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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Non Stocking Non Standard Roo Panel

Friday, June 7th, 2019


For this Friday Focus we are taking a look at a FirstSpear Non-Stocking Non-Standard item, the Roo Panel. Originally developed for a FS professional user to meet a unique mission set this pocket can be used as storage for maps, info cards, electronics, medical, or anything else you may need with you out in the field. The interior of the pocket is loop-backed thanks to FirstSpear Laser Cut 6/12 so you can attach FirstSpear Ragnar pockets on interior as well as mount any standard 6/12, 6/9, or MOLLE style pocket to the exterior.

Non-Stocking Non-Standard items are available in limited colors and sizes while supplies last, no back orders will be filled.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – 2019 Best Ranger Competition

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Today marks the opening ceremony and official start of the 36th Anniversary of the Best Ranger Competition where 50 2-man teams will test their speed, strength, skill and endurance through a grueling three day competition at Fort Benning, Georgia. The competition itself takes over 62 hours and involves intense tests of physical fitness and marksmanship. 100 competitors enter only two leave Best Ranger!


FirstSpear is a proud sponsor for this years competition and has teamed up with Oakley Standard Issue to kick off the event with an online giveaway (details on FirstSpear Instagram Account). Tune in to FirstSpear TV (@firstspear_tv on instagram) for live coverage from the competition this weekend.

For more info on the event:

FirstSpear Friday Focus – E&R Waist Bag

Friday, March 15th, 2019

This Friday we are taking a look at the E&R Waist Bag from FirstSpear. Designed with state of the art materials to decrease weight and increase functionality, you will find a variety of uses for this premium “Fanny Pack”.

The E&R Waist Bag features a removable and adjustable low profile waist strap for easy on and off at the range or on a hike. Also included are SR buckle retainers that can be used to clip in to a plate carrier, backpack, or straight to a belt. Shock cord on the top is especially useful for securing a TQ, water bottle, gloves and more.

Made in America with American Materials. That’s as Berry compliant as it gets.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Brawler FR Shirt

Friday, November 9th, 2018

All new from FS, meet the Brawler FR Shirt.


Typically most FR garments are stiff and uncomfortable with a blocky fit due to the nature of the fabrics used. The Brawler on the other hand uses 6.5oz Tencate Twill that is durable yet extremely light and comfortable . Material make up is a 65% FR Lenzing / 25% Para-Aramid / 10% Nylon blend that offers excellent Flame Retardant characteristics and assists in defeating or mitigating heat transfer to your skin.


The Brawler features a zipper front opening, reinforced with webbing sewn buttons. The protective collar can be fastened up around your Neckie or left open, multi positional cuffs, and a security strap to keep the sleeves rolled up. To make the most of hot weather versatility, the Brawler has breathable mesh in the bottom and back of the front pockets, arm pits, and across the entire back yoke.

As with all FS products, there’s a very interesting story behind the name:

In late 1966 through early 1967 US Marines in I Corps Tactical Zone South Vietnam began aggressive patrolling to enforce and establish the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Vietnam’s. Commanders at the strategic level during that time believed that the war would devolve into a static scenario just as the Korean Conflict had previously. Unit Commanders were encouraged to “patrol aggressively” and “define the DMZ” in favor of South Vietnam. To maintain communications security, radio brevity pro words were assigned to articulate specific combat contacts without divulging great detail. For the Marines of I Corps at that time a “Scrap” was a Small Unit Contact generally Unit on Unit and confined to Small Arms, a “Brawl” was a full engagement involving Combined Arms and Support. The patrolling actions and border battles at that time increasingly contributed to large scale operations that became known collectively as the Battle of Con Thien.

First Spear has elected to the name our heavier weight FR Garment the “Brawler” and our light weigh FR Garment the “Scrap”, initial editions of these will be released in FS Sand which is a close to USMC Coyote as we could get in this base material.

Made in the USA with USA Materials. Available now.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Non-Stocking Pockets Available

Friday, October 26th, 2018

FirstSpear has added three pockets to the non-stocking non-standard section of their webstore available while supplies last. These are 100% brand new 1st quality goods, Made in the USA. Now shipping is an AK47 Single magazine pocket with an optional bungee retention tab, will hold two AK47 magazines. Next is a .300 Win Mag pouch that will hold up to three magazines featuring a hook and loop flap and side release buckle closure. Last is a 7.62 SCAR H triple shingle featuring bungee retention. Will also hold .308 PMAG. All pockets utilize FS 6/9 pocket attachment system. Limited colors and quantities available!


.300 Win:


FirstSpear Friday Focus – CAT Rifle Case

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Designed at the request of FS professional users the CAT Rifle case is a low vis rifle case specifically designed for short barrel carbines up to 30 inches over all length. Large exterior pocket features a reversed 6/12™ laser cut platform and stiffened dividers perfect for organizing equipment and securing all styles of pockets including hook backed pockets and accessories.

• 32″ Long
• 13½” Wide
• 6″ Deep

Available now in Manatee Grey and Coyote. Made in the USA.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Centurion Pants

Friday, September 7th, 2018


Introducing the all new Centurion Pants constructed from a ripstop nylon and combed cotton. There are many unique comfort features including nano glide stretch mesh pockets, quick dry breathable materials, and an integrated low-profile belt system that uses customized BioThane webbing and a jam lock buckle. Removable Poron Foam inserts on your left and right inside hip let you carry your pistol, knife or phone on the belt with total comfort.


The belt loops on the Centurion Pants have been spaced to accommodate on-the-belt carry and off-hand draw as needed. The side pockets are made of 520 stretch fabric and will easily fit folding knives, common pistol magazines, and similarly sized items.


A note on fit. These pants are made with the same waist/thigh architecture as the previously released Centurion Short. FS got a lot of good feedback on the fit and features of the Short and have not changed the pant. If Users liked the Short they can purchase the Pant in the same waist size, inseam lengths are done on the old BDU style of Short, Standard and Long.

In-stock and shipping now. Made in the USA with 100% USA materials.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear Technology Group Launches Website

Friday, August 31st, 2018

FirstSpear® Technology Group LLC – Enhancing the protection, lethality, and capabilities of the warfighter, first responder, and law enforcement professional.

FirstSpear® Technology Group LLC is the sister company and industry outreach partner of FirstSpear® LLC. FSTG operates independently to develop, acquire, promote, integrate and protect technological innovation in the areas of Personal Protective Equipment, Load Carriage, and Technical Apparel.

FSTG is driven on the premise that we are all on the same side constantly trying to improve what we do to support our men and women, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters; who are out there every day keeping peace and defending our very way of life. With all of that in mind the quickest way to make the latest technological innovations available to the professionals who need it today is through partnering with forward thinking manufacturing companies to assist in the rapid fielding of advanced personal protective products.

In short, FirstSpear® Technology Group is about collaborative win/win efforts that benefit the warfighter and law enforcement professional.  We look forward to working with industry leaders in support of that mission.

Email for more information on our technology systems and how you can integrate them into your next project.