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SOWW Charity Rifle Raffle

Friday, June 24th, 2016

The Matt “Axe” Axelson Tribute Rifle raffle raises funds for Special Operations Wounded Warriors, a 501(c)3 charity which benefits wounded Veterans with various outdoor activities throughout the year.


The following is an overview of the technical specifications of the Axelson Tactical “AXE” Special Purpose Rifle. Each rifle has special engraving and has been Cerakoted with a 3 color camouflage pattern which was done by hand to provide each rifle a slightly different and unique look. Cerakote has been provided by PD Warehouse in Chandler, Arizona. All rifles are hand-fitted and checked by SIONICS Weapon Systems and inspected by a Master Armorer.

-Upper Receiver Half: The upper receiver half is built around the SWS 18” Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) barrel. The upper receiver is a standard M4 styled flat top upper receiver with M4 feed cuts made from a 7075 T6 aluminum forging.
-Barrel, SIONICS Weapon Systems: stainless 18” SPR barrel. The twist of the barrel is 1/8. This barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde, uses a .0995 gas port and features an M4 barrel extension. It uses a standard .750 gas block manufactured by Geissele Automatics. The muzzle device is a Battle Comp 1.0 manufactured by Battle Comp Enterprises.
-Rail System, Geissele Automatics: MKII SMR 15” free-floating rail system.
-Bolt Carrier Group: Bolt carrier is an M16 profile made from 8620 tool steel and features an NP3 coating. The carrier key uses (2) grade 8 fasteners and is staked to prevent loosening. The bolt is made from Carpenter 158 steel and meets standard MILSPEC requirements.
-Sights, Magpul MBUS PRO: front and rear sights.
-Charging Handle, Vltor/Bravo Company Gunfighter: MOD 4 handle.
-Lower Receiver Half: Standard M4 style made from a 7075 T6 aluminum forging. It features an enhanced aluminum trigger guard from B5 Systems.
-Lower Receiver Extension: Vltor MILSPEC dimension A5 lower receiver extension. It features a rifle action spring and the Vltor A5 5.33 oz. buffer.
-Trigger Group, Geissele Automatics: SSA-E trigger.
-Selector Lever, Battle Arms Development: Ambidextrous Selector Lever.
-Butt Stock, B5 Systems: Enhanced SOPMOD stock.
-Front Pivot Pin and Rear Take Down Pins, Battle Arms Development: Enhanced Pin Set.
-Pistol Grip, Bravo Company Manufacturing: Gunfighter MOD 0 grip.
-All other components are standard MILSPEC parts.


Daniel Defense Releases Ambush .308 Hunting Rifle

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Black Creek, GA – June 23, 2016 – Daniel Defense, engineer and manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, has released a new .308 rifle designed specifically for North American hunters. The Daniel Defense Ambush .308 in Kryptek Highlander is an accurate, hard-hitting platform engineered from the ground up to take down any North American big-game animal. And it’s quickly setting a new benchmark for what a hunting rifle should be.


At the rifle’s core is a free-floating, 18” Cold Hammer Forged barrel, which comes standard with Daniel Defense’s Superior Suppression Device Extended, for reduced muzzle-flash. This high-quality barrel connects directly to the upper receiver and free-floating KeyMod handguard with a robust 4-Bolt Connection System with patent pending barrel extension, resulting in increased stability, better accuracy, and reduced weight. The Ambush .308 is fed via an optimized bolt carrier group featuring a redesigned geometry and a new extremely slick, low-friction coating that ensure smooth, reliable feeding under most any circumstances.

Ambidextrous controls make operating the rifle—including dropping the magazine, releasing the bolt, and switching the safety selector—intuitive and comfortable for right- and left-handed shooters. The charging handle is also ambidextrous, as well as user-configurable, and can be set up on either side with a larger or smaller handle in order to accommodate magnified optics or iron sights for a snag-free setup. Finally, to help hunters deliver on-target shots to bring down their prey, the Ambush .308 has a crisp 2-Stage Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger that provides a smooth, precise trigger pull every time.

The highly maneuverable and configurable Daniel Defense Ambush .308 has an overall length between 35.375” and 39”, depending on buttstock adjustment, and weighs only 8.6 pounds. Its rail system features a 15-inch Picatinny top rail and KeyMods at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The rifle is available in multiple colors /patterns, including and Kryptek Highlander, with plans to offer it in Realtree Xtra pattern soon. With an MSRP of $2949.00, it is available from stocking Daniel Defense dealers.


A 1963 Colt AR-15 Advertisment

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

I’m digging the tag line at the end, “If you’re a hunter, camper, or collector, you’ll want the AR-15 Sporter.”

Daniel Defense Terminates Relationship with Academy Sports

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Black Creek, GA- June 16, 2016. Daniel Defense—engineer and manufacture of the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems, and accessories— Has announced it will no longer sell firearms to Academy Sports due to their decision to remove MSR’s from their website and in-store displays.

Letter to all Daniel Defense Distributors:

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry. Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.”

Bill Robinson, VP of Sales

“Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.”

Marty Daniel, President and CEO

Dom Raso Lays Down Some Truth

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

Source: NRA News

Geissele Automatics – Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Geissele has a new triple braided wire action spring and associated buffer for the AR platform. The buffer is an H1 but Geissele is also offering tungsten weights which can be added to increase the weight to H2 or H3.

The Geissele Super 42 Spring was designed to improve the function and reliability of your AR-15 pattern rifle. Its unique spring design uses three independent strands of wire, just like the German MG42 Machine Gun. This concept acts as a harmonic damper and energy absorber by allowing the springs to flex separately from each other. This flex helps displace excess energy which decreases the chance of spring failure and assists with making your AR-15 more reliable.

Compared to the stock spring, The Geissele Super 42 Spring has a decreased tendency to lose length and force over a given round count. As an added bonus, it removes the annoying spring reverberations (twang) heard and felt by the shooter through the buttstock. The Super 42 Spring has a 15% stronger average return force than the standard buffer spring. This will assist in stripping rounds out of the magazine when operating with a dirty weapon or when using steel-case ammo.

SOFIC – Suppressed Optimized Bolt Carrier Group-Long Stroke from SureFire

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Not long ago I saw a BCG bearing the SureFire logo. I thought it was a pretty example of laser engraved branding but didn’t realize that it was actually an entirely new product called the Suppressed Optimized Bolt Carrier Group-Long Stroke. It consists of a Bolt Carrier Group, Buffer and Action Spring.

I know that’s quite a name but the new SOB-556-LS from SureFire was designed to improve reliability of suppressed AR-style weapons, particularly during full auto fire.

One major update to this BCG is the spring loaded counterweight visible at the back of the carrier. It helps slow things down a bit with the components all working together to minimize bolt bounce during full auto fire. Ultimately, it all results in more dwell time to the rear for the BCG, giving the magazine 30% more time to load before the weapon has completed cycling.

As you can see, the Black buffer of the SOB-556-LS is .4″ shorter than a Mil-Spec buffer. However, SureFire has developed different buffer weights based in your gas setup.

There is also a new action spring which is slightly longer than the Mil-Spec version and also made from a narrower gauge material. You’ll also note that it features a red marking on the end to denote it is different from the Mil-Spec spring.

Currently undergoing government evaluation, these should be available soonish.


CMC Triggers Fires Back

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Every trade show there’s industry gossip going around and the NRA Annual Meeting was no different. This time it was hate for CMC triggers and Mossberg for suing pretty much anyone that makes a drop in AR trigger.  Drop in triggers are pre-assembled packages that can be inserted into an AR-style lower receiver and, after inserting the pins into place, offer an enhanced trigger over the Mil-SPEC model. The enhanced trigger and ease of use have made drop ins quite popular because they can be user installed with little to no difficulty.

As I understand it, the story goes that Mossberg bought the rights to the Chip McCormick (CMC, Chip McCormick, see where this is going?) patent, US 7,293,385 B2, a while back, and now Mossberg is on a tear, suing companies that they allege have violated their intellectual property rights. But, everyone is blaming CMC Triggers Corp.

According to a story on The Firearm Blog, these companies have been named in suits by Mossberg:

  • Black Rain
  • DOA Arms
  • Tactical Fire Control
  • Battle Tested Equipment
  • Patriot Ordnance Factory
  • RISE Armaments 
  • T Vehr Manufacturing
  • Elftmann Gun Products

On Saturday evening, CMC Trigger Corp President Jack R Biegel issued this statement:

CMC Triggers is a Christian company, privately held and not owned by O.F. Mossberg or anyone else. 

We pay our bills when they’re due including our royalty responsibility to O.F. Mossberg.

Fair competition in the market place is only fair if the playing field is level.

We proudly stand with them in their pursuit of what is right in regard to all the companies that infringe on their Patent.

Shame on anyone that would spin negatively O.F. Mossberg exercising their right under law to collect royalties.

Jack R Biegel, Pres. CMC Triggers Corp.

I have to say, I agree with him. IP ownership is IP ownership and we support those that protect what is their’s. What make some uncomfortable about this situation is that Mossberg bought the patent rather than creating a design themselves. Regardless, I don’t see how that nullifies their ownership of the IP. Whether they came up with it on their own, bought it for manufacturing use, or just purchased it as an investment opportunity, it has value and they should be allowed to reap the rewards of that investment. Besides, most often in these cases, the IP owner is looking to ensure they are being paid for use of their IP. Most of these are settled before they even go to trial.

This will work itself, one way or another.