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‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Murdered – Suspect in Custody – Updated Sunday 2100 CST

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

I’m quite saddened to report that police have discovered two dead at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas. One victim has been identified as Chris Kyle, former US Navy SEAL and author of the best seller, “American Sniper.” As of Sunday morning, the second victim has been identified as close friend, 35 year old Chad Littlefield of Midlothian, Texas. Law Enforcement is treating the deaths as homicides.


Erath County, Texas Sheriff investigators stated that they have identified a suspect and that he should be treated as armed and dangerous, having military training. As head of Craft International, Chris often trained at Rock Creek Lodge, a well known resort offering Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Sports.


Whether training others to responsibly handle firearms, honing the skill of his fellow warriors or raising funds to help the wounded heal, Chris stood with his fellow Americans as a hero. Tragically, we understand that it was during a wounded warrior event that the fatalities occurred. Chris leaves behind his wife Taya and two children. We are diminished by his loss.

Local news outlets are reporting that the murders occurred between 3 and 4 PM and that just before 9 PM CST they apprehended suspect Eddie Ray Routh over 70 miles away in Lancaster, Texas. The suspect fled the scene in Kyle’s pickup. 25 year old Routh is a Texas native and authorities are seeking a capital murder warrant. Routh is said to be a USMC Veteran and a PTSD sufferer, although there has been not motive disclosed in the murders. He has been arraigned and is being held on a $3 Million bond.

UPDATE – Apparently, the three were at a range at about 3:15 on the property and were discovered by a hunting guide about two hours later. Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant has disclosed that Routh used a semiauto handgun in the slayings and shot both victims multiple times.

Further details have emerged. Apparently, Routh drove to his sister’s home in Midlothian and told his sister and brother-in-law about the crime and they contacted authorities after he had left. reports that jailers had to tase an unruly Routh when the prisoner refused to turn in his tray after dinner. He is reportedly restrained to a chair in his cell.

We will continue to update this story as we receive additional information.


Rough Creek Shoot Out

Friday, September 28th, 2012


Presented by Craft International, the Rough Creek Shoot Out is touted as a civilian training event. Limited to just 45 guests, it offers 3 days of training with Chris Kyle and the crew from Craft.

There are 3 blocks of training – Pistol and Carbine, Precision Rifle and Hand to Hand along with an optional 4th block with full auto weapons that is limited to just 25 participants and will set you back an extra $1000 on top of the $2000 the base program runs.

The event will be held at Rough Creek a 4500 acre, 5 star resort.

For full info visit

I’m Posting This Because It’s For A Good Cause

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Recently, Navy SEAL Veteran Chris Kyle visited the set of ‘Sons of Guns’ to demonstrate the H&K MR556 and to help specify the customization of one to be auctioned off for his charity FITCO Cares “Heroes Project”.


The H&K MR556 was customized by Red Jacket Firearms with the following-

Surefire Flashlight with remote “momentary-on” pressure tapeswitch $595.00
Tangodown Quick detach vertical foregrip $100.00
Eotech Tan EXPS Holographic Site $450.00
Eotech Flip to side Magnifier $550.00
LDI DBAL Laser sight $1000.00
Magpul CTR Stock $100.00
Magpul Sights $100.00
Guissele SSA trigger $180.00
2 x Magpul 30 round magazines $50.00

The auction runs through September 28th. Go to to register and make your bid on this one of a kind weapon. You’d better bring your checkbook. It’s already up to $15,000.

This is for charity folks so I expect that level of respect on this one. I really like what FITCO Cares is doing. Check them out at

‘Inside the Team Room’ – Life Before the Teams

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 premiered their new web series, ‘Inside the Team Room’ earlier this week with the episode Life Before the Teams. It’s a great bite sized look at the background of success. All three participants in this first round have proven themselves in the SEAL teams as well as in life and briefly discuss their upbringing and some of the ‘stuff’ that makes them different.

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Premier Episode of Inside the Team Room

Friday, March 16th, 2012


SOFREP Editor Brandon Webb told me a few weeks back about an upcoming event that you won’t want to miss. In the premiere webisode of “Inside the Team Room” Brandon will join fellow Navy SEALs Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell for an interview format show hosted by actor Pat Kilbane (Mad TV, Seinfeld and Discovery’s Dark Secrets).

“Inside the Team Room” premieres 10 April. Visit to learn more.

Win An Autographed Copy of ‘American Sniper’ by Chris Kyle

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Sniper Company LLC is teaming up with Chris Kyle, the author of “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” to run a contest.

Sniper Company LLC sat down and shot the breeze with Chris Kyle during this year’s SHOT Show Media Day. During that visit, Kyle signed a copy of his new book, specifically for this contest.

To enter, go to the “American Sniper” Facebook page and “Like” it. Once you have done that, take a screen shot and post them in this this thread on the Snipercountry forum. The pictures have to show that the “Like” button is missing, indicating that you have liked the page.

Second, “Like” Sniper Company’s page as well. No screen shots needed here…they can verify.

Once you’ve “Liked” both pages, and posted the screen shot in the Sniper Country thread, you are automatically entered into the drawing.

Drawing will be held on March 3, 2012.