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Galea – Future Dutch Helmet

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

The Dutch military is working to field a new helmet by 2011. The modular concept from the Integrated Head Protection Project team of the Dutch Ministry of Defense’s Ordnance Corps, began with a survey of 500 Soldiers. Details revealed that those in the field desired the ability to wear hearing as well as eye protection whether or not they were wearing a helmet. Additionally, as you can see from the illustration, modularity in design is central to the development effort. The concept has a great deal of merit. In addition to exchanging information with the Canadian military, the program won an innovation prize at a recent trade show in Prague. The program team is currently seeking an industry partner to further development.

Dutch Galea Helmet Concept
Galea is the Roman name for Helmet.

SLIVER Medic Pack from S.O. Tech

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

S.O.Tech SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack

S.O.Tech has just introduced the SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack to it’s line of tactical medical gear. Many of their medical products are already standard issue for USSOCOM medics. The super slimline design (3” when folded) is ideal for medics involved in vehicle or aircraft operations where room is limited. It is also well suited for urban operations where a medic must negotiate tight spaces. The pack zips closed and can be carried with convenient backpack straps, carry handles at the top of the panel, or is designed to integrate as an insert for the current issue Mission Medical Pack or Mission Pack System. Designed to be hung on a wall or laid on the ground when unzipped, the Pack is well organized. To help ensure organization, each of the pouches is identified via high visibility labels. The pack is really a system consisting of a stiffened panel with multiple removable pouches, a Davis Emergency Airway Roll, and the SOF-issue Medical Aid Pouch Insert to allow medics to customize their load. A zippered vinyl window on the outside holds packing lists and other documents. Currently available in Coyote Brown and made in the USA.

S.O.Tech SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack Contents

The SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack is available from S.O.Tech.

SOFIC 09 Registration Begins

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

The three day conference is designed to provide industry with a venue to learn about USSOCOM’s acquisition system as well as upcoming procurement opportunities. Registration for attendees has opened. Additionally, there are still booths available and sponsorship opportunities available for exhibitors. This year exhibitors will be allowed to sponsor individuals for the tradeshow at $25.00 per badge. The show is one of the best available with exhibitors focused specifically on the SOF market.

For registration information visit SOFIC 09.

OTB DesertLite/JungleLite Available for Pre-order at Tidewater Tactical

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

The DesertLite and JungleLite Boots from OTB are now available for pre-order from Tidewater Tactical.

OTB DesertLite OTB JungleLite

Both the DesertLite and JungleLite share the same production features but each includes a slightly modified color scheme to suit the environments it is intended for. Inspired by the classic US GI Jungle Boot, the stain resistant Microfiber Suede upper with breathable nylon panels hearkens back to a time tested design modernized with the latest materials and construction techniques. Mesh ventilation ports are sewn directly into the boot and won’t fall out or corrode. Likewise, the reinforced fabric lace loops aren’t prone to failure or corrosion and the Variable Sausage Laces stay tied the entire mission.

As with all OTB footwear special attention has been paid to the footbed and sole. The bedrock of the boot is the high traction non squeak outsole and molded EVA midsole unit. Siping on each outsole lug produces a series of thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction in wet or icy conditions. Additionally, reinforced climbing rubber inside toe helps when scaling walls. A full length composite molded shank provides support for carrying a heavy loads and the dual density cushioned footbed is lined with mesh for increased wicking and foot comfort. These boots are well suited for wet environments as even the footbed is perforated to allow water drainage.

The DesertLite comes in Tan and the JungleLite is available with a Black heel/toe and either Black or OD upper.

Tidewater Tactical is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business providing quality tactical equipment to the military, civilian agencies, and other select customers. They maintain a presence at Naval Operations Base – Norfolk’s Serve Mart in order to provide direct support to US forces located in the Tidewater of Virginia and can be found on the web at www.tidewatertactical.com.

National Match Style Rear Sight for 1911 from 10-8 Performance

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

10-8 Performance National Match Style Rear Sight for 1911

10-8 Performance has released a new National Match style Rar sight for 1911 pattern pistols designed to fit stock slide dovetail with no machining. The sight is CNC machined from hardened Rc32 4140 bar stock for improved durability and the .140″ wide U notch allows fast alignment with bead insert style front sights. The rear face is serrated at 40 lpi to reduce glare. Additionally, it is contoured and dehorned for comfortable handling and carry and comes finished in Matte Black Oxide.

Available from 10-8 Performance.

Battery Caddy from GG&G

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

GG&G Battery Caddies

Three models of Battery Caddies are now available from GG&G. The Personal Caddy is available in AA 4-Rack and CR123 4-Rack configurations in OD Green color. The AA 12 Pack holds 12 AA batteries and offered in OD Green or Rescue Orange colors. Finally, the Original Battery Caddy stores 12-AA, as well as 4-AAA, 2-C, and 1-9 volt battery. It is equipped with a hanger and comes in Caution Yellow and Rescue Orange.

To order visit GG&G.

Pentax Releases Green DSLR

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

We’ve been looking at new cameras to help enhance the look of the site’s content and ran across this today. Pentax is releasing a Green version of their popular DSLR.

Pentax DSLR in Green

This model is functionally identical to the $800 K-m (or K2000). Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition run only for sale in Japan.

Canted Foregrip Mount from BHI

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Blackheart International

The Canted Foregrip Mount features a 10 degree cant which, when mounted on a fore-end rail equipped AK-47 accommodates the loading and unloading of magazines. This 2nd generation canted grip adapter comes with a Tango Down Vertical Battle Grip but allows the use of any grip that attaches to a Picatinny or Weaver rail. While designed specifically with the AK family of weapons in mind, it will fit any Mil Std 1913 rail in order to acquire a more ergonomic grip.

Canted Foregrip Mount from BHI and Tangodown

The mount also features a sling mounting plate for push-button sling-swivels as well as a “cut-out” for rail-mounted flashlights. Manufactured from aluminum, the fore-grip mount attaches to the rail via locking screws (loc-tite suggested).

Canted Foregrip Mount from BHI and Tangodown Mounted on AK

To order visit BHIgear.com.

Please note: Shipments allowed to USA only. Export of the grip is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)