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SureFire Shipping NEW 1,000-Lumen X400U & X400UH

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new 1,000 lumen X400U and X400UH models. These will be available in the both red and green laser versions for holster compatible and non-holster compatible lights. The SureFire X400U is the finest duty-grade handgun WeaponLight and laser combination available today. The X400U, features 1,000 lumens of stunning white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with extended reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. Located below the primary light, the X400U’s 5-milliwatt laser sight emits a high-visibility beam, perfect for non-standard shooting positions and use in low-light scenarios. The laser’s aiming adjustment mechanism uses Nylok® screws that won’t back out from the effects of recoil, which means it rarely needs to be re-zeroed.  The X400U is activated via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, providing one-finger control — press the switch on either side for momentary-on activation, flip up or down for constant-on activation. Optional DG grip switches (for handguns) permit the X300U to be activated with one hand, without altering your grip on your weapon.

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Crimson Trace Now Shipping Lightguard for M&P Shield Pistol

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

(Wilsonville, OR) — Crimson Trace® today announced that it has begun shipping the Lightguard® LTG-770 light, designed for secure fit onto the popular Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield® pistol. This easy-to-install light secures onto the pistol’s trigger guard and is activated with dual-side Instant Activation™ pads. The bright 110-Lumen LED white light Lightguard is powered by two 1/3N lithium batteries which can be easily replaced using the rapid-change battery cap on the light’s exterior. The Lightguard offers constant light and strobe modes and delivers an extremely light weight of just 1 ounce (approximate) with the batteries installed.

The new Lightguard LTG-770 light is designed to fit onto Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and M&P Shield M2.0™ pistols in 9mm and 40S&W calibers. Customers can purchase the lights in retail stores and outlets soon, as well as on commercial websites that sell Crimson Trace products, and at the company’s online store at The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $89.

Crimson Trace continues to expand the tactical, mounted, remotely activated and other light options for America’s firearms owners. The company recently released several new Tactical Lights for use on long guns and continues to offer numerous models of lights paired with laser sights under its popular Rail Master®, Rail Master® Pro™, Laserguard® Pro™, and LiNQ® product lines, as well as others. These innovative products are easy to install and operate and provide up to 900 lumens of white light output.

Crimson Trace leads the firearms accessory category by providing laser sights, lights, riflescopes and electro-optics sights through 2,500+ dealers across America. Those dealers include gun stores, ranges, big box outlets and numerous on-line retailers. Crimson Trace products can be easily installed without requiring modification of the firearm — or special gunsmith skills. For more information on Crimson Trace products and dealer locations, and to obtain a free copy of the company’s catalog, visit or call 800-442-2406.

The NEW SureFire Stiletto Is Here!

Monday, November 5th, 2018

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of the PLR Stiletto! The Stiletto’s slim design allows it to be carried comfortably all day, similar to a knife. Despite weighing less than three ounces and being extremely compact, the PLR packs a punch with a high output of 650 lumens. The Stiletto utilizes a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, with LED fuel gauge, that can be charged via Micro-USB charger.

The primary switch on the body is programmable and can select outputs between 5 and 650 lumens. The tactical switch on the rear of the light activates the 650 lumen high output only, and has an optional high-frequency strobe. The heavy duty pocket clip will always keep the Stiletto quickly accessible and secured. The Stiletto gives you the edge when the threat of darkness looms upon you.

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DSS Selects MAWL-DA with AA Battery Adapter as its Primary NIR Weapon Laser

Monday, October 29th, 2018

The United States Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) has formally approved the B.E. Meyers & Co. MAWL®-DA (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser – Direct Action)  for use as its primary weapon-mounted aiming and illumination laser. Initial bulk orders of the MAWL®-DA will provide DSS agents with a welcome advantage during low-light/no-light operations. Each MAWL® has been equipped with B.E. Meyers & Co.’s EndCap 2, and incorporates a brand new AA battery adapter for dual power options (AA or CR123 batteries).

As an inherently modular platform, the MAWL® allows for a host of future upgrades and modifications. Leveraging the flexibility of the system, B.E. Meyers & Co. developed the AA Battery Adapter for the EC2 (EndCap 2) to the address unique logistical challenges faced by DSS officers. This component simplifies supply chain hurdles in areas of operation where CR123 batteries are not readily available, and is fully compatible with all EC2 equipped MAWL® variants. The AA battery option maintains the same power output ratings that distinguish the MAWL® as the preferred choice for professional end-users.

Prior to choosing the MAWL® -DA, the DSS subjected it to rigorous field testing and end-user evaluation trials. Its overall performance, including its modularity, AA compatibility, and patented near infrared VCSEL technology, ensured the MAWL®-DA’s selection for DSS Special Agents working abroad under night vision.

The EC2 compatible AA Battery Adapter was designed specifically to meet DSS laser requirements and initial production is being focused on fulfilling current and future DSS orders. B.E. Meyers & Co. plans to make the AA Battery Adapter available through MAWL® distributors following the fulfillment of government contracts.

FLITELite – Microlight

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

The FLITELite Microlight is a wireless hands-free tactical and aviation lip light with a single forward facing switch.

Adaptable to most boom mics, the Microlight weighs just 10 grams and is powered via three AG-10 Batteries.

– ten-minute auto-off-
– brightness control
– internal battery pack
– weight of less than 10 grams
– low battery indicator
– memory brightness
– Dust and water resistant
– Available in NVIS Green, NVIS White, Red and White

Gray Fox Strategic Inc -Nightcap

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

This is ingenious. Like many others, Gray Fox Strategic realized that the Surefire X300 Ultra won’t fit in the Safariland 6354DO holster due to its extra length. So, they decided to do something about it. Sure, many just cut a hole in the bottom of the holster, but the cap is there for a reason. It helps mitigate negligent light discharges, and protects the lens of the light.

Installation is a snap. Below, you can see the difference between the Gray Fox Strategic Nightcap and the original, which incorporates the star patterns.

What’s more, they offer multiple color options.

Bobro Engineering Flashlight Mount

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Compatible with SureFire Scout series lights and the Streamlight Protac, the Bobro Engineering flashlight mount (Patent Pending) is designed to securely attach a light to an M-LOK slot without the use of tools. It can be installed and removed with a single hand, if necessary.

AUSA 18 – SureFire Stiletto

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

SureFire displayed the new Stiletto rechargeable handheld light.

Stiletto was my favorite 2018 product at SHOT Show. It offers a High-performance LED and MaxVision Beam reflector. Two switches include a primary switch to activate high, medium and low output and the tactical switch activates high only and high frequency strobe. Additionally, the switches are programmable to change activation sequences.

It’s now listed on but not available yet for order.