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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame

Friday, February 27th, 2015

I saw the new FirstSpear Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame at SHOT Show. Generally, companies are want to take this project on due to cost but enough of their customers asked for one that they decided to work out the frame side of things. Building a good bag isn’t the issue for a company like FirstSpear, it’s putting together a frame that balances weight and durability that can be the challenge.


FirstSpear did it by engineering a lighter, more durable rolling frame by taking advantage of advanced design in both tubing and material structure to drop some weight and maintain or increase strength in key areas.


This system features top loading through a generous zipper closed portal and has reinforced secured handles that can be used to offset the pull of the bag behind you so as not to clip your heels or for those times when you find yourself pulling two. If needed, the bag can be removed from the frame for cleaning and repair.


Available in Black, Rust and Manatee Grey so you won’t stick out like the proverbial sore thumb during travel.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Deceptor

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Deceptor money shot

This week, we are checking out the FirstSpear Deceptor. Designed to conceal Rifle Velocity Protective Plates it will discretely hold a pair of plates and, if desired, two 6”X6” Rifle Side Plates. Additionally, pockets from the Ragnar Series can be quickly attached to the front or the back of the carrier as well.

It’s optimized for plates in the 2.2 to 4.5 pound size medium weight range which are .75” or thinner. For larger, thicker or heavier plates, FS recommends you consider a different carrying solution. This carrier comes with stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps to accommodate user comfort preference.


The Deceptor is becoming quite popular at the Federal level and has basically split down the middle on users who prefer Stretch vs. Static Shoulder Straps. FS speculates that a lot of that preference is shaped by the plate used and whether or not there is an external load (Ragnar Pockets) being utilized on the Carrier.

FS has a range of soft armor inserts cut in plate shapes as well as their UC Special Threat Plate that will fit the Deceptor. The soft armor cummerbund of the popular NOC will fit onto this carrier as well.

Available in Black or Coyote, sizes Small through XLarge.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Tactical Dress Belt

Friday, February 13th, 2015

We’ve mentioned the FirstSpear Tactical Dress Belt in the past but the photos to show what was going on weren’t available at the time. Plus, now we’ve got access to a video which explains the belt.

FS Tactical Dress Belt

Although the Tactical Dress Belt is way cooler than a mullet, it shares the same defining principle; business up front and party in the back. It was designed by a Law Enforcement and Personal Security Professional to allow you to look like a mild mannered businessman as you go about your duties, but when the defecation hits the oscillation, gives you a comfortable and stable platform for your sidearm as well as other essential items such as ammo and comms. That’s because you thread your belt through the 6/12 compatible channels.

This video gives you a great idea of what is going on.

Available in Black, one-size-fits-most.

Sneak Peek – Hill People Gear Windcheater

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015


As many of you know, FirstSpear is the OEM for Hill People Gear. They are planning to co-brand a more civilians zed version of the new FS windcheater.

Full details on the project, as they emerge, are available at

FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV Belt Holster Weapon Light Options

Friday, February 6th, 2015


FirstSpear has expanded the SSV Belt Holster line to accommodate most standard pistols fitted with Surefire X/400 and X/300 (both the Standard and Ultra version). Additionally, they cover the Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2 in the SSV Mounted Light Pistol Holster line-up.

Now available and ready for shipping within 5-10 business days are the following options.

-Sig 229 with integrated rail + X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-Sig 226 with integrated rail + X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-Glock 19/23 X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-Glock 17/22 X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-Beretta M9 with integrated rail + X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-HK45CT Accommodates Barrel With and Without Suppressor Thread Protector X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2 * Also available for CTC CMR-205
-S&W M&P Duty 9/40 X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-S&W M&P Compact 9/40 X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-1911-1 (STI, Nighthawk, Wilson, & Sig Sauer & Caspian) integrated rail frame + X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-1911-2 (Colt, Springfield Armory, & Kimber) integrated rail frame + X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2
-1911-3 (Colt M45A1 CQBP MARSOC) X400/U, X300/U, TLR1, TLR2

Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Black, MultiCam and for qualified customers, AOR1 and AOR2. – SSV Pistol Holster

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Adaptive Cummerbund

Friday, January 30th, 2015


The Adaptive Cummerbund is the next step in the FirstSpear system approach. Up to now, you’ve been able to exchange front panels for several carriers. Now, you can take full advantage of their Tubes technology. Tubes are located at both front and rear of the cummerbund meaning you can easily swap them out, as well as front and rear panels.


It is currently available in the “land” style with loop Velcro on the body side for Ragnar pockets, as well as a TFSS maritime flotation cummerbund specifically designed for combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel.


The TFSS cummerbund has been designed and tested for use during egress from a submerged structure of any type, providing 45lbs of positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33 ft, 57lbs of positive flotation at a depth of 15 ft and 80lbs of flotation on the surface, allowing the wearer a maximum load-out of equipment.


Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear for an additional fee.

This video will bring it all together.

These Adaptive Cummerbunds are just the beginning. Look for FIrstSpear to add purpose built sections for the Adaptive Cummerbund as well as integration of other mission essential elements.

Available in Black, Ranger Green, Multicam, and Coyote

FirstSpear Range Day 2015 Video

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Forager

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Last night I got my hands on a prototype cap from FirstSpear called the Forager. If you know your history, a forage cap was so named because it was worn while a Cavalryman foraged for feed for his horse. Over time, it was the common name for a cap worn in lieu of full dress hats, as in a field cap. To me, it’s a modernized patrol cap.


FirstSpear has been kicking this thing around for about six months but with so many projects in the works, hasn’t gotten around to finalizing it. The second I saw it, I wanted one. It has a very innovative design with interesting lines that are square up front but assume the curve of the head as it goes back. There are several other cool features. For instance, the bill can be folded to stuff in a pocket. Additionally, it has a large pile section in front for patches and slots for eyepro storage; front or rear.


The one-size-fits-most design has a miniature hook adjustment for size with just a little of stretch built into the band. The interior is lined with mesh for comfort and there are vents located around the sides of the Forager.


Made from Softshell material like used in the Squadron Smock, I’ve seen models in Coyote and MultiCam but I hear there are also a few in Black out there.


There is no release date for the Forager since it’s still a concept design but I thought it would be really cool to show you something that is in the works. Hopefully, FirstSpear agrees.

SHOT Show – FS Range Day – FS Vertical Envelopment Pack

Monday, January 19th, 2015


The new Vertical Envelopment Pack or VEP was developed to attach directly to an armor platform. It can easily be flipped from the rear to the front in order to access gear or to get it off your back such as when riding in a vehicle.


They’ve developed a couple of mag pouches that integrate into the pack as well. Look for a write up soon.

SHOT Show – FirstSpear Range Day

Monday, January 19th, 2015

The brands at this year’s FirstSpear Range Day are some of the best in the business; Wilcox Ind, Point Blank, Beyond, Aimpoint, Centerfire Ammunition, Oakley, SIG, Revac, Wounded Wear, Sinter Fire, Lamder, Tap Rack.





If you can’t make it, stop by the Point Blank booth # 11366 at SHOT Show to see the entire FirstSpear line.