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Agilite – Mohawk NORSK

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Mohawk NORSK Square

Agilite has just released a variant of its Mohawk Ops Core FAST Helmet Cover in Norwegian Woodland Camo for Norway’s Rigg As Tactical Group, a leading supplier of equipment to Norway’s Military. Norway was the first country to issue the Ops Core FAST Helmet wide scale for regular troops, and the Mohawk NORSK will bring helmet-borne functionality to troops wearing the National pattern.

“We enjoyed working with Agilite on this project to allow us to provide another unique high quality tactical product to Norwegian forces. The combination of our experience with Norway’s Military, Law Enforcement and Security units and Agilite’s excellent level of design and manufacture not far from Europe, is always a winning combination.”

– Joachim Riise, CEO of The Rigg As Tactical Group.

For more details and unit orders contact Tore Haugli at: [email protected] or check out www.rigg.no and www.armygear.com.

For Agilite Custom design projects contact [email protected].

Agilite – ICP Pouch

Monday, April 28th, 2014

IPC Pouch

The IPC Pouch is designed specifically to house the Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC). Lightweight and made from 500D nylon, the IPC Pouch is 10″ long, and features a rear loop for attachment to a belt or pack.

Available in Coyote Brown, Israeli OD Green, and Black.


New Camo Coming From Israel?

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

That’s the rumor.


Agilite shared this photo (it’s not the camo in question, we already asked) on their new Instagram page. They told us that something cool is coming this way within a few weeks so we’ll keep our ears to the ground. Until then, follow them at instagram.com/agilitetactical

Agilite – AK-47 Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch

Monday, October 28th, 2013

AA Pouch AK-47 Version

Agilite has expanded the Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch line to include AK-47 magazines. Made from 1000D mil-spec nylon with plastic hardware by ITW Nexus, the AK-47 Longtail is designed to hold two AK magazines. It also has compartments to hold chemlight pods, multitools, or other long items, an admin pouch, and a drop-down document panel. Made in the USA.


Agilite Systems Acquires Shiltex, Israel’s National Military Narrow Textiles Company

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

We received a rather interesting press release this morning.


Israeli-American Defense firm Agilite Systems has completed their acquisition of the business operations and assets of Shiltex, Israel’s national manufacturer of mil-spec webbing, paracord and other narrow and technical textiles, in the first change of ownership in fifty years.

Agilite Systems, who also own Agilite Tactical Gear, manufacturers and suppliers of tactical and rescue equipment to the US and other militaries worldwide, said they are excited about the purchase.

“We are proud to absorb a company with such a long-standing and prestigious history supplying the Israeli and other Defense Departments. Shiltex’s level of quality has always been unsurpassed and the Israeli Military has gone into battle with Shiltex products and components since before the 6 day war.” Said Dr Jerry Orlin, President of Agilite Systems. “We are pleased to be able to add more defense solutions, capabilities and technologies to our arsenal.“

Shiltex was formerly a powerhouse with a worldwide reputation for quality and a very wide range of capabilities. Not only did it produce mil-spec textiles that have been marched into battle on IDF soldiers’ backs for five decades but was also a major manufacturer of narrow textiles for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret, among others.

Shiltex has also produced high-quality textile components for implantable medical devices, robots and military radios.

The combination of Shiltex’s capabilities and experience and Agilite’s energy and 2013 approach all under one roof at a brand new expanded location in the South of Israel is expected to make Agilite the Israeli defense firm to watch in 2014. While the company remains tight-lipped about intentions regarding Shiltex, Agilite has already announced the planned launch of Agilite Outdoor, a new civilian diversification of Agilite’s existing brand.

There is already a very obvious shift in direction favoring braided products with climbing and tactical rope lines planned for full release in Q1 of 2014 and Agilite paracord which is available from this week. Shiltex are known to have developed ropes specifically for Israel’s top Police SWAT Counter Terror Force “The Yamam” which have never before been made available to the general public.

Shiltex, now Agilite are also the manufacturing technology behind the hard-wearing braided drinking tubes on Israeli firm Source Hydration’s drinking packs. The tubes in extensive use with the Military are incredibly popular and are seen by many to be one of Source’s major selling points over their primary rival, Camelbak.


Agilite’s Gear Used in South African Illegal Miners Rescue

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

We’ve received word that they’ve been adopted by military and Fire/Rescue units but it’s pretty to cool to hear about these Agilite products being used in a mine rescue.

Instant Harness 1

Innovative rescue products designed for the Israeli Army and top US Special forces were used in a dramatic rescue underground in South Africa yesterday.

At least eight people were rescued after a nightmare three day ordeal underground that left three dead, allegedly at the hands of an armed rival illegal mining crew.

Instant Harness 2

Graham Holmquist, from volunteer rescue organization, Riga Rescue, used Agilite’s “Instant Harness” a product that has become a must-have for many hikers, to lower a South African Police interpreter down into the shaft to communicate with the injured miners regarding the procedures to follow.

The Instant Harness is designed for scenarios where military, police, fire, rescue personnel or hikers require a harness without warning and without needing to carry a rapelling harness with them at all times.

“There was one point when we thought we would not be able to get the stokes basket safely into the mine shaft and we were going to use the IPC to extract the patients.” Said Holmquist who later tweeted:
“@Miracle_Medical I can tell you! That is one kick ass harness and every person in EMS, SAPS, FD, should have one”. on
To those unfamiliar, the “IPC,” known as “The Human Backpack” is another innovative Agilite rescue product that shot to fame when it was adopted by top United States Marine Corps units a year ago and a remarkable video showing the device in use with Israeli Commandos went viral. The IPC has even been adopted by disabled people.

“We have only been supplying Agilite equipment for a number of weeks now and people’s reactions to it have been both incredible and immediate. Clients in all sectors are now buying Agilite gear from us as its quality and innovative design is unsurpassed.” Said Jennie Greenhill of Miracle Medical, a distributor of emergency equipment in South Africa who supplied the rescuers. “The Agilite products come battle-tested but they’re already facing local challenges of a different kind here.”


Agilite – Turbulence Helicopter Retention Lanyard

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


Agilite Mohawk Helmet Cover Pics from High Risk Training

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

The recently released Agilite Mohawk Ops-Core FAST helmet cover is gaining in popularity. In fact, Agilite just gave us an exclusive that they have already teamed up with US Military helmet giant Armorsource LLC to design the MICH version of the Mohawk which will be available soon from Armorsource. We are big fans of what we are seeing with Armorsource.


These new pictures from High Risk Training in Ohio provide the first good look at the Ops-Core version of the Mohawk.


Despite only having been launched a month or so ago, the reaction to the Mohawk has been outstanding and according to Agilite orders are flooding in for them. Users really like the functionality and design of the Mohawk, particularly when paired with bump helmets where its strategically-placed mesh sections allow for the free flow of air as well as its built in accessory retention system.


“We like the Mohawk Helmet Cover because of its versatility and ease of conversion,” said HRT President Jeem Newland. “We operate in different environments so being able to adapt to that is key. We are able to go from a black helmet to a Multicam cover in less than a minute allowing us to use 1 standard helmet and accessories”


In fact, Agilite Mohawks are now SOE for all instructors and staff at HRT, all of whom have been handpicked for their background and experience in military, law enforcement, and technology fields to provide our students with the best possible learning environment.