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SureFire Spotlight – SureFire Scout Light Pro

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

SureFire Spotlight videos are a high level rundown of specific products. This one focuses on the Scout Light Pro.

SureFire’s legendary Scout Light® WeaponLights have proven themselves in combat around the world. Our new Scout Light Pro family builds on this success with an integrated next-generation mounting system that offers the ultimate in versatility for long gun weapon light users. Every Scout Light Pro features our new Low-Profile Mount (LPM), allowing the user to mount their light as close to the weapon no matter the rail or configuration. The LPM affords tremendous flexibility when used in conjunction with a variety of rail profiles or accessories; simply pivot the WeaponLight body to allow optimal light positioning, then lock it down securely with any flat blade screwdriver or multi-tool. All Scout Light Pros will ship with both a MIL-STD-1913 mount as well as an M-LOK® mount.


2020 ADS Ft Bragg Warfighter Expo – Sidewinder Boot by Streamlight

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Streamlight has introduced a new variant of their popular Sidewinder called the Boot. It was designed for use by US Marine Corps recruits during Boot Camp, hence the name.

Here, you can see the new Sidewinder Boot to the right of the original Sidewinder.

At just 3.52 oz, this hands-free angle-head flashlight features a 185 deg adjustable head and a permanently attached slide-in Red filter. It offers 55 lumens for 8 hours on the high setting via two AA batteries and features IPX7 waterproofing as well as a spring-steel clip to attach to clothing, equipment, or helmet.


SureFire Spotlight – The XVL2 & XVL2-IRC

Friday, March 6th, 2020

SureFire Spotlight videos are a high level rundown of specific products. This one focuses on the SureFire XVL2 & XVL2-IRC which are Pistol & Carbine Light/Laser Module systems.

They combine MaxVision Beam head assembly paired with a coaligned, laser module. In the case of the IRC variant, it is a dual-beam visible/infrared laser module.

Offered with Black or Tan body color, they are powered by a single CR-123A battery.

SureFire Spotlight: The Stiletto Pro

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

SureFire Spotlight videos are a high level rundown of specific products. This one focuses on the SureFire Stiletto Pro, a handheld light with anodized aluminum body and reversible pocket clip. Rechargeable via USB, it features a MaxVision Beam reflector, providing 1,000 lumens of LED white light in high-output mode, 300-lumen on medium setting, and a 25-lumen low output.


CORE Survival Updates HEL-STAR 6

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

CORE Survival has updated the HEL-STAR 6 marker light with a new case design. It’s much more streamlined and much less likely to catch on anything. Below, you can see the updated case in front of the previous version.

Otherwise, the features remain the same.

SHOT Show 20 – Princeton-Tec EOS 360

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

It’s really a hard hat light but Sergeants Major everywhere will rejoice. Princeton-Tec‘s new EOS 360 is like a safety belt for your helmet.

The headlamp can be used alone or in conjunction with a band which is both reflective and features LEDs. Both the headlamp (high and low) and LED band include constant and strobe modes. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the headlamp offers 165 lumens for up to 21.5 hours on high.

SHOT Show 20 – SureFire XLV2-IRC

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Now available, the XLV2-IRC is the Civilian version of SureFire’s XLV2.

It integrates four functions: a White Illuminator (400 lumens), IR Illuminator, Green Aiming Laser, and IR Aiming Laser. The Green and IR aiming lasers are slaved. There’s also a Safariland holster for it.

Cloud Defensive Announces Rail-mounted Environmental Illuminator

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Cloud Defensive is proud to announce the arrival of its newest line of weapon-mounted lights. The Rail-mounted Environmental Illuminator (REIN) represents the redefinition of a modular carbine/long-gun weapon mounted light. A completely proprietary system, made in-house, in the USA, it’s loaded with performance and features. REIN is now the most dominant light on the market.


Every REIN unit ships with the light, a Nitecore charger, a battery and a Picatinny mount for the light itself. Cloud Defensive is also making a full-line of light mounts for the MLOK interface. The chosen configuration dictates any additional package contents.

REIN will be available in two different system configurations. All configurations will be available in anodized Black and anodized Flat Dark Earth.

1) The Basic Kit: A Push-button-only configuration for those who do not want remote switching option. This is also the lowest cost configuration and the most simplistic.

2) The Complete Kit: Includes a remote switch featuring both momentary and constant-on activation. Standard on all Complete Kits is an integral push-button feature in the tail-cap, which allows for both momentary and constant-on operation that is electrically isolated from the remote switch.

This gives operational redundancy in the system, should the remote switch become non-functional. So each Complete kit has momentary/constant capability both on the remote, and on the tail-cap. Housing the remote switch is an included 3rd generation Light Control System with integrated cable control. The remote switch terminates inside the actual tail-cap of the light via a 90 degree cable connection leaving zero exposed wire out the back of the light.

Size Options

Two REIN lights exist so the end-user can select the size most appropriate for their needs. Offering virtually identical power output, the difference in run-time simply comes with battery size. The full-size REIN has better run-time numbers than the Micro. That is the only notable difference between the two.

1) The standard REIN, which accepts any standard rechargeable 18650 battery (protected or unprotected).

2) REIN Micro, which accepts any standard rechargeable 18350 battery

Innovative Features

Every REIN utilizes Patent-Pending technology that hardens the system and delivers the features that end-users require. The result is the next-generation

1) The Battery Jack.

Traditionally, batteries are held in place by a spring or piston at each end of the battery. However that is a liability as battery lengths vary and battery movement can be devastating to a system under recoil. Cloud Defensive created the Battery Jack to solve this problem. A simple yet robust adjustable device inside the light body allows the user to quickly lock the battery into place, creating tension and sandwiching the battery between the head of the light and the back of the light body. This locks the battery in space and ensures it does not move under any recoil, unlike all the competitors. The Battery Jack also give REIN the ability to run on any 18650 (full size) or 18350 (Micro). Including all the USB-charged 18650/18350 batteries.

2) The Tail-Cap Cartridge and Serviceable Tail-Cap Assembly.

All previous remote-switching options on the market shared 2 liabilities:

First, specialized tail-caps are required (adds cost/complexity) and secondly, external plugs/sockets create big liabilities for system life, electrical efficiency and water ingress. REIN solves this with its removable tail-cap Cartridge. Integral to the remote switch/cable assembly itself, the Cartridge i houses the entire rear electrical system of the light and is completely over-molded for complete and total waterproofing. It features two tabs, visible on the tail-cap itself, that allow the user to simply remove it by pulling on it. This makes the REIN tail-cap fully configurable and serviceable. In approximately 10 seconds, the user can easily convert the light from push-button-only to remote-switch or vice versa.

3) Remote Switch.

Modern weapon mounted lights are more powerful than ever. This requires updated switch design. Cloud Defensive is the first company to address this need. With a completely innovative and powerful switching system, the REIN has an electrical system that is optimized for high power output and long

service life. That includes extensive use of both gold and silver plating. And like the rest of the light, it is all made in-house.

Additionally, the cable itself terminates in the Cartridge and is aligned with the mounting feet of the light body. This ensures the cable not only exists the tail cap at 90 degrees but that it does so between the light body and the rail of the weapon. The result is zero exposed cable.

4) Field-Serviceable Lens.

The REIN features a field-serviceable lens housed inside a removable S7-Tool Steel bezel ring that is heat-treated to 55 Rockwell. With 3mm low-iron glass and the protection of the tool steel, the head of the REIN is effectively an impact tool that can be easily serviced (glass replacement) by the end user should the need arise.

5) Mounting Options.

Every REIN ships with a Picatinny Rail Mount. Additionally, Cloud Defensive is manufacturing a line of MLOK mounts for the REIN series that offer more strength than previously available. And the REIN can be retrofit to other manufactures scout-style mounts as well.


REIN has electrical efficiency that dominates the weapon light landscape. Much of the development effort centered around this.

– Candela: 59,000+ (Pending official confirmation)

– Lumens: 1300-1400 (Pending official confirmation)

– Run-Time: 90-130 minutes (Pending confirmation)

– Light Temperature: 4000k. This is a warmer light that defeats photonic barriers and allows the human eye to better identify colors on the target at night.

– IPX8 Waterproof rating. Fully submersible to at least 100 feet for 24 hours. Durability. Impact-proof and virtually indestructible.

– Lifetime warranty (see website for details)


REIN will be priced very competitively and at a lower price than it’s only competitor. REIN Basic Kit will cost approximately 260 dollars at retail. REIN Complete Kit will cost approximately 310-20 dollars at retail.


REIN is scheduled to ship in late April 2020. Cloud Defensive hopes to beat that timeline. For more information, go to www.clouddefensive.com