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Morgan Advanced Materials Demonstrates Extensive Blast Survivability for Silverback 4020 Elite Bomb Disposal Suit

Friday, January 6th, 2017

A new video released by Morgan Advanced Materials showcases the outstanding performance of its Silverback 4020 Elite bomb disposal suit against four life impacting aspects of blast; flame immersion, high velocity fragment impact, blast pressure wave and ‘tertiary’ effects; across four different blast tests.

Critical to survivability, the tests illustrate the importance Morgan places on reducing the impact of blast pressure waves, which alongside flame and fragments, have devastating impact on internal organs without adequate protection. The testing was conducted at the independently certified OTS testing facility at Faldingworth (UK) and utilised a range of testing best practice, including key aspects of the NIJ 0117.00 Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard, in addition to other blast analysis including the Bowen Survivability Curve and overpressure reduction.

The first blast test shown on the video demonstrates the suit’s survivability when kneeling, measured against the NIJ 0117.00 Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard for an explosive of 0.567kg C4 threat at 0.6m. The recorded footage reveals that the suit provides a pressure reduction between 96.9% and 99.7%, achieving a position on the Bowen Curve showing more than 99% survivability probability (in a controlled test environment). Three further blast tests assess the suit’s survivability when standing, facing a 1kg (2.20 lbs) C4 threat at 1m, a 2kg (4.41 lbs) C4 threat at 2m, and a 10kg (22.05 lbs) C4 threat at 3m. All three tests returned a position on the Bowen Curve stating a survivability probability greater than 99% (in a controlled test environment), with a pressure reduction between 98.1% and 98.5% for 1kg and 10kg blasts.

In addition to ensuring the highest levels of survivability, the Silverback 4020 Elite is designed for enhanced manoeuvrability, providing the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operator with the flexibility they require for operating in a restrictive environment. The business conducts its own manoeuvrability tests, testing flexibility to crouch, climb and crawl, furthermore the suit utilises a powerful demisting system embedded in the helmet for improved situational awareness. Advanced cooling systems, which incorporate a flame ingress brake mechanism are embedded into the suit enhance comfort and reduce operator fatigue. An innovative quick release system, allowing the user to evacuate the suit unaided in less than 25 seconds in the event of an emergency situation, is designed into the suit’s jacket and trousers.

Chris Davies, Technology Director at Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Business, commented: “We are delighted with the survivability performance of the Silverback 4020 Elite, reducing the impact of blast pressure waves has been a key focus throughout the design of the product, along with protection against flame and fragments. The suit’s high performance levels have been achieved through years of blast materials research and development, combined with leading garment engineering to create a truly world class highly flexible bomb disposal suit.“

For further information, please visit: www.morgandefencesystems.com/blast-test

Morgan Advanced Materials Launches New Ultra-Lightweight Level III Standalone Ballistic Insert

Friday, October 28th, 2016

An ultra-lightweight, high performance standalone ballistic insert, protecting against NIJ 0101.06 Level III and special rifle threats has been launched by Morgan Advanced Materials.

Morgan’s new ‘LASA LWB III+ sa06’ ballistic insert is a multi-hit standalone solution, which does not require additional soft armour. It has been tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 against 7.62 x 51mm 149gr M80 FMJ and the special threats; 5.56 x 45mm 55gr Ball (M193) and 7.62 x 39mm 123gr AK47 MSC (Mild Steel Core). The ballistic insert is buoyant resilient, making it ideal for both maritime environments and land operations. Furthermore, it meets stringent drop test requirements as stated in the NIJ 0101.06 specification.

With an areal density of just 14.9 kg/m² (3.05psf), a medium ballistic plate weighs just 1.0kg (2.3lbs). It is available in five sizes, delivering a customised fit to a wide range of users. The ballistic insert’s lightweight properties allow for superior mobility and lower weight burden whilst ensuring ballistic protection from NIJ Level III and special rifle threats.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, stated: “The LASA LWB III+ sa06 ballistic insert is our lightest standalone solution for NIJ Level III and special threats. It has been developed as a result of our use of cutting-edge materials and extensive research and development, which has enabled us to produce a product which is considerably lighter than alternative solutions. Its buoyant properties also make it ideal for use in maritime environments whilst delivering lightweight, high level protection”.

The ballistic insert is the latest addition to Morgan’s wider suite of LASA soldier protection products, which includes covert solutions for undercover operations, protection against NIJ Level III, special threats such as SS109 “Green Tip” ammunition, and special threats exceeding NIJ Level IV. All ballistic inserts are available for purchase through Morgan’s Composites and Defence Systems business in the UK, Canada and Singapore as well as through its global distribution network

For further information, please visit: www.morgandefencesystems.com/level-3-insert

Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded UK MoD Contract Valued At £1.1m  For Ballistic Shields

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in composite armour technology for personnel and platforms, has secured a £1.1m contract from the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) to supply ballistic shields and supporting services.

The contract will see Morgan provide a range of bespoke ballistic shields drawing on Morgan’s class-leading composite armour technology capability. With outstanding levels of multi-hit protection, the shields showcase the latest in lightweight armour, ensuring maximum mobility and protection for army personnel in the arena of combat.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, also commented: “We are enormously proud to be supplying ultra-lightweight, bespoke ballistic shields to the Ministry of Defence. Our cutting edge ballistic composite materials knowledge, coupled with rigorous in-house research, development and testing has allowed us to create ultra-lightweight ballistic shields, delivering outstanding levels of protection whilst enabling maximum manoeuvrability.

For further information, please visit www.morgandefencesystems.com.

Morgan Advanced Materials – LASA Ballistic Shield

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in the field of materials and advanced lightweight ballistic shield systems technologies, has launched a new range of high-specification ballistic shields as part of its Lightweight Armored Soldier Architecture (LASA) range.

Complementing Morgan’s existing range of hybrid composite helmets and ballistic inserts, LASA Ballistic Shields deliver outstanding multi-hit protective performance despite weighing 20% less than existing in-service solutions, at a thickness of just16mm (0.6inch).

Utilizing Morgan’s world-leading ballistics expertise and pioneering research and development into composite materials, the LASA ballistic shields offer protection to NIJ 0101.06 Level III and the following special threats: 7.62 x 51mm 149gr M80 FMJ; 5.56 x 45mm 55gr Ball (M193); and 7.62 x 39mm 123gr PS Ball (Mild Steel Core).

Available in four standard sizes to suit a broad spectrum of operational requirements in both military and law enforcement situations, designs can also be customized to meet specific customer needs, as required.

Smaller variants in the range have been specially designed to offer full mobility to end users, enabling the user to move at speed while remaining protected. The larger variants are available for environments where a more comprehensive level of protection is required.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites & Defense Systems, commented: “Our goal with the LASA range is to provide a range of solutions which offer proven, premium protection at the lowest possible weight, for both military and law enforcement applications. Lower weight means greater mobility and reduced fatigue – a key benefit for those operating on the front line. Our world-leading expertise in composite research and development for ballistics, coupled with extensive testing, enables us to meet the varied needs of elite military and law enforcement personnel around the world.”

For further information please visit: www.morgandefencesystems.com/LASA-shields

Morgan Advanced Materials and D3O Announce New Helmet

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Morgan and D3O create world’s most advanced helmet for defence sector

Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the application of advanced composite material technology, has incorporated D3O TRUST high-performance padding system into its ultra-lightweight combat helmet portfolio, the LASA AC914 and LASA AC915. The combination of Morgan’s hybrid composite ballistic helmet shell technology, with D3O’s impact pads is believed to be the most advanced combat helmet in the global market.

The D3O TRUST helmet liner system, created by the experts in real-world impact protection solutions, is engineered using patented composite materials. The seven-piece system which exceeds required Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protection levels by 33% at 10ft/sec, has now been used by Morgan to complement its world leading ballistic helmet shell technology.

Morgan’s LASA AC914 and LASA AC915 ballistic helmets are manufactured using proprietary ultra-lightweight, composite hybrid technology, which provides structure, durability and a level of protection at weights significantly lower than previously available. The helmets are the outcome of over three years of materials and product development at Morgan’s Ballistics Centre of Excellence.

Weighing in at 1.25kg (2.9lb) for a full cut LASA AC914 helmet and 1.15kg for a high cut LASA AC915 variant, these composite hybrid helmets are 7.5% lighter than a typical advanced combat helmets with 10% enhanced 17gr FSP Performance (735m/s). Built for comfort and endurance, the D3Oâ TRUST 10ft/sec blunt trauma impact padding system exceeds all regulatory performance standards and is recognised as the most durable and comfortable solution on the global market.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems, explains: “Morgan has been at the forefront of ballistic protective combat helmet design for more than 30 years and we are proud to partner with D3O in the creation of our most advanced combat helmet yet”.

“The unrivalled performance of the D3O TRUST padding system and the resulting helmet is one which provides the highest levels ballistic protection at an extraordinarily low weight – a technological advancement which is sure to shape the sector.”

Todd Dunnagan, Director – D3O Global Defence Sector commented: “Morgan’s helmet shell technology provides flammability protection, ballistic protection and a structurally sound platform for the integration of blunt impact and retention systems, which, combined with the comfort and shock-absorbing capabilities of our D3O TRUST helmet liner system, delivers the ultimate lightweight, high-performance head protection solution.”

Available in a variety of configurations, the LASA helmets are compatible with in-service equipment including night vision goggles, as well as an array of other accessories. The LASA AC914 and LASA AC915 are available to purchase through Morgan’s locations in the UK, Canada and Singapore.

For more information on Morgan’s ballistic helmets, visit www.morgandefencesystems.com/LASA-900 and for details on the D3O TRUST helmet liner system, go to www.d3o.com/d3o_products/trust-helmet-liner-system.

Morgan Advanced Materials Launches Ultra-Lightweight Hybrid Composite Military Helmet Range

Monday, December 14th, 2015


Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the application of advanced composite material technology, has unveiled its newest range of lightweight combat helmets, the LASA AC914 and AC915.

The LASA AC914 and LASA AC915 draw upon the expertise of the Composite and Defence business of Morgan Advanced Materials. Morgan has a wealth of experience in composite materials and an established pedigree within the military and law enforcement sectors, having sold in excess of one million helmets worldwide. The helmets’ revolutionary designs deliver outstanding ballistic performance and comfort to the wearer. Made using a hybrid of composite materials and incorporating Morgan’s proprietary technology, the helmets’ shells are approximately 30% lighter than previous generation technology and deliver outstanding protection against ballistic threats, fragments and blunt trauma.

LASA AC915 front 45 degrees blue

In full compliance with NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA, the LASA AC914 and AC915 offer an unparalleled level of protection against blunt trauma and 9mm rounds, maximising user safety in combat situations. The high-cut LASA AC915 weighs little more than 1kg and allows for greater situational awareness, making it ideal for special operations. Similarly, the AC914, with its full-cut design for combat operations, offers unparalleled ballistic and blunt trauma protection – particularly impressive given that it weighs a mere 1.2kg (2.6lb). In both instances, the AC914 and AC915 offer exceptional levels of fragmentation protection and come with optional visor and mandible guard to provide greater high impact protection for the eyes and face.

Available in a variety of configurations, the LASA AC914 and AC915 are compatible with in-service equipment including night vision goggles as well as an array of other accessories. While the helmets have been designed to offer the greatest levels of protection, the configurable suspension systems also deliver optimum levels of user comfort.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems, explained: “we are delighted to launch the LASA AC915 and AC914 helmets, the helmets are a result of three years of materials and product development, which have also been applied to our next generation helmet for Canada. Our expert knowledge in composite materials and application has once again allowed us to create a range of helmets that offer a level of protection at a weight beyond that typically afforded by standard ultra-lightweight helmet solutions.

For further information please visit Morgan Advanced Materials – LASA Soldier Systems

Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded Combat Helmet Contract By Canada’s Department Of National Defence

Friday, November 20th, 2015

CM735 (white background)

The Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials has been awarded the Canadian CM735 Combat Helmet contract. The improved helmet features an innovative ultra-lightweight hybrid composite structure, the result of more than three years of materials research and development and achieves outstanding ballistic performance at an extraordinarily low weight. Morgan’s extensive capabilities have supplied over one million combat helmets as part of the company’s LASA (Lightweight Armored Soldier Architecture) line of products.

Constructed using world leading lightweight composite materials, Morgan’s hybrid composite helmet technology delivers outstanding helmet performance for fragmentation and ballistic protection with improved structural integrity while providing high levels of flame resistance.

The helmet also features Morgan’s latest ballistic and fragment composite technology, which helps to avoid severe injury from back face deformation and dynamic impact to the user’s head when the shell is hit by fragments.

Morgan’s new CM735 Canadian shell provides very high levels of ballistic performance with weight savings of approximately 23 percent over the existing CG634 shell with a weight of less than 920 grams (32 ounces).

“Morgan is honoured to be providing the Canadian Forces with their next generation lightweight ballistic helmet,” said Composites and Defence Systems North America Business Manager James Kempston. “Morgan’s CM735 solution uses the latest composite technology, providing increased protection for substantially less weight. With nearly 25 percent weight reduction it is truly a game changing helmet in an environment where reduced burden is directly related to increased user performance and decreased fatigue.”


DSEI – Morgan Advanced Materials / Gecko Headgear

Monday, September 21st, 2015


Morgan Advanced Materials is offering a ballistic variant (NIJ 0101.04 IIIA) of Gecko Headgear maritime helmet design. It comes in a single size with an inflatable liner which not only helps secure the helmet but also offers bouyancy. The helmet also holds certification as a mountaineering helmet. In addition to a face shield they also offer a ballistic facemask.