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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

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Bridgedale Special Operations Sock

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Bridgedale Special Operations Sock

The Special Operations Sock is fairly thin but the padding is designed specifically to support certain areas of the foot. Think of it as the 330 Revolution for the foot. It’s great for hot weather and Bridgedale recommends you use it as a liner sock for extreme cold weather. Designed to be worn with 8″ boots, it features Bridgedale’s WoolFusion blend and a 3 year guarantee.

Bridgedale Special Operations Sock-Sole

Available from Extreme Outfitters.

Slumberjack VariCom Sleep System

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Slumberjack VariCom Sleep System

The quest for a good night’s sleep is a constant battle for the Soldier. Slumberjack has used intelligent design engineering to enhance its five component Slumberjack Variable Component Sleep System (SVCSS) or VariCom System.

The flexible VariCom System consists of five interchangeable components, including the Delta 30ºF sleeping bag, the Gamma 0ºF sleeping bag, the VariCom Bivy and two compression stuff sacks. The system offers a temperature rating between 30ºF to -30ºF and even lower temperature ratings can be achieved if the system is used in conjunction with layers of extreme cold-weather garments. Both the Delta 30ºF and Gamma 0ºF sleeping bags feature Climashield Combat insulation and double-offset, differential-cut construction, which eliminates cold spots. Each bag has a nylon, ripstop outer and interior liner for durability and compactibility. The Delta sleeping bag comes with an Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) hood, which provides coverage around the head, yet reduces sound-blocking fabric around the ears. This patent-pending hood maximizes awareness levels when sleeping in hostile conditions. Slumberjack offers an optional anti-microbial VariCom Bag Liner, which provides moisture management for warm nights and extra insulation for cold nights.

In addition to the sleeping bags, the VariCom System comes with the VariCom Bivy, which keeps the user dry in up to 2 inches of standing water. The bathtub-style bivy incorporates a stuffable,
patent-pending Delrin® hoop, which keeps the mesh away from the face. The VariCom Bivy measures 35 inches by 86 inches and weighs 2 pounds. In addition to the bivy there is the optional No Fly Zone™, which provides light protection from flying insects. Its mesh construction provides full coverage around a sleeping bag.

Finally, Slumberjack offers optional VariCom Compression Stuff Sacks that are weatherproof and breathable (one for each sleeping bag).

The complete system weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces and compresses down to 11 inches by 11 inches when fully packed.

The SVCSS is available from Slumberjack.

Blackheart International Pistol Mag Storage Pouch

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Blackheart International

The best products usually stem from the simplest ideas. After spending day in and day out on the range the crew at Blackheart International came up with a simple pouch to organize magazines. Not does it allow you to organize your magazines by type (or type of ammunition), the velcro flap on the pouch also keeps them dust and grime free.

Blackheart International Pistol Mag Storage Pouch

The pouch fits easily in a range bag or can be used alone. Simple and effective.

To order, go to Blackheart International. While you are there check out their extensive line of manuals all written with real world experience.

Omega Aquatics Amphibian Fins

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Omega Aquatics Amphibian Fins

While this isn’t the type of thing one would normally expect to see on Soldier Systems Blog, equipment for Maritime Operations is pretty important for our Warriors who spend lots of time in the water. Anyone who has ever worn fins knows what a pain they are. They do exactly what they are designed for in the water but on land or transitioning through the surf zone they are mobility killers. Required for water jumps, fins normally must be taped to the leg and put on once in the water. However, the new Amphibian fin may be the answer to some of these problems. Omega’s Aqua-Hinge mechanism allows the fin blade to be folded up for moving in and out of the surf and snaps back into position with the first kick.

As for the fins themselves, I will just let this diagram explain all about them.

Omega Aquatics Amphibian Fin Features

Interested parties contact Omega Aquatics.

All photos property of Omega Aquatics.

Mirrorsight Tactical Barrel Mount Kit

Thursday, July 10th, 2008


Essentially the Tactical Front Barrel Mount is an easily mountable, snap on mirror for the weapon. Intended for personnel conducting searches and MOUT operations, the TBM is designed to position the mirror at 6:00 o’clock under the barrel so you can then “roll” your weapon onto its left or right side as you need to alternate between opposing corners as you move down a hallway or to search vehicles. The mirror is a very durable ballistic polycarbonate with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, and features a hard cover for total protection.
TBM Cover

– Enables the Operator to see around corners & entryways, up & down stairways, and over barricades
– Safely locate an active shooter
– TBM is a clip-on hardened spring steel bracket
– Quickly snap on the 3”x 4” Polycarbonate mirror for “hands-free” use
– Attachable wide angle convex mirror, ideal for alley, corridor, and vehicle searches


The TBM is available from Mirror Sight.

Cejay Engineering Combat ID Markers

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Phoenix Jr Light

If you have been around the US military for awhile you are probably familiar with the issue strobe light. Originally designed for use by downed Airmen and other isolated personnel, it is bulky and early versions were more suited to Civil Search and Rescue than Combat Search and Rescue. However, it does the job; marking friendly troops. In 1984 the Phoenix light came along, a no frills IR beacon that attached directly to a common 9-volt battery and a flash rate intentionally designed to avoid confusion with small arms fire. Weighing in at 1 ounce, the Phoenix light has seen duty marking personnel, perimeters, drop zones, and vehicles. Due to its low cost and simplicity, the Phoenix Jr is still the most widely used electronic combat ID marker in the world.

Pegasus 2

Later, a certain user community required a beacon with multiple pre-programmed flash patterns including an option to program unique patterns in the field. The Pegasus 2 was born. The form factor hasn’t changed much, but the capability has. The Pegasus 2 has three user-selectable six second flash patterns; the first code pattern is a fixed flash rate code identical to the Phoenix Jr., the second code pattern is a International Morse Code signal (S – O – S) and the third is installed as needed by the user in the field. Note the pins along the top of the beacon. By shorting across these pins the user can select pre-programmed patterns or input new ones.

Pegasus K9 Warrior

So what’s next in the world of beacons? Cejay has just released a new beacon for working dogs, the K-9 Pegasus Warrior beacon. Designed to be worn on the dog’s collar, it is intended to help track working dogs while they are off-leash. In many situations, it is a major relief to know who the friendly K-9s are.

There are three models: Red, NVG Green, and IR.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Cejay Engineering’s products in future articles here at Soldier Systems Blog.

For more information on the Phoenix Light as well as other products visit Cejay Engineering.

All photos are courtesy of Cejay Engineering. Note: Export Notification: Infrared Variants of the described products are regulated by the U.S. State Department in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation [ITAR] per title 22 code of federal regulations parts 120 – 130. Some Cejay products are available only to military and Law Enforcement personnel.

Wilcox Industries Mission Helmet Record System

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Wilcox Industries

“Modular by Design” is Wilcox Industries’ motto and none of the products in their impressive line has exemplified this trait more than the new Mission Helmet Record System. Designed for units that need to record vital mission data, such as information collected on a Sensitive Site Exploitation raid, the MHRS integrates both day and night cameras to record up to 8 hours of video.

Wilcox Mission Helmet Record System

Best illustrated in the pic below, the MHRS consists of the following components:
– NVG Mount
– Mini Daytime camera with 3 LED Light System
– Recording Module w/ 8 Gb Compact Flash Drive
– Modular Power Track
– Power Supply Module
– NVG Lanyard System
– AN/PVS-15/17 Eyecup Interface with Prism and Mini Night-time Camera
– Microphone

Wilcox Mission Helmet Record System

The system may be configured with all of the components or a combination best suited to the mission and will fit any standard helmet including the SOF and Gunfighter cuts. The entire camera and light package fits behind the night vision mount and the onboard LED light allows the wearer to choose from IR, blue, and white light. The Modular Power Track accepts a variety of accessories including IFF devices as well as extra Power Supply Modules.

Wilcox Power Supply Module

The Power Supply Modules come in standard size accommodating two A123 batteries and extended mission which holds four A123s. They utilize the same plug as the AN/PRC-148 battery pack which can come in very handy.

Wilcox has recently made a concerted effort to expand their network of distributors in order to reach out to a larger audience.

For more info contact Wilcox Industries.