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BE Meyers Flash Hider for 5.56mm Weapons Now Available for Civilian Purchase from Weapon Outfitters

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Developed for use with the M249 SAW, the highly successful 5.56 flash hider from BE Meyers is available for the first time for civilian purchase from Weapon Outfitters. It also fits other 5.56mm weapons.


As you can imagine this is an ITAR controlled item so US domestic sales only.


BE Meyers GLARE Enforcer Approved by FDA – See It At Warrior Expo East

Friday, July 6th, 2012

GLARE Enforcer

It’s official. The BE Meyers GLARE Enforcer is the only non-lethal laser to receive an FDA variance for Law Enforcement use. Obviously, this is a major announcement. Now, domestic law enforcement agencies have a safe, yet effective non-lethal tool to allow land and maritime-based personnel to identify and if needed, deter unsafe vehicles and craft from entering their space from standoff distances of up to 2km. It uses Eye Safe technology which automatically adjusts the output power depending on target distance, delivering its maximum permissible power at all times while maintaining the safety of the intended target and all nearby personnel against accidental eye injury.

GLARE Enforcer by BE Meyers

See the full line of BE Meyers products at Warrior Expo East, next week in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Warrior Expo EAST
July 12 1030 – 1600 EDT
July 13 1030 – 1500 EDT
Virginia Beach Convention Ctr
Virginia Beach, VA

US Army Green Laser Interdiction System Awarded to B.E. Meyers & Co Inc and ADS IncADS Tactical

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

PEO Soldier, through its Soldier Maneuver Sensors Office, has announced B.E. Meyers as the winner of the Green Laser Interdiction System (GLIS) Program. This latest award calls for an initial delivery of 12,542 units of the new GLARE® MOUT Plus non-lethal laser, and provides for additional orders in 2012 and 2013.

“This win is the culmination of two years of effort to develop and deliver the best non-lethal laser device to the U.S. Army” said Brad Meyers, CEO of B.E. Meyers. “Military units across the globe are challenged to provide security and safety while also minimizing the danger to civilians. Non-lethal lasers have been proven to save lives by reducing the number and severity of incidents with non-combatants, and are a great addition to these young soldier’s capabilities.”

ADS, Inc is the procurement solutions provider for this program, and will service the requirements of PEO Soldier via the Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program. ADS and B.E. Meyers have a long history together serving our nation’s men and women in uniform, having provided thousands of GLARE® MOUT devices to the U.S. military since 2007. Today, this partnership continues to grow as B.E. Meyers and ADS work together to provide industry-leading solutions in the non-lethal space. “ADS is the right partner to work with to get our GLARE MOUT Plus devices deployed. They have a great team, legendary customer focus, and a global reach. Together we will deliver success to PEO Soldier and the U.S. Army.” said B.E. Meyers President and COO, Dr. Greg Quarles.


The Army’s Weapons Signature Management Efforts

Monday, February 14th, 2011

KitUp! and their parent, Military.com ran a good report last week on the Army’s fielding of enhanced flash hiders as the first step of a weapons signature management strategy. We only have a couple of things to add to their story. As we understand it, the Army also purchased flash hiders from BE Meyers as well as AAC and SureFire. Additionally, the current M16 Birdcage-style flash hider dates back to the M16A1. The M16 originally had a 3-prong flash hider that was more effective but was prone to breakage. The design was altered in order to close the pointy end of the thing so that it would not get caught in vines. Reportedly, troops also used the flash hider as a lever to open C-ration crates until it was changed. It will interesting to see how these new flash hiders fair under field conditions although some of these early concerns have been taken into account.

Finally a quick plug for KitUp! If you are not checking it regularly, you should be. KitUp! along with Military Morons are two sites that we feel are complimentary to Soldier Systems Daily.