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Raven Concealment Systems Announces New Holster Available Black Friday

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Friday, 16 November 2015Raven Concealment Systems has released images today of a new inside-the-waistband holster called the Morrigan, which they will be releasing on Black Friday.

Named after a war deity from Irish mythology, the Morrigan is quite different from the products that customers are accustomed to seeing from Raven. “Historically, RCS is known for extremely modular, multi-functional designs,” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “With the Morrigan, our goal was to create a much simpler design that was very application-specific. The Morrigan is designed to have a small, streamlined profile, and serve optimally for those who carry on or behind the hip, inside the waistband. It does this remarkably well, without requiring a bunch of extra parts and time spent assembling it.”
The Morrigan is ambidextrous, and has adjustable cant and adjustable retention. Other than attaching the soft-loops, it comes ready for use right out of the box. The holster body is very trim, and contoured for comfort for both right- and left-handed shooters. Of particular interest is the innovative “tourniquet-style” retention system, which uses a band of low-profile Velcro to “cinch” the retention down on the weapon, instead of the more traditional retention screw. This gives a much greater range of adjustment, while also eliminating the tendency for retention screws to back off and loosen over time. It also makes the retention setting more repeatable, since one need only mark the strip with a paint pen to indicate where “just right” is.  

Also of great interest is the price-point of the holster: MSRP is just $49.99. “We wanted to make a solution for the daily-carry market that was highly-functional, but still fit within the budgets of departments and families who need top-quality concealment holsters,” said Scott Wilson, Director of Sales at RCS. “The Morrigan embodies all the quality and innovative design you expect from Raven, just simplified.”

The Morrigan will be in stock at RCS dealers starting on Black Friday, and will be available for the following pistols:  

– Glock 17

– Glock 19

– Glock 43

– Smith & Wesson M&P Fullsize (9/40/357)

– Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Raven Concealment Systems Debuts Vickers Signature Series

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

This is big news from two great great brands.  LAV has been using Raven holsters for years, so it was a natural fit. I’m looking forward to checking out what they’ve come up with.

Vickers Signature Series Launch

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Thursday, 29 October 2015

Raven Concealment Systems announced today the release of their Vickers Signature Series of holsters and magazine carriers.

The Vickers Signature Series is a collaboration between Raven Concealment Systems and Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical.

The Vickers Signature Series is the first in a new family of products Raven Concealment Systems will be bringing to market over the next several months. Signature Series products are limited-run production batches of gear designed to the personal specifications of some of the most respected gunfighters and shooting instructors of our time. These Signature Series items promise to be both highly functional and visually striking.

“As one of the first adopters of the Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster, I’ve always been a believer in the design’s exceptional comfort, concealability, and speed of draw. Over the past decade, I’ve seen and experienced the unparalleled durability, quality, and consistency of Raven’s products,” said Larry Vickers. “It was a pleasure to work with Raven’s professional design team on this project. We tailored the Signature products to reflect the functional and aesthetic attributes I was seeking in a holster and magazine carrier optimized for outside-the-waistband concealed-carry.”

The Vickers Signature Series is only available in one of four “shooter’s pack” configurations. These shooter packs are only produced for the pistols which LAV views as his “go-to” handguns: The Glock 17, Glock 19, Heckler and Koch VP9, Beretta M-9, and of course, the M1911 A1 pistols. Every item is tastefully emblazoned with the Vickers Tactical logo, and is produced to the same exacting standards of fit and finish that customers have come to expect from both RCS and Larry Vickers.

“As an organization, Raven Concealment Systems could not be more proud that Larry collaborated with us to design and manufacture the inceptive products in our Signature Series.” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “Working with Larry is predictably pleasant due to his professionalism and clear vision of the excellence required to fulfill the needs of expert end users.”

The Vickers Signature Series is available exclusively through the Raven Concealment Systems website and a limited number of dealers specially selected by Vickers Tactical.

Raven Concealment Systems Appoints Matt Edwards As Military Applications Specialist

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Matt Edwards Press Release pic

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Friday, 25 September 2015

Raven Concealment Systems officially announced today the appointment of Mr. Matt Edwards to the position of Military Applications Specialist.

Matt joins RCS from Surefire, where he worked as a Military Tactical Applications Specialist on and off from 2010-2015. Prior to joining the tactical industry, Matt retired from a 20+ year career in the United States Army, during which he served in Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and as a Ranger Instructor at 6th Ranger Training Battalion in Eglin, Florida. Matt’s career culminated as a Rifle Company First Sergeant.

Matt will support Raven’s sales and design departments; leveraging his extensive military experience to assist military end-users in selecting the best products for their needs from the RCS line, as well as helping to drive new product development via capabilities assessments and direct feed-back from military clients.

“I’m happy to have been invited to be part of the Raven team,” said Edwards. “I’ve used and trusted their gear for years, and this position will allow me to help shape new evolutions of RCS products to make them more beneficial for our military clients.”

“I like working with Matt almost as much as I like sweet tea and cigarettes” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “Having Matt’s special combination of experience, personal integrity and dedication to the individual combatant strengthens our already robust sales and design teams.”

RCS is putting together a bunch of rockstars! Congrats to Matt, he’s a great guy!

Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard 2 Holster Advanced Kit

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit 1

Raven Concealment Systems has released a new holster, the VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit. As the name would imply, the VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is an upgrade to the VanGuard 2. It consists of the same minimalist trigger guard holster of the VanGuard2, but with the addition of the CLAW from the EIDOLON holster, which leverages the grip of the pistol close to the body, increasing concealbility. The Advanced Kit can be equipped with either a tuckable strut with overhook or with soft loop, is fully ambidextrous, and adjustable for ride-height and cant.

The VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is designed for all Glock 9/40/357 model pistols, however it won’t work with the G42/G43.

If you’re wondering what RDS mount is on the Glock in the above images, check this video out:

MDM – ALG Defense / Raven Concealment Systems

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of holster options for pistols equipped with the ALG Defense’s 6-Second Mount. We’ve heard about a model from Raven Concealment Systems and Geiselle Automatics had a preproduction model in their booth.


Bill Geiselle told us that ALG Defense has placed an order with RCS for a run of holsters which should be available soon.


The Hits Keep On Coming! RCS Hires Clint Lynch as Senior Product Designer

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Clint Lynch is top notch! You may not know his name but if you read SSD, you’re familiar with his work. He has made things happen at several big name weapons manufacturers as well as creating a few widgets of his own.

This is great news and he is joining an awesome team full of talented individuals. Congrats to everyone involved! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Raven Concealment Systems Appoints Clint Lynch as Senior Product Designer

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Friday, 3 July 2015

Raven Concealment Systems officially announced today the appointment of Mr. Clint Lynch to the position of Senior Product Designer, effective 29 June. Mr. Lynch has 13 years of design experience in the firearms industry, in both weapons and weapon accessories.

Clint joins RCS from rifle manufacturer Daniel Defense, where he worked as a designer since 2010. Before that, he spent six years working on both pistol and long-gun projects with FNH-USA, most notably serving as Lead U.S. Designer on the Mk. 20 Sniper Support Rifle (SSR). His design career in the world of firearms began when he was hired as a designer by Knights Armament in 2002.
Clint joins Raven’s current pair of creators (fellow Senior Product Designer Eric Rice, and Product Designer Kyle Hendrickson) to give the company a powerhouse stable of CAD talent.

“It’s exciting to join such a talented crew, and to be part of the creative process for an entire line of products,” says Clint. “RCS aggressively encourages their design team to push limits –to be truly innovative—and as a designer, that is a really appealing environment to work in. Most of my career has been spent designing rifles and rifle accessories, so being thrown the brand-new challenge of designing more effective ways to carry a handgun is a welcome change. And the team they have assembled here is top-notch.”

Adding Lynch to the design staff is part of an ongoing push by RCS to expand their injection-molded product line in order to support a wider range of weapons and mission requirements.

“Starting on my first day,” says CEO John “Chappy” Chapman, “one of my top priorities was accelerating the new-product design process. These guys have so many innovative ideas, but with only two designers, there just wasn’t enough horsepower to push projects through to completion at the pace they needed. Adding another top-level designer was essential, and the whole management team was unanimous that we wanted to recruit Clint. We’re thrilled to have him join our team.”

Huge news! RCS Appoints John Chapman As CEO!

Friday, June 26th, 2015

This is some amazing news we just received from RCS. They are putting a dream team together over there. Congrats to Chappy and the RCS crew.  We can’t wait to see where this leads.

Raven Concealment Systems Appoints John “Chappy” Chapman as CEO

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Friday, 26 June 2015

Raven Concealment Systems officially announced today the appointment of Mr. John Chapman as Chief Executive Officer, effective 15 June. Mr. Chapman, a.k.a. “Chappy,” has over 22 years of industry experience, covering everything from weapons and tactics training, to corporate project management, general management, and product development.

Chappy has worn many hats in the industry. He joins RCS from Steiner/Beretta Defense Technologies, where he held the position of Tactical Applications Manager. Although leaving there to take the helm at Raven Concealment, he will continue to assist and consult with Steiner/Beretta Defense Technologies for select, on-going projects.

While his work with the Beretta family of companies has been his mainstay for the past several years, Chappy is probably best known publicly for the training he provides to law enforcement and military clients through LMS Defense; a company which he founded, and will continue to own and operate in addition to his new position.

“Our domestic and foreign military and law enforcement sales volume has exploded over the past two years,” said Michael Goerlich, owner of Raven Concealment Systems. “To meet that demand, RCS has had to grow rapidly. Managing such rapid growth requires leadership from someone with extensive experience managing both people and projects. Having worked with Chappy in the past on projects supporting Steiner and Beretta products, we knew he had the skills and experience to lead our company to the next level.”

The transition from a management position with a centuries-old international corporation to being CEO of a 10-year old manufacturing firm in northeast Ohio will be a big change – and a big challenge — for Chapman. But it is a challenge that he welcomes:

“I’m honored to have been chosen, and enthusiastic to lead such an influential team of professionals through this exciting evolution for RCS,” said Chappy. “The opportunity to direct the path of Raven Concealment during this key time in their ascent was one I could not pass up.”

Raven Concealment Systems Appoints Scott Wilson as Director of Sales

Monday, June 8th, 2015

This just in. It’s awesome to see RCS grow. Congrats guys!

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Monday, 8 June 2015 Raven Concealment Systems officially announced today the appointment of Mr. Scott Wilson as Director of Sales, effective 5 June. Scott brings 17 years of experience to his new role, including key strengths in commercial dealer sales, domestic and international military sales, and domestic and international law enforcement sales.


Scott joins RCS from Surefire, LLC, where he held a national sales management role since 2007. He began his defense industry career with Heckler and Koch USA, where he also managed military and law enforcement sales at the national level.

Scott will be aggressively building the domestic and international dealer sales network for RCS, as well as servicing the military and law enforcement markets to ensure that warfighters and police have quick access to premium holster and concealment products.