To Include Early Access To The GoW3 Beta

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Saddened by the news that Gears of War 3 was pushed back from its original release date? Can’t wait for some awesome Gears multiplayer action? Then the (possible) solution is Bulletstorm! A very limited number of first run Bulletstorm copies on the Xbox 360 will be labeled as the ‘Epic Edition’ and will include an early access key for the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta, along with a number of exclusive in-game upgrades and bonuses. Unlike a majority of special editions released these days, the ‘Epic Edition’ will almost entirely be composed of preorder copies, so if you’re interested in playing the beta before everyone else you’ll have to put some money down now. Bulletstorm is coming out February 22, 2010 and the GoW3 beta will be available sometime in the Spring.

One more thing: I am now open for e-mail contact. Just click the link below. If you want to shower me with praise or alert me to any errors in my articles then I’m more than happy to hear from you. If you have any complaints or want to try and sell me cheap viagra, just make sure the subject line is written as ‘TRASH’ so I know to dispose of it ahead of time.
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CoD Tritton Headset

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

When Black Ops first came out, there was a glaring problem with the sound mixing in the game: your own footsteps were highly audible while you couldn’t hear any other player’s movement. However, recent patching has virtually fixed this problem (Ninja Pro helps) and the practice of ‘soundwhoring’, or using a headset to locate your enemies based on the noise they make, is once again possible. There are many models of headsets up to the task, but in particular, I’m reviewing the Tritton – Call of Duty: Black Ops Dolby Digital True 5.1 Gaming Headset for Xbox and PS3.

The headset is decked out in Black Ops emblems and has interchangeable leather or terrycloth ear pads. A Dolby Digital decoder box converts the standard in-game sound into surround sound. All cabling is braided and all connectors are gold plated and are of a high quality. An in-line control allows you to adjust either in-game or chat volume and you can independently mute either. You can also attach a flexible microphone to the headset to allow for in-game communication and chat. The whole thing requires its own power supply via an AC adapter and along with the relatively short cable, you’ll most likely have to be close to your television. This, along with the multitude of required cables, made installation a bit of a pain in the ass, but it’s not a huge problem. The whole set can be stored in a hard carrying case, also decked out with Black Ops graphics. Still, components mean squat if the headset doesn’t perform well.

I am happy to say that the headset does run as good as it looks, but to be honest I found it to be a little disorienting at first. The size and weight of the headset coupled with having surround sound right next to my ear caused me to take them off more than once. However, this quickly passed and now I find it somewhat difficult to play online without them. There’s plenty of satisfaction in hearing that one guy (or guys, as is common) running Ghost with a suppressed weapon, stomping after you just for you to hear them coming and headshot them. They also work great with other games, and not having to rely on your television’s sound system for in-game audio is a nice bonus if being quiet while you game is preferred.

Only one question remains: To buy or not to buy? It’s a really good, solidly built headset, but at $250 this honestly boils down to a fanboy product. For a similar headset at a cheaper price, go for the Tritton AX Pro. It’s almost the same headset without the Black Ops graphics, and as a result, you save about $100. If you like the CoD license but still want to save some cash, there’s also the Black Ops Dolby Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headset. It’s virtual 5.1 instead of true 5.1, not too much of a difference honestly. It’s also $50 cheaper.

-Tactical Fanboy