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RAAF Officially Launches GPU

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Yesterday during the Centenary of Military Aviation Airshow at RAAF Williams at Point Cook, the Royal Australian Air Force officially unveiled the new General Purpose Uniform.


We talked about the GPU awhile back which is a garrison uniform for non-wartime deployers like the USAF ABU. However, it will be worn for some deployment scenarios such as humanitarian assistance. According to the RAAF, the pattern is an Air Force specific version of the Australian MultiCam Pattern (AMP) already in-use in Afghanistan.

“The purpose of the GPU is to provide a unique and easily identifiable Air Force presence to the Australian Defence and civilian communities, consistent with the Air Force’s distinctive identity and still effective in meeting our service requirements,” AIRMSHL Brown said.

“The GPU will begin from today to replace the current camouflage uniform, also worn by Army, for general base duties and in non-warlike environments such as humanitarian tasks and Defence assistance to the civil community.”


RAAF personnel should look for these by the end if 2015.

What’s The Latest On RAAF Camo? I’ll Give You A Hint, It’s Blue

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Awhile back we showed you an atrocious Blue variant of the Australian MultiCam Pattern being trialled by the Royal Australian Air Force.


According to a story in the RAAF newspaper, this new uniform, known as the General Purpose Uniform, will begin to replace the current DPCU for RAAF personnel beginning on the Air Force birthday in March, 2014. According to Air Marshall Brown, Chief of the RAAF, this uniform is for noncombat use, “to be worn within the workplace and on non-warlike operational duties such as deployments on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.” Those deploying to operational areas will receive appropriate uniforms for the environment. This design was chosen over three other candidate patterns.

Thanks JD for the heads up!

The Camo That Almost Was

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

While Australian forces will soon be outfitted in a new Australian MutiCam Pattern developed in conjunction with Crye Precision, at one point the Royal Australian Air Force almost took a page from the Royal Australian Navy‘s playbook to adopt a unique color variant of the Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform.