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Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard Basic Kit for Glock 42/43

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

This is the newest addition to the VanGuard line, the VG2 Basic Kit for Glock 42/43.


Raven Concealment Systems Introduces “Roland Special” Phantom Holster Variant

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

This version of RCS’s Phantom LC holster was created with direct feedback from Presscheck Consulting, to ensure that the weapon and holster are perfectly suited for their intended application.

In addition to its unique, aggressive looks, the Roland Special Phantom LC comes with a brand-new belt-attachment accessory: The Drop/Offset kit. This kit consists of a drop-bracket and a spacer, which allows the shooter to add drop, offset, or both to the ride of the holster. This makes the holster configurable for more direct-action roles.

The kit also comes with a set of 1.5” Pancake Wings, which, when attached directly to the holster body, pull the weapon in tight for optimal concealed-carry roles.  Additionally, this kit includes a set of Quick-Mount Straps (QMS) which allow rapid donning and doffing of the holster.

This holster fits the following variants of Glock 19 pistols with Surefire X-300 U/A/B:
ATEI Roland Special
Glock 19 MOS
Glock Gen 3 G19
Glock Gen 4 G19
Agency Arms G19
Zev Tech G19
Fowler Industries G19
WOTG Tomahawk G19
Boresight Solutions G19

Barrels that fit the above configurations:
Stock G19
Threaded G19
KKM Comp Barrel
Texas Black Rifle Company Comp


For those of you unfamiliar with Presscheck Consulting’s “Roland Special”, my buddy Chris Mudgett wrote about it over at Guns and Ammo.

Raven Concealment Systems – Copia Magazine Carrier

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

The Copia is an injection-molded pistol magazine carrier, developed to fulfill a government contract requirement for an ambidextrous magazine carrier that would accept magazines from multiple handgun models. They are now available for retail consumers.

Inspired by our original Kydex modular magazine carrier design, the new Copia carriers feature:

– Funneled mouth for easy magazine insertion

– Unique cavity and adjustable retention design allows the Copia to accommodate double-stack (both steel and polymer) magazines from over 100 different models of handguns chambered in 9/40/357, (including Glock, Sig, Beretta, FN, etc). Adjustable retention also allows magazines to be inserted facing forward or rearward.

– Short and tall body variants (short have a smaller profile and only work with three of our modular belt attachments, and tall are compatible with all of our IWB and OWB modular belt attachments)

– Body-hugging contour is more concealable and enhances comfort

– Available in single or double configuration, but additional units can be joined together to make larger configurations

Singles are $39.99, and doubles are $74.99. They are in stock and shipping now from RCS and RCS dealers.


Some Words Of Wisdom from Raven Concealment Systems

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Raven Concealment Systems posted this to Facebook. It’s spot on, so read and heed.

Winter is coming.

The gun industry has ups and downs that are tied to the seasons, and this year, we should ALL begin preparing for winter now.

As far as market trends go, summer is historically the “slow” time of year for the firearms industry. For most consumers, buying guns and accessories takes a back seat to family vacations, opening up the pool, putting the boat in the water, and buying back-to-school supplies.

Then, come late September and early October, sales start to pick up as those other distractions draw to their natural close. By Thanksgiving, people are buying guns and gear like they’re allergic to money and trying to rid themselves of every dollar.

This year, the perception – perhaps accurate – that changing political leadership might result in the banning of certain types of weapons and magazines, combined with a feeling that civil unrest is making people unsafe in their communities, will drive new buyers to acquire their first firearms, and current gun owners to “stock up.” And this surge of demand has the potential to make the 2008 “Obamageddon” panic buying frenzy look like a slow day at the gun show. 

If you’re looking to buy your first AR-15 or Glock, now is the time to do it. If you need to stock up on extra magazines or ammo, don’t wait. If history is any indicator, come November, you’re going to see dramatically higher prices in the gun shops. By Inauguration Day, you’re going to see the shelves of gun shops looking like the shelves of a Venezuelan grocery store.

Right now, you might be thinking to yourself: “Oh look…the gun industry guy is telling us we need to buy stuff now. What a surprise.”

True. I am part of this industry, and maybe that makes me biased. But I make holsters, and I’m here telling you to buy guns, magazines, and ammo. Besides, panic-buys don’t benefit holster sales. In fact, the last time the gun industry had a buying frenzy, the only thing that wasn’t completely sold out in gun shops was holsters. Hell, when gun shops run out of pistols to sell, that actually *hurts* holster sales.

Panic-buys are bad for everyone. They block new people from getting into shooting because prices skyrocket. They block shooting enthusiasts from getting resupplied on ammo and magazines because shelves get stripped bare. Buying now will help you avoid suffering the high prices and scarcity of a panic.

Perhaps the worst impact is on the people who you’d think were actually benefiting: Your local gun shop owners. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, panic-buys are bad for your local gun shop. They force store owners to make the no-win choice between getting accused of “price gouging” because they raise prices to match the surging demand, or keeping their prices at pre-panic levels and getting cleaned out by speculators (only to watch guns they just sold at pre-panic prices get listed hours later by their customers on Gun Broker for 300% mark-up) only to discover they are unable to get more inventory to sell because the manufacturers are backlogged till spring. And that’s the real problem: When a retail business can’t get more of the primary product it sells in a timely fashion, how are they supposed to pay the rent, electric bill, and their employees?

Basically, you can’t go wrong stocking up now. If the panic hits, you’ll be glad you bought before P-Mags skyrocketed to $40 apiece, and while you could still find AR’s behind the counter at the local gun shop. If the panic doesn’t materialize, there’s no harm in having an extra case or two of ammo for training classes, or another dozen Glock magazines.

Don’t wait till the frenzy is in full-swing, and then whine about how your local gun shop is “price gouging.” Help your wallet, your gun safe, and your local retailer by buying now.

SHOT Show – Balor Mount by Raven Concealment Systems

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


Designed to fit any 9mm or .40 double stack GLOCK, the Balor is a two-piece design that requires no gunsmithing or alteration of your slide other than removing the rear sight and backplate.


One component slides into the rear sight dovetail and the other takes the place of the factory backplate. Once emplaced, the two components are automatically centered in order to bolt together. The result is a strong clamp-like effect on the slide. Steel construction means that it won’t fall apart through thousands of rounds.


Another really cool feature is that it incorporates back up iron sights across the mount itself. The rear is a line that can be filled in by the user and the front is a GLOCK sight.


Available for the Aimpoint T-1 and Trijicon RMR. Shipping 1 May.



Adam Pini Joins Raven Concealment Systems As Outside Sales Rep

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016


Amidst all the chaos of SHOT Show 2016 preparations, we forgot to let everyone know about an exciting development:

We are proud to announce the addition of Mr. Adam Pini as our new Outside Sales Representative. Adam comes to us with extensive sales experience in the black-rifle market, having previously worked for excellent brands like LWRC, ADM, and WarSport.

He’s also a heck of a shooter, and has hair like a movie star. Be sure to look him up at the RCS booth (#8606) at SHOT and let him show you how RCS can help your gun shop or gear store make great money!

He can be reached directly at: [email protected]

Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard 3 Holster

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

VanGuard 3

The VanGuard 3 is the latest iteration of Raven Concealment’s line of minimalist IWB holsters. The VanGuard 3, or VG3, is designed to accommodate a weapon light, covering only the light and trigger guard of the weapon. The VG3 is ambidextrous, tuckable, and can be worn anywhere on the waistline excluding the small of the back. Currently, the VG3 is available only for use with the SureFire X300 Ultra A/B weapon lights, and a wide variety of commercially available pistols.


Have A Very Glocky Christmas With This Special Edition Vanguard 2 From RCS

Friday, November 27th, 2015