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FirstSpear Friday Focus – E&R Waist Bag

Friday, July 24th, 2015

In last week’s FirstSpear Friday Focus we have you a little taste of their new take on the traditional E&R Waist Bag. You may recall the photos of it attached directly to the Joker rig and that versatility is just one of the things that sets this E&R Waist Bag apart from the many “fanny packs” seen on the market.


For years, these simple waist packs have been worn slung just below body armor, in the front and filled with last ditch items like medical gear and SERE items. Even if the wearer cutaway all of the rest of his equipment, he’d still have his E&R bag. Some even added soft armor to protect their “package” from IED threats.

In addition to being worn via its integral waist strap, the E&R Waist Pack can be secured directly to your belt or load carrying rig with a 2-point QD buckle configuration.

Shock cord mounted on the top provides a quick stash point for a tourniquet, Eye Pro or other gear you need at hand.

There are four different zippered compartments as well as a removable top flap stiffener. Additionally, the E&R Waist Bag incorporates drainage for maritime ops or just crossing a river.

Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam and my favorite, two-tone Grey/Rust. Imagine that you could use the two-tone model even after ditching your gear in order to blend in with a civilian environment.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Joker : Jungle Operations Airborne Capable Chest Rig

Friday, July 17th, 2015


During this week’s Friday Focus, we are sharing a new FirstSpear product, just released during Warrior East. Designed primarily for jungle operations, the JOKER is a patrol rig intended specifically to work in conjunction with the FS MIKE Force Pack. Although the intended use was initially jungle, JOKER would make a great primary load carriage rig across the board. It offers a great deal of adjustment and can be worn alone, or over low bulk armor carriers like Slick, Deceptor NOC or similar from other manufacturers.

What’s more, there are a couple of cool design stories in creating the JOKER, including some work with a Yodaesque figure at the forefront of load carriage development. FirstSpear asked me to share a salute:

FS was fortunate enough to be noticed by someone out on the true cutting edge of load carriage development, thank you for asking us to partner with you on this product, enough said.

The components are pure FirstSpear. This platform offers a Tubes front closure system, making it a snap to don and doff. The three 6/9 & MOLLE compatible pocket panels are also padded in key areas to provide comfort and some buoyancy. Since it’s going to be used in wet environments, the JOKER incorporates drainage in the mesh panel pockets.


One of those design stories I mentioned is that they were looking at shoulder straps solutions for the Joker. Ultimately, they decided to use a Yoke created by the the guys at Hill People Gear, who they OEM for, and incorporated a low profile drag handle.


There are some neat load options. If you are looking to transport a medium or small frame pistol on the JOKER, you can integrate their SSV holster in the Belt Holster on the left or right side inside the pocket panels. A stiffened and reinforced SCUBA webbing strap in either pocket will let you attach the SSV back up cord and clip the J Hook in place leaving the butt of your pistol exposed for decent draw.

Additionally, there are Velcro pile fields located inside the front pockets on both sides of the Tubes which will accept FS Ragnar Pockets for Single or Double Pistol Mags as well as Ragnar Single M4 Magazine Pockets. Webbing loops on the front shoulder straps will accept single attachment style pockets of the 6/9 or MOLLE variety. You can really customize the load on this thing.


One of my favorite features on the JOKER is that it has a Side Release buckle on each shoulder strap that when activated, will drop the length of the shoulders overall to a preset position selected by the User. This will allow the JOKER to be worn higher on the chest or down low like a traditional patrol rig, with the pouches below the ruck. This also means it can be pulled up through existing parachute harnesses and worn for airborne operations. Once clear of the parachute harness the User returns the 2 one inch side release buckles to the original position and the JOKER is back in its fighting configuration.


Another cool integration option is depicted in these photos which show the attachment of the E&R Bag to the back panel of the JOKER nested underneath a GP Large Pouch. It’s easy to reach back and detach the E&R and then transport on its own waist strap. This is also a great place for weapons cleaning kit.

Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green or MultiCam.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Summer 2015, V9 Catalog

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Click to view catalog
Screenshot (33)

FirstSpear has just released their Summer 2015, V9 catalog through digital distribution channels. The 88-page catalog features the latest and greatest FirstSpear products, including:

You can view the catalog by clicking the above image, or through the following link –

The print version of the catalog is available at

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Forager Cap LP And Independence Day Offer

Friday, July 3rd, 2015


FirstSpear’s Low Profile Forager Cap is just as feature-rich and functional as the larger Standard Size Forager, but with a .5″ reduction at all points and all the corresponding bulk removed. In layman’s terms, the Low Profile cap is more like a ballcap when compared to the Standard cap, which is analogous to a Patrol Cap.


The Low Profile Forager Cap is available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam.


Additionally, in honor of Independence Day, FirstSpear is offering FREE domestic ground shipping on the purchase any Forager Cap through the weekend.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Instant Adjust Back Panel, AAC

Friday, June 26th, 2015

This week, we’ll focus on the FirstSpear Instant Adjust Back Panel, AAC. The concept is to allow the user the ability to quickly and easily resize the entire cummerbund to accommodate transitions from dry suits, CBRNE Suits, or Extreme cold weather clothing.


It was once said that “Battle is a highly fluid situation, flexibility is the key to being able to respond appropriately…” taking that ethos to heart FS is continuing to evolve their successful line of plate carriers by introducing the Instant Adjust Back Panel, currently available in the AAC configuration in all FS standard plate cuts and sizes including the popular MBAV.

The Instant Adjust Back Panel integrates seamlessly with the FS Adaptable Cummerbund, Sectional as well as Modular along with any existing FS front panel utilizing Tubes Technology.


The access flap allows you to get to points of adjustment located on the back panel. This means you can now pre-arrange a second set of Tubes on the sewn track for when it is required to adjust your cummerbund size out or in. This photo shows you exactly what this means.


Available in all standard FS Colors.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – VEP Modular Panel

Friday, June 19th, 2015

This week’s focus is on the new VEP Modular Panel. Inspired by the success of the Vertical Envelopment Pack, FirstSpear is now offering this modular panel for custom user configuration for loads which require quick access. 

Driven by specific User requirements this item offers many of the advantages of the FS Vertical Envelopment Pack (VEP) on a reinforced modular panel that accepts 6/12, 6/9 and MOLLE Pockets arranged any way that suits the mission at hand. Capable of attaching technical tools, communications equipment or specific medical supplies this panel can be flipped over the head for rapid access and then returned to the back with its slick side out presenting a minimal snag profile. When secured on the back all your magazines and other fire load are easily available. The VEP Modular Panel is a great asset to personnel operating SIGINT and related communications gear that need to remain mobile and close to the Operators who are prosecuting the information.

It works just like the Vertical Envelopment Pack. This video gives a good overview of how the VEP is used.

Available in all standard FS Colors.

FirstSpear Friday Focus SSV Belt Mounted Double Magazine Pocket, Pistol

Friday, June 12th, 2015


Following through on professional user requests, FirstSpear is now offering the SSV Belt Mounted Double Magazine Pocket, Pistol. Featuring the same detail, fit, and craftsmanship found throughout the SSV line, the Double Magazine Pocket securely fits two pistol magazines with adjustable retention, and works with various belt carry options, including the FirstSpear Line 1 belt.


This Sizing Chart details the current models/magazines supported.


Available in the following finishes:

Ranger Green
AOR1 and AOR2 available for qualified personnel.


Additionally, FirstSpear is also offering Denim New & Denim Faded as finishes to the SSV line. These finishes will be available for delivery August 2015 on all SSV Holsters and Magazine Pockets.

FirstSpear would also like to extend a special offer through the weekend. Purchase any SSV Dual Mag Pocket and SSV Holster and get FREE domestic ground shipping on your entire order!

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Phokus Research Group

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Once again, the Friday Focus serves to introduce one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners. This time, it’s San Diego, California-based Phokus Research Group.

Why/How was Phokus Research Group started?

Founded in 2008. Phokus Research Group identified a need for Military Inventor Support. Our mission is to find Inventors for the purpose of protecting, developing and commercializing their innovations.


How did the relationship between FS and Phokus begin?

Turns out team members from both companies share similar backgrounds. Dave Kent of FirstSpear offered to design our first pouch at SOMA in 2013. His efforts have made the biggest impact on this partnership.


Why did you ultimately choose FS?

FirstSpear has always been a solid company within the industry. Innovative approaches to nylon, quality craftsmanship, and professionalism as a company is why we use FirstSpear.


What drove development of the war fighter bundle?

Our customers requested a system that allowed Trauma Kits to be carried in any situation. Today’s warfighters are called upon to serve in various capacities. Whether on the FOB, assigned to a security detail, or on patrol, the Warfighter Bundle ensures your medical gear is always at the ready. The Warfighter Bundle V1 is comprised of our three top selling kits, two FirstSpear pouches and a C-A-T tourniquet.


How has your experience been thus far working with FirstSpear design and production, even customer service?

FirstSpear exceeds the standards across the board. Working with their designers is seamless, production quality is great, and customer service is always on top of things.

Anything new coming up between Phokus and FS?

Our newest collaboration with FirstSpear is currently in design. Should be ready for release in July-Aug 2015.

TacJobs – FirstSpear – Equipment Specialist / Inside Sales

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015


This position is primarily responsible to acquire and maintain knowledge of product specifications, technology and equipment function/integration in support of sales, customer service and other departments within the organization. This is a full-time position working Monday through Friday during normal business hours, with the possibility of infrequent travel for 1-3 day periods as necessary.

Essential Functions

  • Acquire and maintain knowledge of product specifications, technology and equipment function/integration
  • Support sales, customer service and other departments within the organization as first level subject matter expert related to product specifications, technology and equipment function/integration
  • Service walk-in customers
  • Manage customer requests for test and evaluation of product
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Required Competencies and Expectations

  • Proficient computer, organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated and work well in a fast pace, team oriented environment
  • Detail oriented with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction
  • Enthusiastic interest in the type of product and services offered by the company
  • Required Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or GED, or equivalent years of experience.
  • Prior military and/or law enforcement experience, and working knowledge of load carriage systems (LCS) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) preferred.
  • Please submit resume to:

    FirstSpear Friday Focus – Forager Cap

    Friday, May 29th, 2015


    During SHOT Show we gave you a sneak peek of the Forager Cap from FirstSpear. The story was quite popular and for this week’s Friday Focus, we are happy to announce that the Forager is now available for purchase. I’ve got one of the prototypes and I love it.  


    The Forager Cap features a slightly longer brim than other caps that gives extra shade and has a preformed, foldable bill that makes it a snap to store flat in your pocket. You’ll also notice that there are slits, called eyeglass channels, for the temple pieces of your eyepro that make sure they won’t go anywhere when stored above the brim.


    The unique back hook strap combines stretch as well as a great deal of mechanical adjustment thanks to the buckle and loops. The Forager is also lined with an ultra light weight mesh for ventilation and wicking.


    The front of the cap has a light weight breathable low nap pile from Velcro that will let you place a FS Cell Tag, PVC Patch or other ID marking. Additionally, the front breathable panel is embroidered with the FS logo if you don’t want to wear a patch.  


    Standard size currently available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam. The Small size will be available in 4-6 weeks.