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Panteao Releases New Pat McNamara Video

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Columbia, SC, September 23, 2015 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the release of the streaming version of the new video, Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS.

Pat McNamara (Mac) has 22 years of Special Operations experience, 13 of which were in 1st SFOD-D. He has extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics.

With Carbine TAPS (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting), Mac introduces you to his performance based training methodology. He reviews carbine setup, the basics of rifle marksmanship, discovery learning, malfunctions, use of cover, moving with a rifle, the four shooting positions, his Bilateral drill, the Grid of Fire drill, the Grinder, the Turn and Burn, the Blaze X drill and more.

Filmed in UltraHD 4K video, Carbine TAPS is available streaming online for Panteao subscribers via the Panteao website, mobile apps, and Make Ready Roku Channel. The DVD version will begin shipping by October 1st.

Make Ready - McNamara

Panteao, Texas Armament & Technology And Aguila Announce Partnership

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Columbia, SC, September 15, 2015 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce a partnership with Texas Armament & Technology and Aguila Ammunition. Moving forward Panteao will be exclusively using Aguila ammunition during the filming of the Panteao instructional videos.

With each video title filmed, the one constant is the need to put rounds downrange. Whether Panteao is filming an instructor demonstrating a drill or shot placement, lots of live rounds are a necessity. Then there are the times the Panteao camera operators want that “money shot” and need to shoot high frame rate video. Again, more ammo must be sacrificed for the greater good. Equally important for Panteao is the quality of the ammunition. If the ammo doesn’t work because of a bad primer or other defect, then a scene must be reshot. Time is money on the production set.

“Aguila Ammunition is proud to be the exclusive ammunition sponsor of Panteao Productions instructional videos. Fernando, the production crew and the trainers work incredibly hard to produce the most informative, educational and valuable training tools available today,” said Kristi Drawe, Director of Marketing at Texas Armament & Technology.

“With Aguila, we know we have high quality ammo that is consistent and reliable for our filming purposes. Reliability means less reshoots and more efficiency when we’re filming,” said John Tormey, Director of Photography at Panteao.

Panteao, TX Armament & Technology, And Aguila

Paul Howe : Combat Mindset – Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Monday, August 24th, 2015

MSG Paul Howe (USA, Ret) is a special operations veteran and owner of Combat Shooting And Tactics. When Paul talks, I listen.

To see Paul Howe’s entire presentation visit,

Train With The Panteao Instructors At The Panteao Facility In SC

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Columbia, SC, August 17, 2015 – Panteao is happy to announce that starting in September, we will be offering training classes at our Swansea, South Carolina facility. These classes will be taught by the same Panteao instructors that appear in our instructional videos. This will give you the opportunity to not only train with one of the instructors in person, you may also end up appearing in an upcoming Panteao video.

The facility is a 15 minute drive from the Columbia Airport (CAE) and 90 minutes from either the Charlotte (CLT) or Charleston (CHS) airports. Access is easy from I-95, I-20, I-77, and I-26.

For more information about the classes currently scheduled, visit the Panteao website at:

Make Ready Training

New Jeff Gonzales Instructional Video From Panteao Productions

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Columbia, SC, August 17, 2015 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the release of the first video title from Jeff Gonzales: Concealed Carry TTPs.

Jeff Gonzales heads up the staff of diverse trainers and instructors for Trident Concepts, LLC, a reality based company specializing in personal protection tactics and training for armed and unarmed conflicts. Jeff was a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL and has worked in a variety of environments and capacities throughout the globe. In this video Jeff reviews concealed carry tactics, techniques, and procedures. He goes over situational awareness, everyday carry practices, conflict resolution, the threat matrix, and contact with on duty police. He also reviews handgun and ammunition selection, belt and holster selection, clothing selection, methods of carrying concealed, drawstroke techniques, reloads, defeating multiple cover garments, and more. Jeff presents you with a straight forward approach to concealed carry.

This is the first instructional video from Panteao filmed in Ultra HD (4K) resolution. The video is available streaming in UltraHD and HD for Panteao subscribers from the Panteao website. The DVD version will commence shipping in 5-7 days.

Jeff Gonzales

Product Page for Jeff Gonzales: Concealed Carry TTPs:

Panteao Establishes Facility In South Carolina

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Columbia, SC, August 6, 2015 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce that moving forward, Panteao’s Make Ready Series of instructional videos will be filmed in South Carolina.

After five years of filming the majority of the Make Ready videos near the Seminole Reservation in Big Cypress, Florida, videos will now be filmed at the Sandlapper Gun Range in Swansea, South Carolina.

“While we loved the facility in Big Cypress it was a trek each day to get to and from the range. That made for early mornings and late nights every day because of getting to/from the facility”, said John Tormey, Director at Panteao. John continued, “While the instructors and crew held up fine through it all, we knew we needed to secure a facility with easier access. Equally important, we needed a facility closer to our base of operations.”

Fernando Coelho, president of Panteao Productions, added, “The nine hour drive from South Carolina to Florida did get a little played out after doing it for five years. Now we are able to do more right here in South Carolina. While we will still be filming some training videos and documentaries on location around the country, this will help make the bulk of our shoots much more efficient.”

In addition to filming instructional videos at the new facility, Panteao will be offering training classes taught by the Panteao instructors. “Since we are already bringing the instructors to our facility to film the Make Ready videos, it makes sense to have them stay a few extra days and teach a class. That also gives us the chance to film additional footage during the class,” said Fernando Coelho.

The new facility features a 600 yard rifle bay, a 25 yard rimfire bay, three 25 yard handgun bays, and a 360 degree tactical bay. In addition to the flat ranges, there are plans to construct a larger classroom, shoot house and Hogan’s Alley for both filming and training purposes.

The facility is a 15 minute drive from the Columbia Airport (CAE) and 90 minutes from either the Charlotte (CLT) or Charleston (CHS) airports. Access is easy from I-95, I-20, I-77, and I-26.

The facility will be made available to firearms industry manufacturers that wish to test their products in a controlled environment, away from public view, with the ability of having the testing filmed for in-house use. Manufacturers interested in utilizing the facility should contact Fernando Coelho at

Training Classes will be posted on the Panteao website and social media sites shortly.


New Mike Lamb Instructional Videos From Panteao

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Columbia, SC, August 5, 2015 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce two new instructional videos from Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures: Make Ready with Mike Lamb: The Complete AR Carbine and Make Ready with Mike Lamb: Active Carbine.

The new video titles are currently in Post-Production and expected to be released in August and September both streaming and on DVD. Filmed in Ultra HD (4K) resolution, the videos will be available streaming in UltraHD and HD for Panteao subscribers from the Panteao website.

Complete AR Carbine

Product Page for Mike Lamb: The Complete AR Carbine:

Active Carbine

Product Page for Mike Lamb: Active Carbine: