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Medal of Honor Military Edition Available for Pre-order

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Electronics Arts has developed a special military version of the upcoming video game title ‘Medal of Honor’.

The Medal of Honor exclusive military edition is available from our friends GovX. Proceeds of the sale will benefit Project Honor which supports the Navy SEAL Foundation and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Additionally, gamers will be able to unlock the exclusive Project Honor camouflage pattern for use in game.

Project Honor Camouflage Unveiled

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Developed specifically for Project Honor, an awareness and charity program associated with the upcoming Electronic Arts video game title ‘Medal of Honor Warfighter’ this new pixelated camouflage pattern features some iconography from the game set into a transitional camouflage palette. Look for products in the new print from LBX Tactical. It can also be unlocked for use in game when using the exclusive military edition of the game.

MoH Warfighter – Vickers

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Electronic Arts just announced Vickers Tactical as their latest partner for Medal of Honor Warfighter. LAV had this to say about the partnership.

I am proud to be onboard the Medal of Honor Warfighter development team – after getting some time to hang out with the crew I can tell you first hand they are not only committed to giving users a dynamite game but also to representing the Special Operations Warfighter in a positive way and giving back to the SOF community in the best way possible; supporting the families of the fallen. My hats off to the Danger Close team – keep the faith brothers!
– Larry Vickers

LAV also built a custom 1911 for the game.

The Vickers 1911 began life as a parts set from Wilson Combat, and in fact, they were instrumental in helping me get the gun built in a very short time frame. I essentially set the pistol up to what I felt a state of the art, serious use 1911 should be in the hands of a seasoned operator – a guy like me, who cut his teeth on the 1911, and wants a combat handgun with the latest improvements such as an integral light rail, night sights, and bulletproof components. I put some Vickers Tactical logos on it to help set it apart, including one on the custom VZ grips. With a durable matte black finish, the pistol turned out great!
– Larry Vickers

Medal of Honor – Partners

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Video game designers have been going out of their way to introduce more and more realism into their titles. There’s also been a lot of talk within our industry on coming up with new ways to reach additional markets. Consequently, it seems like a perfect match when manufacturers of military equipment partner with video game designers. In a way, the folks that play first person shooters they are natural tactical customers.

Electronic Arts, producers of the popular Medal of Honor series is reveling in its partnership with the tactical industry. Not only is it featuring partners’ products in the latest version of the game, but EA is also openly promoting the manufacturers to their players.

Each week they discuss additional partners and show examples of how they have participated in game development including a video. So far they’ve revealed LBT, Mechanix Wear, McMillan, SureFire, Trijicon, and LaRue Tactical.

Read about all of the partners at