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Legion Brand Sights Now Available

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Legion Firearms rifles are now available with logo-blazoned Legion sights from Diamondhead. They’re M4 style sights for those who may not want to use the H&K style hoop and hoop image. Some shooters are of the opinion that the focal point of the front sight shouldn’t be a diamond within a diamond because it draws the two images together and your focal point is no longer the front sight post—it’s now the two images. Of course, there others who believe entirely the other way, and that such a configuration is far superior. Anyway, it’s not our purpose to take sides on the tactics/mechanics of the sight picture, just wanted to let you know the new branded Legion sights are available and are optional. They can also be purchased separately from a rifle, of course. If you decide (correctly) that these would make a great Christmas present, then mention either BOLO Report or Soldier Systems Daily when you order and get 10% off the price. Note: you must also be a ‘friend’ of Legion on Facebook to get the discount.

On a related topic, we’ve seen some people on the interwebs asking the rifle competitive shooter Nick Atkinson (who owns AR15targets.com) runs in his 3-gun competitions. The answer: it’s an LF-15C also from Legion Firearms. They’re his sponsor. The rifle has full length monolithic handguards, a NiBX coated bolt carrier group and receiver combo coating, with a CMC trigger. It weighs in at 7.2 pounds, with a hex weight bull barrel. You can purchase a similar upper or lower, or pick up the fully built rifle from Legion. The barrel uses their proprietary honeycomb fluting weight saving system (which hasn’t been named yet because they haven’t come up with a cool enough acronym to suit them). The honeycomb is a patterned barrel and is now available on their new rifles. It allows them to take an entire half pound of rifle weight in material and keep the same accuracy without any barrel walk or stringer groups (like you get when the barrels heat up). Atkinson is killing steel plates with iron sights easy at 500m using this “California edition” LF-15C (California legal, with a non-adjustable gas block).

Atkinson’s competition rifle

Here’s a video of Atkinson using an LF-15C with optic at the Ozark three-gun match.

You might be interested to know that Legion Firearms has recently introduced rifles in a burnt bronze color and have now perfected their own combat gray. Check out their website or like them on Facebook for more.

This article originally appeared on boloreport.com/legion-brand-sights-now-available.

BOLO Report – CMI Announcess LE Designated Marksman Program

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Center Mass Inc. (Patrol Rifle Competition, remember?) has announced they are developing and will be teaching a Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Certification Program. They describe it as a “natural progression for law enforcement patrol operations. The NPRC has taught us a very clear lesson over the years…And that lesson is, if you want to win, you need magnified optics. The writing is on the wall in our opinion, that many law enforcement professionals will soon be turning to magnified optics. To this end CMI has combined elements of our acclaimed law enforcement patrol rifle and sniper training programs to develop the Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Certification Program.”

CMI has led the way in patrol rifle training for a decade and a half, and authored the NTOA’s Patrol Rifle Training Manual. Their sniper training programs are endorsed by the American Sniper Association.

This class is a 2 day, 16 hour course designed to “enhance a patrol rifle operator’s ability to place accurate fire upon targets that are partially exposed or hostage takers encountered during patrol operations using magnified optics. This level of training is the next progression for law enforcement patrol rifle preparation…”

For more information, visit Center Mass Inc.

This article originally appeared on the BOLO Report.

11/11/11 First Annual “Carrier Classic” Sponsored by 5.11 Tactical

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Today, 11/11/11, North Carolina and Michigan State will face off in the first annual Carrier Classic in San Diego. The game is unique in that it will be played on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. ESPN will carry the game live beginning at 4:00PM PST. 5.11 Tactical will be a part of this historic sporting event by outfitting the security team whose members include many current and former members of Naval Special Warfare and other specialized units. Magic Johnson (MSU) and James Worthy (UNC), will also be on-hand as honorary captains for their alma maters. President Obama will attend the game and 5.11 made some special jackets for him that he may wear during the pre game or halftime festivities. Whether the president chooses to wear their products or not, 5.11 Tactical is proud to be a part of this historic event on a day that recognizes the incredible contribution and sacrifice of men and women around the world that help keep the citizens of the United States safe. The link below contains additional information on the event. Enjoy the game and remember to give thanks to our vets.


-Article originally published on BOLO Report.

BOLO Report – Zombie Outbreak to Test Ohio First Responders

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The BOLO Report ran a story about how an Ohio county are running a training exercise using an innovative scenario to train first responders.

More than 225 volunteers in Delaware County north of Columbus signed up to dress as zombies Monday in a drill for officials who would deal with real-life situations involving hazardous materials and disaster response. Emergency responders will test their capabilities as they use standard decontamination procedures to “treat” the zombies and make them “human” again during the exercise at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Maybe they should reviewTactical Fanboy’s article before beginning their exercise.

Read the rest of the story at boloreport.com/zombie-outbreak-in-ohio-to-test-first-responders.

-Susan Reeder

Individual Skill Sets of the Tracker

Friday, October 21st, 2011

the BOLO Report has a great article on tracking written by Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training LLC. Mr Osuna is a fomer USMC Scout Sniper and has over 40000 hours teaching tracking to military and LE personnel. He brings up some very interesting points that you should consider if you are a tracker.

From the BOLO Report.

Mexican Cartels Using Improvised Grenades

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Sometimes it’s hard for those of us not in the southern border states to imagine the situation with our neighbor Mexico. Articles like this one from the BOLO Report remind us of the dangers our sworn officers and citizens are exposed to. Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) are utilizing improvised hand grenades in their internal conflicts with the Mexican government as well as with each other.

Read about it here.

BOLO Report – The Tweel

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

LE blog, the BOLO Report published an interesting article yesterday on the Tweel, a new tire concept. An integrated Tire and Wheel concept (hence the portmanteau name), lacks an air valve, or air, for that matter.

Check out the full details at boloreport.wordpress.com.

BOLO Report – Read It

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

A good friend has just launched a new blog intended for the LE side of tactical. The new BOLO Report gets its name from the Be On the Look Out (BOLO) reports used by LE (in particular Military LE) personnel. You might also have heard this referred to as an All Points Bulletin on the civilian side.

The BOLO Report already has some excellent content and the author is developing some great links to industry. In fact, the article on Safariland’s new 40mm specialty impact munitions is especially informative. Be sure to check it out.