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Steadicopter to Present Comprehensive Sensor-to-Shooter Solution Capabilities for Maneuvering Forces Utilizing its Unmanned Helicopters Systems

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

With both the Golden Eagle and the Black Eagle, forces can achieve remote terrain dominance and pinpoint accurate lethal capability over land and sea.

AUSA 2023, 9-11 October, Washington DC, Hall C Stand 3625

04 October 2023. Steadicopter, a leader in the Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) industry, to present, for the first time in the US a comprehensive sensor-to-shooter solution capabilities based on its RUAV platforms: the Golden Eagle with precise strike capabilities and the Black Eagle family for accurate ISR operations.  

Based on the combat-proven Black Eagle 50 Electric platform, the Golden Eagle incorporates AI-based technology, and a uniquely Airborne Remotely Control Weapon System (ARCWS). AI-based technology enhances situational awareness and enables autonomous multi-target classification and tracking, while the ARCWS locks on the target, tracks it, and ensures precise target engagement.

The Golden Eagle integrates the Smartshooter’s SMASH Dragon system – A unique stabilization concept with proprietary target acquisition, tracking algorithms and sophisticated computer vision capabilities that allow accurate hitting of static and moving targets. The system can utilize various types of weapons such as 5.56 – 7.62mm rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm grenade launches and others, providing tactical maneuvering forces with remote terrain dominance and pinpoint lethal accuracy.

Using advanced data processing, the AI system autonomously identifies and distinguishes between different types of targets, including individuals and vehicles, whether they are in motion or stationary. It can also determine if they have been previously present in the field.

Lightweight and thereby enabling long mission endurance, the Golden Eagle is extremely cost-effective, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

The Black Eagle 50 (BE50) is a true game-changer for uncrewed operations, providing forces with the most cost-effective, superior-high-quality real-time ISR solution, over land and maritime domains, by enabling a unique combination of impressive covert flight endurance and an exceptionally versatile sensor suite. With its open architecture modular design, the BE50 accommodates the latest mission payloads, such as EO/IR, SAR, Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR), SIGINT, AIS receiver, tactical communication relay, cargo delivery and more.

With a near-to-zero operational, maintenance & logistic footprint, the BE50H provides wide-area persistent surveillance and coverage for long durations and has all the advantages of the rotary-UAS, such as persistent hovering, enabling additional concepts of operations for many mission applications.

Both systems withstand harsher weather conditions and can carry and fly with heavy and asymmetric payloads.

“Steadicopter is proud to introduce, for the first time in the United States, its advanced tactical unmanned helicopter platforms for precision sensor-to-shooter operation, with minimal collateral damage”, says Noam Lidor, VP Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Steadicopter.

“The company is a supplier of systems and services for the IDF and the Israeli Navy as well as for other customers around the world. We are eager to foster partnerships with various defense and HLS organizations in the United States as our systems are equipped with technologies tailored to the requirements of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, SOCOM and HLS users.” 

SIG SAUER at AUSA Exhibition: Booth #7701

Friday, October 6th, 2023

NEWINGTON, N.H., (October 6, 2023) – SIG SAUER will be exhibiting at the upcoming Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exhibition scheduled for October 9-11 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (WEWCC) in Washington, DC.  The SIG SAUER Booth is #7701 located in Hall D of the convention center.

SIG SAUER is proud to display a board depth of innovative products to support the mission readiness of the United States Army to include:

·        Next Generation Squad Weapons, XM7 and XM250 (NGSW): the SIG SAUER Next Generations Squad Weapons is currently undergoing initial fielding at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  The XM7 Rifle, XM250 Automatic Rifle will replace the M4, M4A1 and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.  The NGSW system will be displayed at the SIG SAUER AUSA Booth.

·        SIG 6.8mm Hybrid Ammunition: the 6.8mm SIG Hybrid ammunition designed and engineered to fill a capability gap requiring increased energy on target at range to defeat near peer threats. The SIG 6.8mm Hybrid Ammunition will be featured at the SIG SAUER AUSA Booth.

·        SIG SAUER MG 338: a belt-fed, lightweight, medium machine gun chambered in 338 Norma Mag, 7.62, and 6.8×51 NGSW Hybrid.  The SIG MG 338 is a man-portable platoon level battlefield solution with a similar effective-range to the M2.

·        Remote Weapons Station (RWS): SIG SAUER recently acquired General Robotics, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lightweight remote weapon stations and tactical robotics for manned and unmanned platforms and anti-drone applications.  The RWS system and system capabilities demonstration will be featured at the SIG SAUER AUSA Booth.

·        Modular Handgun System (MHS): SIG SAUER is proud to be the official provider of the handgun of all branches of the U.S. Military with the M17 and M18.  Currently there are over half a million MHS handguns fielded.  The MHS system will be featured at the SIG SAUER AUSA Booth.

·        ROMEO-M17 Optic: a direct pistol mounted red dot sight designed to fit the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System.  The fully sealed ROMEO-M17 is the next revolution in red dot optics and answers the call to withstand the rigors of the battlefield.  The ROMEO-M17 will be featured at the SIG SAUER AUSA Booth.

SIG SAUER AUSA Booth (#7701, Hall D)

Visit RD at AUSA

Friday, October 6th, 2023

See RD’s latest suppressors in booth #666 at AUSA next week in Washington DC.


B.E. Meyers & Co. Exhibiting at AUSA Meeting and Expo 2023, Washington, DC

Friday, October 6th, 2023

October 4, 2023 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc., a defense technology manufacturer specializing in advanced photonics solutions for military, law enforcement, consumer, and aerospace applications worldwide, will be exhibiting at the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition. B.E. Meyers & Co will be at AUSA Booth #3139, October 9-11, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

AUSA is the largest US exhibition specific to the needs of the Department of Defense, bringing together key stakeholders, businesses, and professionals from around the world. It serves as a valuable platform for networking, collaboration, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the field of defense and security.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bemeyers.com. Otherwise, please pay us a visit to see the latest VCSEL-based laser systems and more from B.E. Meyers & Co. including our signature Defense Systems product lines such as IZLID®, MAWL®, GLARE®, and BOARS®, or visit our current Defense Systems and Integrated Systems product catalogs at bemeyers.com/catalogs.


Visit Team CLAW in the Wilcox Industries Booth at AUSA

Friday, October 6th, 2023

Wilcox Industries has assembled quite a team to produce the CLAW helmet mount system for the US Army.

CLAW is a modular architecture which incorprates power and data for headborne systems.

CLAW is not only compatible with all Night Vision Devices currently in service with the US Army, but also with future systems like Integrated Visual Augmentation System as well as Night Vision Goggle – Next.

To see it in person at AUSA, visit Wilcox Industries in booth # 3819 at the Walter Washington Convention Center, in Washington, DC, October 9-11.

Galvion Demonstrates ‘Charge on the Move’ Vehicle Mounted Soldier Power Solution at AUSA ‘23

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Galvion, a world leader in power and data management solutions and innovative head protection systems, will be demonstrating their “Charge on the Move” vehicle mounted soldier power solution, in response to emerging requirements to provide power and battery charging to dismounted troops while they are being transported in vehicles. This announcement coincides with AUSA, taking place in Washington DC, 9-11 October 2023, where Galvion is exhibiting this system alongside their wider product offering on booth #618.

The foundation of Galvion’s Charge on the Move solution is the field-proven and widely adopted Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) in a vehicle mounted configuration in order to streamline the connection between the onboard vehicle power systems and Galvion’s personal-worn power and data systems. The SPM converts vehicle power for direct operator use and provides smart charging when needed— no need for a large generator or extra batteries. Input power can be done through NATO tactical connections, via DC “cigarette” plug adapter, or direct from the vehicle battery, on-board AC or solar. The system is compatible with most tactical vehicles currently in use. Working in conjunction with Galvion’s power and data ecosystem, dismounted soldiers connect into the system using Galvion’s Personal Worn Scavenger™ (PWS) via low-profile, sealed magnetic connection, which provides quick connect-disconnect capability day or night and while wearing gloves, and gives a more secure and robust link. Operators can keep radios and other mission-critical equipment running while simultaneously trickle-charging personal-worn batteries and equipment. Additionally, Galvion’s proprietary Nerv Centr® Application, an integrated capability with the 2-Port Power & Data Hub™ (PDH-2), allows operators to monitor power supply versus demand, enabling quick analysis of power requirements. Up to four soldiers can connect to the SPM simultaneously, allowing dismounted soldiers to step off the vehicle fully charged and ready-to-go.

Kristen Lomastro, President of Active Systems at Galvion, said: “This Charge on the Move solution further optimizes the functionality and efficiency of our power management and wearable power & data ecosystems, taking up minimal real estate but providing maximum value. System interoperability builds flexibility and agility for the warfighter and increases their ability to respond and adapt to changes in operational demands. Lessening the burden on the individual operator and unit, whether physical, cognitive, or logistic, drives everything we do at Galvion, and this solution ticks all the boxes to enhance performance and support mission success.”

Visit Gentex at AUSA

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

FibroTex to Launch Snow-Alpine Camouflage System at AUSA

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Winter is coming?  Winter is already here, and so are we!
(AUSA 2023, Fibrotex’ booth #245).

Fibrotex’ new Snow-Alpine (“winter-winter net”) and Woodland-Alpine (“summer-winter net”) has overcome the long-lasting challenge by defeating both UV and SWIR sensors in the Snow environment at the same time and providing, alongside our other combinations, two (2) different battlefields in one (1) single layered system. These new systems join our family of camouflage environments to create a full and complete “global” spectrum suite of solutions (wood/wood, wood/urban, wood/desert and desert/urban).

While the global warming affects every aspect of our lives with uncontrolled, unexpected, and certainly unwelcome weather, we must understand that as challenging as this could be for civilians, it makes it even harder and certainly more dangerous for our warfighters out there. As extreme as this summer was (or still is in some parts of the world), we should anticipate the same or worse for this coming winter and prepare for it already today.

FibroTex capabilities, through the ULCANS program (the US Army & Marine Corps Program of Record) provide the full suite of solutions: Visual and Nir-IR through Shortwave-IR, Thermal (both middle and long wave) and RADAR imbedded in ONE, single layered, Reversible (double-sided), Multispectral system. The Program includes a variety of applications from the individual level and all the way up to combatant vehicles, CPs, and anything else that would need to be or stay undetected.

With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and in other highly volatile regions in the world, signature management was deemed a vital part of today’s battlefield. With those lessons learned It is now a known fact that we need to make sure all our assets wherever vehicles, command posts or even individuals, Static and mobile, are given the ability to be concealed & protected against detecting sensors as such. Fibrotex’ ULCANS POR grants access to those readily available (all with NSN), tested & approved solutions.

As we move into winter warfighting and with a greater temperature difference between the human body/operating platforms and the surrounding temperature than in the summer wherever in Ukraine, Alaska or any other snow environment, this ability to conceal assets in Snow, Alpine and Arctic (SAA) environments is both harder due to the extreme temperature difference between the asset (individual or platform) and the surrounding environment and includes another sensor that the world has long forgotten about – Ultraviolet sensors (UV). Since providing all of the aforementioned sensors into one solution is already ‘not easy’ (apologies for our Engineering and R&DT teams for the use of this light term), adding the UV capability is not only very tricky but was also impossible to date. Not for nothing, the last Snow system was developed in 1972….  Needless to say, every sensor has improved since. Combining high UV reflectance, white colors in the Visual, high Reflectance in the Near-IR BUT low reflectance in the Shortwave-IR (SWIR) and still providing RADAR concealment (with the ability to keep communications on… as with our current systems already in service), the future of winter warfighting is now Finally here!

Come visit our stand at AUSA and see our new ‘winter collection’, our new Thermal Uniforms (yes…more to follow) and our full-spectrum Mobile solutions. Join us in our stand, Fibrotex stand #245 for happy hour on Tuesday, Oct 10th at 3pm.