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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame

Friday, August 26th, 2016

This week, are focusing on the Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame from FirstSpear. It’s been around awhile but has become quite popular with law enforcement and military. I’ve got one and I can tell you, this thing is a beast and makes transporting your gear a snap.

The bag features top loading through a large generous zipper closed portal and has reinforced secured handles that can be used to offset the pull of the bag behind you so as not to clip your heels or for those times when you find yourself pulling two. Plus, it’s available in some non-tactical, yet muted colors, so you don’t stick out one way or the other.

16” wide
11.5” deep at the top 12.5” deep at the bottom
36” long

Bonus for SSD readers: Order any Contractor Bag this weekend and get a FREE custom fabric backed cell tag in 2”x4″ (up to 8 characters) or 3”x8″ (up to 15 characters).


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Ranger Green Wind Cheater Now Available For Pre-Order

Friday, August 19th, 2016


For this week’s Friday Focus, FirstSpear is announcing a pre-order on the new Ranger Green Wind Cheater. The new Ranger Green Wind Cheaters will ship out next Friday.

Additionally, Manatee Grey Wind Cheaters are back in stock.


The Wind Cheater is a durable yet breathable lightweight shell made with Duro Ambush with DWR treatment, which provides protection from light precipitation. The Wind Cheater also compresses well for storage, and is flexible, with a longer tail that will keep the wearer’s lower back and seat covered.

The Wind Cheater sports a number of features that benefit the overall functionality of the shell. The articulated hood is sized to fit over a helmet, and includes rear bungee retention, which allows the wearer to adjust it to their optimal size. Both sleeves feature zippered bicep pockets, FS’ low-profile Velcro attachment panels, and adjustable cuffs. Pit zips on either side of the Wind Cheater offer improved airflow and ventilation at the user’s discretion. The Wind Cheater also has two large-sized zippered torso pockets.

www.first-spear.com – Wind Cheater

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Forager Cap in Ranger Green and Manatee Grey

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Previously only available via pre-order, the Forager Cap is now in stock in both Ranger Green and Manatee Grey which joins Coyote, Black and MultiCam.

The Forager Cap has a slightly longer brim than other caps which gives extra shade and has a preformed fold in that makes storing it in your pocket flat and easy. The front of the cap has a light weight breathable low nap pile from Velcro that will let you put a FS Cell Tag, PVC Patch or leave the FS Embroidered Logo present. Additionally, eye glass channels on the front and back keep your eye pro in place.

Ventilation, and wicking properties with the ultra light weight mesh liner and a generous amount of adjustment on the back hook strap coupled with a small amount of stretch make for a great comfortable fit.

Below are the new color options, Manatee Grey first and then Ranger Green.

Here is a sizing chart.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Kojin Balaclava

Friday, August 5th, 2016


For this week’s Friday Focus, we’re taking a look at FirstSpear’s Kojin Balaclava. The Kojin is made of 80% PFR Rayon and 20% Kevlar, making it flash and flame resistant, as well as capable of transfering minimum thermal conductivity to the skin. It also meets the US Navy standards for surface and submerged shipboard firefighting.


Additionally the FS Kojin meets UL standard and the specifications set forth for “Protective Hood Structur- al Firefighting NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition”. The Kojin is designed to be compatible with current standard Protective Mask Systems, and features smooth interlocked seams for interoperability with helmets and integrated shoulder protection.

www.first-spear.com – Kojin Balaclava

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Padded AGB Sleeve

Friday, July 29th, 2016

With the increased popularity of the slim line AGB sleeve they are moving the original padded AGB sleeve to the non-stocking non-standard list on First-spear.com. Consequently, sizes, colors, and quantities are limited.

This weekend only, FS is offering SSD readers a great opportunity to grab the whole rig.

This sleeve fits over the AGB or similar gun belt to provide support, comfortable padding and additional load-bearing capability; compatible with both standard MOLLE-style pouches and the ultra-lightweight FirstSpear 6/12 pouch line. D-Rings included to attach to multiple suspension system harnesses.

Original MSRP for both Sleeve and AGB belt: $228.41
SSD Price $174.68 for solids.


This Is Awesome

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Check out this FirstSpear Crown Royal helmet cover sporting a CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6 strobe.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Overlap Cummerbund

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

This week we are going to give you an update on a great FirstSpear product, the Overlap Cummerbund. Its rapid adoption among State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies along with positive customer feedback has pushed FirstSpear to incorporate the Overlap Cummerbund as the new standard cummerbund on flagship plate carriers like the Strandhögg and Assaulter Armor Carrier.

Originally, developed at the request of a FS Professional User, the Overlap Cummerbund is designed to provide additional overlapping soft armor at the front side of the plate carrier where the Tubes closure system meets. The additional soft armor tucks in behind the Tubes allowing full opening and closing of the vest.

The Overlap Cummerbund has been modified so that the body side allows for the attachment of Ragnar Pockets. This means that magazines and other items can be held in close to the body, providing a more streamlined silhouette, a benefit to users who are working in or from a vehicle, conducting tubular assaults, or who simply wish to carry more magazines than a traditional front loading carrier would allow.

-Soft armor inserts extend behind the tube and overlap the body of the plate carrier, while still allowing full functionality of the Tube system.
-Body side of cummerbund now has loop allowing you to attach pockets from the Ragnar Pocket Suite (our full Velcro backed pockets)
-The back bungee cord has been replaced with Velcro and stretch material.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – First On / Armor Package

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Designed specifically as a low-cost armor carrier for LE and First Responders, it’s been very popular. In light of increased threats to our public servants, FirstSpear has put together a special deal on a great, turnkey armor solution.

10×12 Level 4 stand alone plates, First On Vest, and 2 police placards for under $500 (shipping not included).

Available to all Police, Fire, EMS with appropriate credentials.

Contact them directly at 855.349.4820 or email sales@first-spear.com.

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