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Arc’teryx Announces Withdrawal from Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Earlier this week outdoor brand Patagonia announced that they will not participate in Outdoor Retailer markets held in Salt Lake City Utah due to the states opposition to the establishment of new national parks by the outgoing Obama administration. As you know from our coverage, OR consists of two seasonal markets which are the largest outdoor recreation tradeshows in North America.

Like Patagonia, Arc’teryx opposes Utah’s position on this matter. We expect more brands to withdraw from OR. In fact, OR itself has notified Salt Lake City of its desire to move the twice a year show to another venue outside of Utah.

Arc’teryx published the following statement on their corporate blog.


Arc’teryx, a company that has long supported preservation of wild spaces, formally announces today its withdrawal from Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah due to the state’s efforts to rescind protection of Bears Ears National Monument and other public lands. The company stands in support of Patagonia’s move to leave Outdoor Retailer in Utah and is following suit. Funds that would have been spent to attend Outdoor Retailer in 2017 will be reallocated to the Conservation Alliance’s new Public Lands Defense Fund.

“The Outdoor Industry has an obligation to protect the wild places that are important to our consumers. Arc’teryx is a member of the outdoor industry’s Conservation Alliance. Since 2014, we’ve been part of the efforts to protect Bears Ears, supporting local grassroots organizations working on a legislated solution. More recently Arc’teryx has helped to fund Friends of Cedar Mesa and Utah Dine Bike Yah, as they work on a national monument designation. I was proud to join my peers in the outdoor industry in sending a letter to President Obama asking him to protect this landscape in Southern Utah, which is cherished by our community of climbers, hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Protecting public lands for future generations is a critical part of our brand values and we will use our influence in a way that is consistent with those values.” – Jon Hoerauf, president of Arc’teryx
On March 6thth Jon Hoerauf will head to Washington DC with the Conservation Alliance and 21 other outdoor industry leaders to meet with key Congressional offices and representatives of the new Administration. The goal of this trip is to encourage all elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, to take action to protect important lands and waterways – including Bears Ears National Monument.

Arc’teryx will also be increasing its funding commitment to the Conservation Alliance by $150,000 over the next three years to support the protection of Bears Ears and other public lands at risk.

ORWM – Barebones Living Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Two of the greatest things I saw at the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City were the Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel from Barebones Living.

Pulaski Axe

Based on the wildland firefighter’s best friend, the Pulaski Axe by Barebones Living features an axe head, balanced by an adze, so you can chop wood as well as clear ground. The 21″ wooden handle surrounds a full-length steel rod, capped with a pommel for pounding. The Pulaski Axe comes with a simple leather sheath to protect the head.

Folding Shovel

This folding shovel is a true treasure and I can’t wait until it is available later this year. When I was a kid, the old M-1951 combination entrenching tool was both inexpensive and plentiful. It could be had, in new condition from any surplus store for just a few bucks. We used them camping and my dad kept one in each of the cars, just in case. Unfortunately, the old warhorse has become scarce and they now cost too much to use as they are scooped up by collectors. The current issue tri-fold e-tool is certainly lighter and more compact, but not nearly as user friendly as that old wooden handled model.

Barebones Living took the same tried-and-true adjustable head design we all know, and did one better, they gave their shovel a full-length handle so you can really put it to use. They’ve also included a traditional D-type handle grip for additional control.

ORWM – Snowpeak

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Japanese brand Snowpeak has long been known for their Titanium cups and outdoor cookware, but they’ve also been offering apparel for the past several years. The designer is Japanese and she has been curating vintage military clothing from around the world. The Fall/Winter 17 line includes several military inspired items including this M65-style Field Jaxket and Fatigue Pant made from Ripstop PolyCotton.

What’s really cool about them is this ensemble is the camouflage pattern developed by the designer. It incorporatesCold War-era East German NVA raindrop elements as well as design cues from Snowpeak’s asterisk logo, both in micro and macro. The pattern will be offered on several other items as well.

ORWM – Mystery Ranch Accessories

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Here are two new accessories from Mystery Ranch I think SSD readers may be interested in.

First up is the Rain Cover with Hood. It’s pretty straight forward. MR figures that of you want to keep your pack dry, you might want to do the same with your head.

Offered in two sizes, 10 and 30 liters, these Dry Cells feature roll tops and sonic welded seams.

ORWM – Princeton Tec

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Princeton Tec has three updated products for the outdoor market.

First off is the Axis is based on the Synch. They’ve added a button and rheostat-like switch on the side which allow you to control the various functions which include Red, Spot and Flood with 200 peak lumens dimmable to 5 lumens. When you’ve reached either high or low lumens, the light will flash momentarily. Available in rechargeable and 3 x AAA batteries with a max runtime of 117 hours at the low spot setting.

Next up is the addition to the Helix lantern line. The Backcountry lantern is now rechargeable with a collapsible globe and legs.

Last, but not least is the Aqua Strobe. Essentially, they replaced the Xenon bulb with an LED lamp.  It is positively buoyant and will float with the head up so it’s always visible. The waterproof light offers 100 lumes with visibility over one mile. One AA battery runs for 12 hours.

Princeton Tec lights are available for Unit and Agency purchase from ADS Inc.

ORWM – CTOMS Haul System

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

CTOMS just received their prototype double Prodigy pulleys and set them up as a Haul System to demonstrate their potential.

Progress capture can be either Prussick or QA. The QA is more efficient, but they wanted to offer the versatility. Eventually, CTOMS will formalize the setup and give it a name when they offer it as a product.

ORWM – Black Diamond

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

This is the Technician, a new climbing harness with adjustable leg loops from Black Diamond. It’s more of a all around, four season Harness.

I apologize for the lighting, but it’s in Denim, a very deep blue, and incorporates five gear loops (one at the rear) and four ice clipper slots. It rolls in at 376 grams. Available August 1.

ORWM – Canada Goose

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

This is the Finnegan Parka from Canada Goose which is a full-length take on their Chilliwack Bomber. Inspired by bush pilot jackets, it incorporates a shearling lined hood, slotted buttons and this cool Brush Camo pattern.