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Magpul MOE Illumination Kit

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The MOE Illumination Kits from Magpul have started shipping to dealers. Designed to integrate with the MOE and ACR hand guards, the kit is designed to accept Mil Std 1913 rail compatible lights and contains a short rail section, cantilever rail mount, two Surefire optimized pressure switch pad mounts (both old and new styles), and all mounting hardware.

PM Soldier Weapons Issues Sources Sought Notice for Individual Carbine

Friday, May 28th, 2010

PM Soldier Weapons has issued a Sources Sought Notice for weapon capabilities to fulfill the Individual Carbine role. As promised, it is not limited to 5.56 mm but any submission must meet international convention standards and they are open to accepting foreign systems. Offerors will need to submit the typical information such as size and weight but there are a few key parameters they are also looking for. For example, there is specific interest in improvements to zero retention and zero repeatability. They are also seeking information on factory capacity and anticipating US based manufacture by year three of production. The response date is 18 June, so they are moving out on this one but it is still a sources sought and failure to respond will not restrict a company from submitting to a full solicitation should it be released. However, the information they receive now gives the program management team an idea of the state of industry and can shape at least to some degree, how the solicitation is written.

To read the entire Sources Sought Notice visit

Thanks to DMR for the heads up.

TNVC Introduces New PVS-14 Mount

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The TNVC TM14 is a lightweight, low profile mounting solution for the standard issue AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular. It is designed to allow rapid attach and detach from the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base. It clamps around the PVS-14 Objective Lens Locking Ring and has a low-profile footprint for interfacing with the Aimpoint Twist Mount base. The footprint faces forward under the objective lens, allowing the operator to quickly and easily index the unit into place. Its low profile ring locks with a single machine screw located at the base, leaving an uninterrupted band around the objective lens housing. This feature keeps the TM-14 from interfering with the Gain Knob and IR Illuminator.

The purpose of the TM14 is to provide an ultra-fast and secure method of transitioning the PVS-14 between helmet and weapon mounts. The placement of the adapter allows both the TM-14 and J-Arm to stay on the optic at all times and means you can transition the PVS-14 in seconds and with only one hand! The modern battlefield is proliferated with bad guys wearing night vision. More and more, the Warfighter and Law Enforcement Professional must employ night vision systems in a passive mode as IR lasers broadcast their position from exceedingly long range. The ability to transition from active to passive NV is essential, allowing the good guys to stay a step ahead.

Infidel Caps

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Our friends at Tactical Tailor recently surprised us with a package containing a couple of hats from Infidel Caps. It was like Thunderdome around here while everyone jockeyed for their position to yank a cap from the box. Needless to say, Infidel Caps are quite popular here at SSD. They sell unique caps as well as various Mil-Spec Monkey morale patches.

The Operator-style cap features the title “Infidel” across the front in an Arabic script inspired font. The cap also has a 1″ x 1″ section of velcro on the top of the crown top to attach IR tabs. At the rear of the cap is the coolest feature. It is a 2″ x 3.5″ velcro patch for morale patches but has been embroidered with Infidel in Arabic. A new option replaces the rear velcro patch with the phrase, “I Speak Al-Qaeda Click, Click – Bang.” The caps are made in the USA. Their flagship Operator-style Infidel Cap is available in a variety of colors but unfortunately MultiCam is sold out until mid-summer. However, due to popular demand you can pre-order.

Big F’ing Sale at Grey Group

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Grey Group just posted a teaser on their Facebook fan page about an impending Memorial Day sale, referred to as a “Big *expletive deleted Sale”. I called Grey Group to find out what was up and they spoke to me about the meaning of the holiday and that this is one way they can give back. No firm details were released but they did mention that it would begin Saturday and would be very generous including high end brands. Stay tuned for details as they emerge.

UNICOR Suspends Helmet Production

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Rep. Chris Carney from Pennsylvania’s office issued a statement that Federal Prison Industries aka UNICOR has ceased production of ballistic helmets and waived right of first refusal for future helmet bids. UNICOR enjoys preferential treatment in contracting for many items purchased by the federal government. In addition to manufacturing the more than 44,000 Advanced Combat Helmets recently recalled by the Army, UNICOR currently holds two helmet contracts. One contract with the Army is for 600,000 ACH and the other with the Marines is for 100,000 lightweight ballistic helmets. In both cases helmets have failed to pass first article testing and consequently not a single helmet has been delivered for either contract, both of which are 18 months overdue.

Beez Combat Systems LBAV

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

SOCOM might still be seeking a new Low Visibility Body Armor Vest but you can buy Beez Combat System’s version right now. The BCS B (BALCS) LBAV low profile carrier accepts BALCS cut soft armor inserts and SAPI plates and the front and back external plate pockets allow easy access. The LBAV is perfect for use with a chest rig or ops where concealment is paramount. The Berry Compliant carriers are available in MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, UCP, and Black.

Army Helmet Recall – the Plot Thickens

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Last week we began to hear some rumblings from industry that the Advanced Combat Helmets sold to the Army by ArmorSource were actually produced by sub-contractor UNICOR (federal prison industries). UNICOR has first right of refusal for numerous commodities purchased by the government. For example, try to buy office furniture for a government building without going to UNICOR first. UNICOR is no stranger to manufacturing helmets, nor to making a mess of the deal. Some PASGT Helmets produced by UNICOR between 1980 and 2006 were found to have been incorrectly manufactured with not enough Kevlar. At that time, UNICOR was working as a sub-contractor to produce helmets for Sioux Manufacturing Corporation. So, unfortunately for ArmorSource (formerly known as Rabintex USA), the Army’s statement last week about removing the helmets from service makes it seem that they are under investigation by the Department of Justice. Perhaps they are, but the investigation is being handled by the US Attorney for Eastern Texas which also happens to be near the UNICOR facility in Beaumont, Texas that produced the helmets in question. This makes it seem to be a UNICOR-centric issue and begs the question whether UNICOR has any business manufacturing personal protective equipment for the military.