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FirstSpear Friday Focus –  Tough Hook Hangers with FirstSpear 1×5 Name Tapes

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

FirstSpear is now offering the Tough Hook Hanger which is based on a hanger used to store and dry SCUBA equipment. It serves precisely the same purpose for your tactical gear.

Extra sturdy, the Tough Hook will hold over 150 pounds and ideal for anything from plate carriers to wet suits. Handle allows easy carry when inverted.

They’ve paired the Tough Hook with FirstSpear 1″x5″ name tapes to aid in identification. The Tough Hook comes with 1″x5″ self adhesive loop. Simply add on a personalized 1″x5″ name tape (available in Glow, IR, or Fabric Backed Style) with a 10 character max.

The Tough Hook is offered in Tan and Black.

Special offer for SSD Readers – Order any Strandhögg or Siege R optimized Plate Carrier and get a free tough hook!


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Green

Friday, November 25th, 2016

This week, FirstSpear offers you an opportunity to get ahold of some Green product. Generally, they sell Ranger Green but these items are in classic OD Green.

Mistakes happen, right? So why not make the most of it?

Same great products, just in a different shade and at a healthy discount.

Prices are marked and ready to go with no code required.


FirstSpear Friday Focus –

Friday, November 18th, 2016

This week, we are focusing on FirstSpear’s General Purpose pockets. While it sounds mundane, everyone uses a GP Pocket to carry a wide variety of items.

To acommodate these needs, FirstSpear currently has three options: GP Small, GP Medium, GP Large, all with internal organizers to keep your kit straight.

Finally, the family of GP Pouches is available in 6/9 and 6/12 attachment options, in standard FS colors.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Free Fabric Backed US Flag With Order Over $150

Friday, November 11th, 2016

SSD readers get a new custom order Fabric Backed US Flags in any style/configuration with a purchase of $150 or more on first-spear.com. Also enjoy free domestic ground shipping all weekend.

PROTECH Tactical Releases Fast Attack Vest Now with FirstSpear Closure System

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Fast attack high-speed platform with cutting-edge closure system debuts for the first responder, patrol and tactical markets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Safariland, a recognized leader in the armor industry, today announced the release of the PROTECH® Tactical Fast Attack Vest outfitted with the FirstSpear® Tubes™ Closure System for the first responder, law enforcement and tactical markets.

FirstSpear Tubes enhance the ease of donning and doffing the Fast Attack Vest with a quick up or down single-hand function. The easy motion for attaching or detaching the system leverages the user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. FirstSpear Tubes ensure the cummerbund of the garment is always positioned in the same location, which is vital for proper ballistic overlap to mitigate the risk of misalignment and incorrect attachment.

“Our partnership with FirstSpear granted the opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge Tubes technology into some of our most trusted tactical platforms,” said Todd Mackler, vice president of Safariland Armor. “By redesigning high-speed platforms, such as the Fast Attack Vest, and offering the Tubes closure variant, we’re able to further accommodate the market demand for lightweight, high-performing, rapid-release closure systems.”

Following the release of the Shift 360™ with Tubes closure, the Fast Attack Vest with FirstSpear Tubes is the second of three tactical platforms to be introduced with the closure system configuration this fall. Capitalizing on the innovative integration of the most sought-after tactical platforms and closure system technologies currently available, the Fast Attack Vest with Tubes closure was developed under the continuing partnership between Safariland and FirstSpear, LLC.

This Fast Attack Vest typifies the purpose of high-speed platforms with design features chosen specifically for user comfort, maneuverability and custom configurations, including:
Advanced Webless System (AWS) load-bearing platform to reduce overall carrier weight by approximately 30 percent without sacrificing durability, plus optional equipment/pouch configurability.

Full ballistic panel array consisting of front, back, side and shoulder with a multitude of ballistic packages from the Safariland Armor product line, including the Hardwire® vest, the lightest Type II and Type IIIA body armor in the world from Hardwire, LLC.
Optional accessories such as ballistic collar, ballistic throat, structured upper arms, lower abdomen/spine protector, and groin protector for additional ballistic coverage.

Compatibility with hard armor plates for stand-alone or in-conjunction-with protection in 8” x 10” or 10” x 12” rectangle, shooters and swimmers cut and Medium SAPI.

The Fast Attack AWS FST is available in an a-la-carte ordering system for teams and individuals to configure their fighting system for their specific needs. Also offered is an array of ballistic and non-ballistic accessories, tactical pouches and identification patches. It is also available for ordering with Type II and Type IIIA ballistic packages as well as color options based on the AWS load-bearing material.

Currently offered in the Advanced Webless System, the Fast Attack Vest will soon be available with FirstSpear 6/12™ (6/12) load-bearing material. This state-of-the-art material eliminates excess yards of bulk nylon, snaps and polymer stiffener for an overall system weight reduction. Additionally, 6/12 load-bearing material provides increased fabric flexibility and a clean silhouette that aids in enhanced signature management and mobility.

A Traditional Modular Webbing (TMW) Fast Attack Vest model will be available in the near future, while another carrier is anticipated for a late November release to address needs of officers and first responders in the most demanding environments.

For more information on the Fast Attack AWS FST, please visit: www.protechtactical.com.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – 1911 Magazine Base Pad

Friday, November 4th, 2016

This week’s Friday Focus covers something completely different from FirstSpear. If you haven’t figured it out yet, FirstSpear loves the M1911A1. They’ve introduced this FirstSpear 1911 Magazine Base Pad and Chip McCormick 1911 Magazine combo. That’s right; the base pad comes installed on a Chip McCormick magazine.

It’s made from Aluminum and gives the base pad a little weight so magazines will free fall easily during a speed reload. The pad also features a hard anodized finish. Additionally, there are grips enhancements on bottom of the base pad to assist in firmly locking the magazine in place and the toe of Base Pad is dished out to aid in removal of a difficult magazine.

You’ll notice that the middle groove is quite pronounced. This accommodates the FirstSpear bungee cord speed tab.

Currently available for 1911 series pistols, look for more models to follow.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Hybrid 5.56 Mag Shingle

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The Hybrid Shingle is a 3-Section Magazine Pocket that is designed for a Single Speed Reload on the Shooters left or right with two additional double mag, fully flapped pockets. It also integrates a pistol mag pocket that can be secured with the FS Standard Speed Tab or with a supplied full flap. This pocket allows the Shooter to comfortably transport five 30 round 5.56 magazines and one pistol magazine. This pocket is available with the Speed Reload / Pistol Pocket arranged on the Shooters Left or Right.

Available while supplies last in the non-stocking non-standard category in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green or MultiCam in right or left hand variants.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Line One Belts Now Available in Rich Mohagony

Friday, October 21st, 2016

The Line Belt from FirstSpear has been around for several years, but they’ve just introduced a new color, Rich Mohogany to blend in with more wardrobes.

Borrowing its name from an old NSW term for first level of clothing or gear, the Line One Belt has amazing tactical performance that maintains the high level of comfort and mobility usually associated with leather. Made from BioThane, a Urethane covered Nylon, which provides superior strength and weather-resistance, this belt won’t crack, peel, or become stiff in frigid temperatures. Specially tempered, non-slip coating eliminates “break-in” time and allows for flex like leather, yet it is impervious to sweat and water and will not stretch or lose its original shape.

Naturally, they are also still available in Coyote and Black, all with the new Cerakote buckle.