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AUSA 19 – LMD Pistol Enhancer For Glock

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

LaserMaxDefense manufactures the Pistol Aiming Laser (PAiL) for the US Army’s Modular Handgun System.

The switches are designed to be operated while wearing gloves and both the white light and IR illuminator (while using gen III Night Vision Devices) are designed to provide positive weapons ID at 40m.


WHITE LIGHT: 175 lumens (typical) of white light
IR ILLUMINATOR: 175 mW (typical) of 850nm illumination
IR LASER: 850nm 0.7 mW max (class1) eye safe aiming laser

Length: < 2.8″
Height: < 1.4″ (not below trigger guard)
Width: < 1.5″
Weight: 2.6 ounces with battery

The Pistol Enhancer offers two hours of continuous use with a single CR-123 battery, which can be changed without removing the device from the weapon.

LMD took a look at the market and decided to create a version for use with the Glock. Because the trigger guard of the MHS is so large, they had to make a new version, with a different housing. Functionality of this prototype is the same as the original model, but experimentation has shown that it will fit a wider variety of pistols.


Brigantes Presents: Silva Explore 3 Headtorch Tactical

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Silva Sweden AB is a company, best known for their high-grade compasses and other navigational equipment.

The Explore 3 is a waterproof headlamp, with a very generous 55 hour burn time and multi attachment options. It offers a choice of three led colours; a 350 lm white one, a red one that preserves your night vision and an orange one that’s optimal for map reading.

It is small and compact with a weight of 73g, lighter than other headlamps with a similar spec and is built for using in any condition and over any terrain and has therefore been designed to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions with the ultimate water resistance.

It can be used to light up a tent, or boat by placing it inside the included storage bag and has a specially developed light which creates a wide beam which also produces a long beam ahead of you.  In addition it is compatible with MOLLE and can be clipped to any equipment using this system.

As this torch has excellent cold weather performance, with much longer battery life than its competitors, it has been recoloured to be more suitable for military use.

For more information contact warrior@brigantes.com

For international enquiries: international@brigantes.com

TNVC New Product TAPS SYNC and TAPS Standard In-Stock

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Tactical Night Vision Company, Redlands, CA –

TNVC and Unity Tactical are very happy to announce the launch of TAPS SYNC, as well as the newly upgraded TAPS Standard! TAPS Standard now in-stock and available for order! TAPS SYNC is currently in stock and shipping to dealers.  

For years the industry has struggled with standard pressure switches functionality and modularity. The TAPS and TAPS SYNC have changed the way end-users think of remote device switches. Previously, end-users had to struggle to attach and maintain delicate and finicky pressure switches to their weapons that were poorly designed to be attached to the weapon where the user needed them to activate their devices. The original TAPS broke through these long standing barriers with a user-centric paradigm shift to create a modular and ergonomic remote switch system; a complete one point command and control system for all weapon-mounted force multipliers such as white lights and IR aiming lasers and illuminators.

The TAPS SYNC has added new functionality to the TAPS design, adding one of the most-requested features to the TAPS–simultaneous device activation, allowing both the light and laser to be activated by a patented single button (the other button will still activate one device separately).

The TAPS SYNC comes in 4 variants for customers to choose which configuration best suits their chosen light/laser combo, and comes with one 9” Crane-style lead for devices using the Crane connector (L3Harris ATPIAL, B. E. Meyers MAWL, Steiner DBAL, etc.) and one 9” Surefire-style lead for Surefire weaponlights.

TAPS SYNC also introduces numerous other small improvements and upgrades that have also been integrated into the TAPS Standard as well, including a new and improved Crane-style connector which features a more universally accepted stem that more solidly seats in ports from L3Harris (Insight/EOTech), Steiner, B.E. Meyers, and Wilcox. The outer portion of the connector also features a recess that increases purchase with fingers during removal.

The Surefire style connector has also been improved, with an angled plug that pushes the cable back towards the weapon.  This decreases the overall “footprint” of cable/connector on the back of the light, reducing snag hazards.

The new 9” leads on both the TAPS Standard and TAPS SYNC allow more flexibility for end-users to place the remote switch in their desired location, accommodating a wider range of devices and mounts (Streamlight leads will remain at 7”).

Finally, new hardware interfaces decrease the amount of hardware required for mounting the TAPS and TAPS SYNC to Picatinny rails by removing the threaded sockets previously required for rail-mounted configurations, while the polymer back-plate is now recessed for M-LOK fasteners.

Lifetime warranty.

Introductory Price

TAPS SYNC: $158.00

TAPS: $145.00


Reptilia TORCH

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Introducing the TORCH Light Body with Integral M-LOK® Mount. Machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum with Milspec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish, the TORCH is optimized for use with the ATPIAL/PEQ 15, NGAL, and other top-mounted aiming laser devices. Featuring an integral unibody M-LOK interface, it is not only simple and low profile, but provides the most robust M-LOK weapon light mounting solution on the market today. Available immediately in both left and right hand variants, the TORCH 3V/CR123 is compatible with SureFire® M300 Scout bezels and tail caps. 6V/CR123, 18650, and 18350 versions coming soon.

TORCH was designed at the request of a European military customer who wanted the lowest profile, strongest M-LOK light mount possible.

• Machined from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
• Milspec Type III Hardcoat Anodized Finish
• Compatible with SureFire Scout Bezels and Tail Caps
• Includes OEM Magpul M-LOK Mounting Hardware

Black are available immediately through dealers, and we are offering a limited number of contract overrun bodies in the “Tobacco” color direct through www.reptiliacorp.com.

PHLster – ARC Enhanced WML Switch

Friday, September 27th, 2019

For years, serious shooters have been executing DIY modifications to their WML switches. Using JB Weld, putty, or epoxy, shooters have been improving their speed and consistency of WML activation by building up the small switch nubs on their lights. Drawing on those years of end- user experience, PHLster is excited to follow up their Surefire X300 Switch Enhancements with a set of switches for the Streamlight TLR-1s and TLR-2s.

Shipping as a set of two replacement switch paddles, the ARC allows users to decrease the distance between activation fingers and switches, optimize their light for right or left handed use, improve speed and consistency of activation based on their preferred method, and reliably engage the WML switches with gloved or wet hands.

Each kit includes two switches, both longer than stock. One switch is symmetrical and the other is asymmetrical. Users can choose between having equally long switches on both sides or having one side longer than the other, depending on their preference.

Switch installation is easy and requires no permanent modification. The stock switch paddles are removed and installed with a single screw, using the included hex key. And, the ARC switch enhancements fit pretty much every decent WML holster on the market, including Safariland and many, many others.

At launch, the TLR ARC is available at PHLsterHolsters.com and BigTexOutdoors.com for $24.99.

Synergy Lights Launches New Website

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Grand Haven, MI, Sept. 24, — Synergy Light LLC, which develops innovative Tactical Lights that are durable, military grade, heavy duty throw lights that illuminate hard to reach obstructed areas, announced today, the launch of its newly revamped website. This newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and products that serve to protect police officers.

“We are excited about our new website and product rebranding. We’re proud to announce new information about the 360 Tactical Throw Light, and a variety of other lighting solutions. We hope it provides our customers with a better understanding of our innovative technology.” said Christopher Howell, Owner of Synergy Light LLC.

Synergy Light offers the 360 Tactical Throw Light that is designed for use in the manner that the name implies. Officers can literally throw it right into a room before making entry to light up the whole room. The 360 Tactical Throw Light will make it hard for criminal to target law enforcement by shooting at their flashlights. The 360 projects light in a 360-degree pattern to evenly light up hundreds of square feet. Cutting-edge sensors and electronics determine the orientation of the device to ensure 1,000 lumens go where you need them and battery power is not wasted. Built tough from polymer materials.

Not only can the 360 be used as a throwable tactical light that can provide illumination to an entire area rather than a limited space, smart planning has led to new applications and LED configurations. Today, the 360 can run programs ranging from illumination, marking, motion activation and distraction. Use the 360 during traffic stops to provide officers a tactical advantage by flooding the vehicle with 1000 lumens of hands free light.

Synergy Light products are geared toward law enforcement and the military but are excellent for emergency situations and a broad variety of applications.

The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on a variety of emergency, and law enforcement geared lighting solutions.

The new website is live, and located at: www.synergylightllc.com

MDM 19 – Streamlight KeyMate USB

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Streamlight’s KeyMate USB is a reason to keep a “key” on your chain in this age of fobs. It’s a Small flashlight

It features up to 35 lumens in three modes: high, low and emergency flash. Rechargeable via USB, it will run for one hour on high and two hits on low setting.


MDM 19 – SureFire Swivel Scout Sneak Peek

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Coming soon is the new Swivel Scout body for the popular SureFire Scout Light.

Seen here are the 300, 600 and Dual Fuel Scout Lights. As you can see, they have developed both M-Lok and Picatinny mounts which are integral to the body. The mounts can be swapped out and tension is adjusted via the same screw.

Coming soon from www.SureFire.com.