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Sharps Bros Expands Lineup

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

EUGENE, OR. — Sharps Bros., a firearm design and manufacturing company, has announced price reductions to the Gen2 versions of their popular Hellbreaker, Warthog, The Jack and Overthrow AR15 receivers. They have also announced an expanded lineup that includes competitively priced handguards, built lower receivers, builder sets and 80% receivers.

Release highlights:
? All receiver MSRPs have been reduced significantly:
? Hellbreaker $269.95 MSRP (was $319.95)
? Warthog $279.95 MSRP (was $319.95)
? The Jack $289.95 (was $349.95)
? Livewire $214.95 (was $259.95)
? Overthrow $279.95 (was $310.95)
? AR15 Upper $214.95 (was $249.95)
? 3 new MLOK hand guard lengths have been added to the lineup (bringing total to 4 hand guard SKUs). Sharps Bros. now has 7″, 10″, 13.7″ and 15″ offerings. These hand guards are very well made, very clean designs and are extremely price competitive. Availability of the new lengths is expected in January.
? 7″ MLOK Hand Guard $130.95 MSRP
? 10″ MLOK Hand Guard $135.95 MSRP
? 13.7″ MLOK Hand Guard $139.95
? 15″ MLOK Hand Guard $144.95
? Built lower receivers is currently a purchase option through Rainier Arms, and will become a purchase option through their other distribution partners in January.
? Sharps Bros will also offer a builder set that comes with the receiver of your choice, their AR15 upper and the SBHG01 (13.7″) MLOK Hand Guard.
? The Jack 80% receivers are currently available through Rainier Arms. Over the next few months they will add Hellbreaker, Warthog and Overthrow to the 80% lineup.
Sharps Bros. AR receivers are milled from solid blocks of 7075-T6 aluminum. Advanced machining capabilities and hands-on craftsmanship ensures that every design is not only precisely detailed and visually distinctive, but superior in quality and capabilities.

In addition to a unique appearance, all Sharps Bros. receiver features include:

• Oversized integral trigger guards
• Beveled magazine flares
• A hard coat anodize finish per MIL-A-8625, the anodizing model for model for most military and aerospace products
• Full compatibility with all mil-spec internal parts
• Full compatibility with all other aftermarket mil-spec upper receivers
• Full compatibility with PMags and other standard capacity magazines
• Multi caliber mark

Gen2 receivers are available now at the new pricing to consumers and FFL holders through Rainier Arms, RSR Group and Zanders Sporting Goods – all leading distributors of AR15 rifles and accessories.

CMMG Unveils New Product Configurations

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Boonville, MO – CMMG rebrands models and configurations to simplify the identification and selection process. CMMG’s 2019 product line designations are designed to be straightforward and intuitive. The BANSHEE line will include pistols and short barrel rifles (SBR), RESOLUTE will consist of rifles and carbines, with ENDEAVOR designed for marksmen and precision-oriented shooters.

Every BANSHEE, RESOLUTE and ENDEAVOR is offered as a 100, 200 or 300 Series, which signals the firearm’s level of configuration.  A wide variety of exciting calibers are offered in each of these new models.


CMMG’s Pistols and SBRs


Rifles and Carbines


Designated Marksman and Distance Rifles

100 Series

In the 100 Series you will find classic furniture appointments like the beloved A2 pistol grip, 6-position or fixed buttstocks and A2 Birdcage flash hider.

200 Series

The 200 Series is a feature-rich choice, outfitted with modern furniture choices like Magpul’s MOE® pistol grip, CMMG’s revolutionary RIPSTOCK™ or RIPBRACE™ and CMMG’s effective single-chamber SV muzzle brake.

300 Series

The 300 Series comes with all the bells and whistles, including your choice of ten Cerakote® colors that come standard. Ambidextrous controls and sling points, premium 2-stage trigger, Magpul grip, CMMG’s RIPSTOCK or PRS® stock, CMMG’s SV muzzle brake are just a few of the features found on the 300 Series.

DoubleStar Introduces Two New Calibers into their Extensive Line of Uppers

Friday, November 30th, 2018

DoubleStar adds the popular .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie to their lineup.

Winchester, Ky. (November 2018) – DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles, pistols and edged weapons, is proud to introduce two new calibers to their extensive line of upper choices: the popular .22 Nosler and the .224 Valkyrie. Both calibers are available in an 18” HBAR with the new 15.5” Cloak Handguard or 24” Bull Barrel with the beautiful Diamond Pattern National Match handguard.

The .22 Nosler is available in a 1:8 twist, while the .224 Valkyrie is available with a 1:7 twist. Both calibers are known for their screaming fast velocities and will allow supersonic projectiles out to 1,000 yards.

The new calibers can be found in an 18” .22 Nosler, Heavy Barrel Flattop Complete Upper; 24” .224 Valkyrie, Bull Barrel Flattop Complete Upper; 24” .22 Nosler, Bull Barrel Flattop Complete Upper; 18” .22 Nosler, Heavy Barrel Flattop Barreled Upper; 24” .224 Valkyrie Bull Barrel Flattop Barreled Upper and a 24” .22 Nosler, Bull Barrel Flattop Barreled Upper. MSRP ranges from $539.99 – $759.99.

For more information about DoubleStar, visit

Lantac – LA-SF15™ Rifles & Pistols

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Lantac’s new range of .223/5.56 & 300 Blackout rifles & pistols are based on our LA-SF15™ receiver sets that are precision machined from 7075-T6 forgings.


The USR™ (Upper Standard Receiver) has a deliberately undersized barrel extension bore so that barrel fit is as tight as possible and the cam pin recess has been improved with a radius cut on its edge that helps reduce cam pin wear in that area.

The LA-SF15™ lower receiver is again machined from 7075-T6 forgings and features an internally Flared Magwell to assist in easer reloading and insertion of the magazine. The rear takedown hole has a spot face machined into it to make accessing the pin easier too.

Both receivers are Type3 Class2 Hardcoat Anodised to MIL-A-3625.

Each rifle comes complete with our E-BCG® Enhanced Bolt & Carrier, manufactured from case hardened 8620 steel. The Bolt is machined form Carpenter 158 and is MPI tested, parts are then QPQ Nitrided to finish. The patented E-BCG® features our CP-R360™ domed head cam pin (also patented) that reduces friction and wear within the upper.


The gas system on each rifle features our Nitrided stainless gas tubes and Swiss Lathe machined gas blocks. The 300 Blackout rifles all feature pistol length gas systems for reliability and the .223/5.56 rifles vary in length with an Intermediate gas length on the 14.5’’ PATROL rifle that offers extremely soft shooting.

Barrels are manufactured from 416R Stainless Steel and have a 1:7 Twist on the .223/5.56 and a 1:8 on the 300 Blackout. The .223/5.56 are chambered 223 Wylde. All barrels feature 11° crowns with ½-28TPI on the .223/5.56 and 5/8-24 on the 300 Blackout.

Each rifle ships with a DGN556B™ Dragon® Muzzle Brake for ultimate control and this system can be upgraded to mount Gemtech or SilencerCo Suppressors as well as the new BMD2 Blast Mitigation Device that is coming soon.

The supplied Handguards are the new SPADA®-ML light, in varying lengths to suit each barrel, they feature M-Lok slots along their lengths at the 3,6 & 9 o’clock positions.

The rifles feature Ambi Safety selectors, high quality small parts and QMS Triggers from ALG.

Furniture comes in the form of Magpul MOE Grips, Moe Stock, CTR Stock, MOE Fixed A2 or the SB Tactical SBA3 Brace depending on the model. There is also a Law Tactical Folding option for all rifles & pistols other than the DMR.

All rifles & pistols ship with a 30Rnd Magpul PMag and MBUS Backup Sights.


Available models are:

PDP (Personal Defense Pistol), 7.5’’ Barrel, 6.75’’ Handguard, Pistol Gas on all calibers.

UTP (Urban Tactical Pistol), 10.5’’ Barrel, 10.5’’ Handguard, Carbine Gas (.223/5.56) Pistol Gas (300BLK).

PATROL, (Pin & Weld Muzzle Device), 14.5’’ Barrel, 12.5’’ Handguard, Intermediate Gas (.223/5.56) Pistol Gas (300BLK).

RECON, 16’’ Barrel, 15’’ Handguard, Intermediate Gas (.223/5.56) Pistol Gas (300BLK).

DMR, 18’’ Barrel, 15’’ Handguard, Rifle Gas.

More information can be found at

Customers can get a 35% discount of these rifles and anything else in our online store starting today Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 through to Wednesday 28th Nov 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

SIG SAUER Introduces the “New Face of Freedom”: The TREAD Rifle

Monday, October 1st, 2018

SIG SAUER Introduces the “New Face of Freedom”: The M400 TREAD Rifle Featuring a Full Line of Accessories

Newington, N.H. (October 1, 2018) –

Today, SIG SAUER, Inc. introduced the M400 TREAD, a premium entry-level rifle, accompanied by a full-line of TREAD branded accessories that gives the consumer the freedom to grow.

“SIG SAUER has created a premium rifle, at a moderate price point, that is packed with innovation and flexibility, and does not sacrifice the quality that our consumers demand from SIG,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President SIG SAUER, Inc. “The base model of the TREAD is loaded with features that would be considered costly upgrades from our competitors base model. At this price point, most rifles are equipped with a barrel mounted sight post that blocks your field of view when using optics. Right out of the box, the TREAD features a factory-installed, aluminum, free floating M-LOK™ handguard for improved accuracy, and can be easily removed with two hex screws to change out to the TREAD accessory option.”

The M400 TREAD is an optics ready, aluminum frame rifle. TREAD features a 16” stainless steel barrel with a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a single-stage polished/hard-coat trigger, ambidextrous controls, a Magpul™ SL-K 6 position telescoping stock, a mid-length gas system, and is available in 5.56 NATO.

“It was important to us that TREAD owners had the freedom to easily, and affordably, tailor their rifle for their preferences. With this launch, we have created a full line of TREAD branded accessories that gives our consumers the freedom to grow, and customize their TREAD rifle. The TREAD accessories are premium interchangeable parts that require no specialty tools or armorer training, and are available for purchase with the TREAD rifle in stores today,” continued Taylor. “This rifle, combined with the accessories, both premium SIG SAUER products offered at a budget-friendly price, will set a new standard for the industry, and our entire TREAD brand can best be defined as the new face of freedom.”

The TREAD branded accessories include: an M-LOK handguard with lightening cuts to reduce weight, available in 13” and 15” lengths; a 3 chamber compensator; an ambidextrous charging handle made of aircraft grade aluminum and a dual roll pin design; a ROMEO5 optic featuring a 2MOA dot with ten illumination settings, MOTAC, and 50k battery life; flip-up front and rear iron sights that are easy to install, adjustable, and deploy quickly; an M-LOK front sight adapter with co-witness height made of lightweight aluminum; multiple configurations of M-LOK grip kits made of high strength polymer; and a factory upgraded flat blade, single stage trigger.

M400 TREAD Rifle Specs:
• Total Length: 30.8”
• Barrel Length: 16”
• Weight (incl. magazine): 7lbs
• Height: 7.5”
• Width: 2.5”
• Barrel Twist: 1:8”
MSRP: $951.00

M400 TREAD Branded Accessories Specs (all prices MSRP):
• M-LOK Handguard 15”: $149.00
• M-LOK Handguard 13”: $149.00
• ROMEO 5 Optic: $149.00
• Adjustable Flip-Up Sights: $149.00
• Single-Stage Trigger: $119.99
• Ambidextrous Charging Handle: $49.00
• 3 Chamber Compensator: $49.00
• M-LOK Front Sight Adapter: $29.00
• M-LOK Hand-Stop Kit: $29.00
• M-LOK Vertical Grip Kit: $29.00

The M400 TREAD and TREAD accessories is available in retail stores. The full-line of TREAD rifle accessories and TREAD branded apparel can also be purchased at

ZEV Technologies Small Frame

Monday, October 1st, 2018

ZEV Technologies is proud to announce the much-anticipated release of their Small Frame rifle. With over three years in development and thousands of rounds of rigorous testing, the ZEV Small Frame rifle has finally been perfected and ready for market.


Designed with the firepower of a large frame caliber in an AR15 sized package, the ZEV Small Frame delivers long range capability at a fraction of the size of its larger counterpart. Chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, with ballistic advantages over the .308 when shooting longer distances, this rifle is a perfect choice for both hunting and PSR style shooting when reaching out farther matters to you.


Never one to follow, ZEV Technologies decided on a different approach to the Small Frame. As VP of Marketing, Dave Roberts puts it “Creating a large caliber, small frame rifle was not good enough for ZEV. Others have been in development for years but had not yet come to market. We wanted a rifle that was not just smaller and lighter, but one that would go the distance. As in 1,000+ yards distance, consistently and reliably. One that would stand out from the others. We went back to the drawing board many times before getting it right. We are confident that the ZEV Small Frame is second to none.”


Manufactured from the same high-quality billet 7075-T651 aluminum offered in their billet line of receiver sets and rifles, the impeccable quality and finish work is apparent down to the smallest detail. The free-floating extended length hand guard installs directly to the integrated rail base on the upper receiver to enhance rigidity and gives the rifle a unique, streamlined profile. A custom 20” 416R stainless steel fluted heavy barrel by Noveske is topped off with a SureFire muzzle break for added recoil reduction, while a custom tuned gas and buffer system keeps the rifle cycling smoothly, ejecting spent rounds consistently and aids with recoil reduction. Ambidextrous operating controls for the safety selector, bolt release, magazine release and slide lock charging handle make this rifle shooter friendly. Featuring a ZEV exclusive flat face AR Gold trigger in sniper gray, outfitted with Magpul furniture and 20 round PMAG, the only thing missing is your optic.

The ZEV Small Frame is available now on their website and through their network of distributors.

Detroit Police Department SWAT Adopts SIG SAUER M400 Rifles

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Newington, N.H. (September 17, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Detroit Police Department has adopted the SIG SAUER M400 Rifle for their SWAT officers. The Detroit Police Department is a municipal police force comprised of twelve precincts protecting the largest city in the state of Michigan and one of the largest cities in the U.S.

Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. began, “the M400 rifle is designed to exceed military standards to be the most accurate and reliable rifle in its class, which makes it an optimal choice for specialized law enforcement units in extraordinary enforcement situations.”

The SIG SAUER M400 is an AR-platform rifle with a direct impingement gas operating system. The M400 features a full-length free-float M-LOK handguard, enhanced SIG trigger, 6-position telescoping stock, and a rotating lock bolt.

“We are honored that the Detroit Police Department has entrusted SIG SAUER firearms to support the special tactical operations of their SWAT officers, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with the department,” concluded Jankiewicz.

The rifles for the Detroit Police Department will be distributed through Vance Outdoors.

F4 Defense Enhanced Battle Rifle Now Available in 224 Valkyrie

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018


F4 Defense is proud to announce the release of the F4-15 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) chambered in 224 Valkyrie.  Some very bold statements were made last year concerning the performance of the Valkyrie; a cartridge based on a .30 Rem/6.8 SPC case necked down to accommodate a .224 projectile. 


We rarely jump on “new fad” calibers, but we had to test and evaluate whether this cartridge could live up to the hype surrounding it.  We can confidently say it’s a damn good cartridge.  It’s not quite a .22 Grendel, but the fact that you can buy off the shelf ammunition is critical to those that don’t hand load.


After testing various twist rates and barrel lengths, optimized for the 90gr Sierra Match Kings and now with the long anticipated Hornady 88 Grain ELD Match ammunition; F4 Defense settled on a 20” 1×7 twist because it just plain works. The “need” for a tighter twist is simply not correct and we’ve proven it, it’s not surprising that you see manufacturers now jumping off the tight twist and going with a 7. A tighter twist than necessary lessens barrel life and can also restrict you from using a wide range of projectiles. Our F4 EBR consistently shot sub ½ MOA with pre-production Federal Gold Medal Match so we’re confident that Federal can work out the kinks and produce ammo at the same quality as the earlier lots. We know what it’s capable of and it’s truly impressive!


For more more information: