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LBT Unveils Sentinel Armor System

Friday, May 6th, 2011

This is a quick peak at London Bridge Trading’s Sentinel Releasable Armor System, unveiled May 5th, 2011 at Warrior Expo West. The Sentinel is a captive releasable armor system meaning all pieces are retained even after the user has pulled the cutaway. Additionally, the Sentinel incorporates LBT’s Comfort Armor Suspension System (CASS), allowing users to carry heavier loads while transferring the weight to the hips for increased comfort and ventilation.

Look for a more in-depth article on the Sentinel soon. is your source for Military and Government ordering of LBT products.

London Bridge Trading Company Announces New URL

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

London Bridge Trading Company gets its name from London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It can be a bit of a mouthful and has been referred to in industry as LBT for years. To help make it easier to find on the web, they have announced their new web domain;

LBT CEO Doug McDougal said, “LBT has been in business for 26 years, so it is natural for the company to mature over time. This domain name change exemplifies how our brand is ready for the future.” I have to say, that I personally have been a customer for 20 of those years.

LBT currently offers over 4,000 products and plans to further increase their catalog as the year progresses.

LBT’s Deployment Bags ADS

Friday, March 4th, 2011

In addition to their entire line of tactical nylon products, London Bridge Trading Company offers a variety of deployment bags and associated carry options. Berry compliant and available in several color schemes, LBT products are well made and in my experience reliable. For example, the Large Wheeled Padded Loadout Bag in the video below is like the Mack truck of baggage. Sure, it’s a stout bag even when empty, but this thing is the modern equivalent of a steamer trunk, with one big difference; its own wheels. When you are hauling around a fully loaded bag you want to be able to move it yourself. Also, if you transporting this much stuff chances are good that some of it is going to be fragile Between padding and a reinforced kydex back the LBT-2467A is designed to handle that. Additionally, this thing is covered with pockets to compartmentalize your gear.

While I don’t own one I checked it our at SHOT show and am impressed. It isn’t for the casual user, but rather well suited for the guy who deploys with a substantial amount of kit. Don’t worry, if you travel with less, LBT has other options as well. Check out this mini catalog for details on their entire run of baggage options.

LBT Deployment Bag Mini Catalog 2011

These deployment bags as well as all LBT products are available for agency purchase through ADS Inc.

Reversible Poncho Liner from LBT

Monday, January 5th, 2009

London Bridge has been making reversible poncho liners for Government clients for some time now. Our sample is reversible from Woodland to 3 Color Desert Camo. While the materials are the same as the issue item, LBT does provide their liners with a zipper around three of the sides in order to make a simple sleeping bag.

LBT Reversible Poncho Liner

Colors vary with contract customer requirements so selections for individual sales may be limited. Contact London Bridge Trading Company for more information.

London Bridge Trading Company Boonie

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

We mentioned this new hat in our first week of publishing. We have finally been able to get our hands on a couple of prototypes and they are even more impressive in person than on a mannequin. The London Bridge boonie is a simple affair, designed to keep weight and cost low, take up little space, and provide both cooling shade as well as camouflage to the Operator’s head. They succeed on all of these points.

London Bridge Trading Company Boonie - Tan
The Tan boonie. Notice how well it blends in with 3-color Desert pattern. The boonies are manufactured from a lightweight ripstop nylon shell, cut to imitate foliage and allow ample air circulation. The nylon shell is sewn to a foundation of camouflage mesh. This gives the boonie shape and facilitates cooling. The material is also very soft and compressible.

London Bridge Trading Company Boonie - Inside
In this picture you can clearly see the mesh that makes up the interior of the hat. Also visible is the elastic band used to keep the cap on the head during high winds. This is backed up by a nylon band that runs around the circumference of the head and is adjustable in the rear via hook and pile tape. It is clearly visible on the Foliage boonie below.
London Bridge Trading Company Boonie - Rear

The brim provides ample shade yet is not so wide that it impedes vision. Additionally, the mesh foundation is stiff enough that the brim can be formed even after being stowed in a pack for hours.
London Bridge Trading Company Boonie - Foliage

As you can see in the following picture, the boonie is highly compressible and will take up little space in your kit. If you constantly wear a helmet in the field and want something to throw on in the rare moments you are without a helmet, the LBT Boonie is the hat I would recommend.
London Bridge Trading Company Boonie - Compressed

The samples we received are in Tan and Foliage but additional colors are planned. While several camo patterns will eventually be offered I prefer the solid color models as they are more adaptable. As this is obviously a field cover, the monotone versions will blend in with a wider variety of patterns and applications and can be easily modified for specialty use such as with a ghillie cape. Additionally, the samples were slick in that they didn’t have IR markers nor pile tape to attach them but you should see something on production variants.

Available soon from London Bridge Trading Company.

London Bridge Trading Reflective/IR ID Patches

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

LBT has been producing some very trick IR ID patches for military customers for some time now. We have not seen anything quite like this on a commercial level.

LBT ID panel

The patch is reversible and consists of a sandwich of several materials mounted to a stiffened backing. One side is solely IR reflective and the other combines Glow in the Dark alpha-numerics with an IR reflective cut out. They laser cut the ID’s alpha-numerics from the face fabric whether Cordura or IR tape. The outer edges of both sides are color matched hook tape so that the panel may be affixed to uniforms.

They are accustomed to producing small numbers of different panels and a variety of colors are available. This is a very much a custom product and LBT’s staff will work with you to give you the right combination for your application. Due to the high cost of raw materials LBT is willing to work with organizations that wish to supply their own materials. Contact LBT for more information.

The True North Tactical Story

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I posted briefly about the awesome boonie I saw the other day made by True North. That wasn’t entirely true. It actually came from Tactical Distributors, LLC who handles London Bridge as well as True North. Tactical Distributors has committed to producing 1000 of the hats based on the overwhelming feedback they received at the show. But I digress. I asked the folks from Tactical Distributors where the True North brand came from and they explained that they had been looking for a way to provide London Bridge quality and innovation at a lower price point for those who did not require Berry compliance. They have sourced high quality manufacturers overseas and build the same products from the LBT line. They don’t skimp on materials either. They use the same cordura and mil spec webbing that have been the hallmarks of LBT’s products for decades. This is a fantastic way for the individual to more easily afford LBT’s product offerings. They plan on unveiling some designs under the True North name that have been exclusive to a certain group of customers. Expect to see lighter materials and innovative features soon.
Tactical Distributors Logo
Tactical Distributors LLC