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FirstSpear Friday Focus – NSNS Gas Mask Pouch

Friday, November 17th, 2017


From the Non-Standard Non-Stocking section of first-spear.com comes a limited run item built for FS professional users. Originally designed to hold an Avon Gas Mask with the modular capability to mount direct to a belt or ran as a thigh rig set-up this gas mask pouch is light-weight and extremely comfortable. Use it as a dump pouch for the range or as larger storage pocket off your belt.


Available in limited quantities of Black only, no back orders will be filled. Made in the USA.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – FAST Helmet Covers

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Designed to fit the Ops Core FAST helmet series, the FirstSpear helmet cover is designed with a snug fit to ensure the cover remains secure during Free Fall or rotary wing operations. Integrates seamlessly with night vision and communication equipment as well as facilitate the secure attachment of strobes, cell tags, and other IFF.

Two distinct styles are available in standard FS color options. The solid stretch variant is built with 520E and the hybrid incorporates 520E with mesh construction on the outer panels.


Both options will ultimately allow the user to adjust their helmets pattern, preserve finish, and help dampen noise during impact. Made in the USA.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Non Stocking Non Standard AAC

Friday, November 3rd, 2017


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get ahold of a genuine FirstSpear government overrun on a maritime configuration of the popular Assaulter Armor Carrier. These are first quality goods designed and built for the absolute Tip of the Spear. Featuring industry leading 6/12 platform and Tubes rapid release technology, low profile shoulder straps, built in radio pockets and a 6/12 cummerbund. Ultra light plate bag features 500D construction on the body side of the carrier.


Non-Stocking Non-Standard item available in limited sizes and colors while supplies last. No back orders will be filled. Comes with standard FS limited lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Made in the USA.


Does not include buoyancy compensators or emergency flotation elements.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Merino Wool Beanies and Neckies

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Built using premium USA merino wool the FS Beanie and Neckie utilizes the same wool package used in the short and long sleeve field shirts. Ultra breathable and super comfortable the beanie and neckie will out perform your old skull caps all year long. Low profile loop sections for attaching IR squares and identifiers. Made in the USA with all USA materials. In-Stock and shipping in charcoal, commando, sand and all new black!




FirstSpear Friday Focus – Short Sleeve Field Shirts

Friday, October 13th, 2017

This week is the introduction of the short sleeve merino wool field shirt. They are instock and ready to go!


Constructed from ACM BASE 100 the all new short sleeve field shirts utilize premium materials and construction to make up one of the hardest working pieces of equipment you will ever own. All the natural performance benefits of merino wool in an ultra light, super comfortable package without the itch. The field shirt is an exceptional garment all on its own or used inconjuction with the heavier FS wool packages like ACM MID 400 or WARM 600.


Proudly made in the USA from the construction all the way down to the grass the sheep eat!


Now available in Sand, Charcoal, Commando, and introducing Black as a stocking color, in sizes Small – 2X.



FirstSpear Friday Focus – Speed Reload Insert Kit for the MultiMag

Friday, October 6th, 2017


This week, we’ll look at the Speed Reload Insert Kit for the MultiMag.


The MultiMag Rapid-Adjust pocket was designed to run right out of the box and provide precise adjustable retention with absolutely no inserts required to secure just about anything from 556 or 308 PMAGS all the way up to an HK417 magazine and just about everything in between.


For users who want to further customize their MultiMag now have the option to use the SR insert kit to run two pistol magazines from a single MultiMag pocket.


Two preformed kydex inserts with two sections of one wrap allow the user to set precise height of each magazine while providing some extra retention. Several popular pistol magazine styles are in-stock and also available for single M4, G36, and MP7 magazines.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Low Profile 6/12 AGB Sleeve

Friday, September 29th, 2017


The Low Profile AGB Sleeve features an ultra light padded platform with a 6/12 field from edge to edge. The padded mesh on the body side breathes well and drys fast.


A belt pass through allows the user to secure the Assaulters Gun Belt, Tac Belt or similar riggers belt and reveal sections of the belt for mounting holsters or other belt mounted accessories. A hook panel around the interior provides another measure of retention to keep the belt from sliding around the waist. Thin and light the AGB Sleeve provides an exceptional platform to work from you can wear all day.

SSD Readers order any belt and the low profile sleeve this weekend and get free domestic ground shipping on your entire cart.



FirstSpear Friday Focus – Molded Speed Tab Kit

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The all new Molded Speed Tab Kit from FirstSpear was designed to give the user a low profile and light weight solution for adding a secondary measure of retention to magazine and pistol pockets when desired. 2-molded speed tabs and 2- 20” pieces of color matched bungee are included with the kit.

The speed tabs work exceptionally well with the all new FirstSpear MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pockets offering a variety of bungee placement options for different pocket set ups from 5.56 to .308 to AK47 to dual pistol magazines and more. Speed tabs will work with just about any rifle or pistol pocket that offers attachment points on the front and back of the pocket.

Designed to be gripped and pulled from either direction even while wet or muddy.

Now available in Black, Coyote, Tan499 (mutlicam), and Foilage (manatee grey).

Order any MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pocket this weekend and get a free Molded Speed Tab Kit included.