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Ordering the Costa M&P9

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

ATEi shared some info about ordering the upcoming Costa M&P9. No details on specs or price yet.



Ordering of the Chris Costa M&P9 Pistols will be done initially by EMAIL. We think this will be the easiest and most fair way to go about this. How it will work is like this:
Our New website will go live with Pictures, Price and Full Description of both the Full Size and Pro Series Pistols.

THE DAY AFTER IT GOES LIVE At 12NOON EASTERN TIME (THE NEXT DAY)-If you would like to purchase a pistol you will need to Email us with your Full Name, Address and Telephone Number.

Our Web Site should be live September 20th 2012

No emails for orders will be accepted before September 21th 2012 12:00 noon Eastern time.

Any emailed orders received before this date and time will be deleted without notice.
Any emailed orders received without name, address and telephone number will be deleted without notice.
Time stamp for emails will be when I receive them on my end, not when you send it from your end.

When we have all the guns accounted for we will begin calling customers for payment and FFL information.

Limited to ONE per customer.
Please do not send more than one email.
Please do not call to see if “you got one”.
Please do not Facebook me asking if “you got one”.
Please do not be a clownshoed soupsandwich.

Chris Costa Announces RockTape as New Syndicate Partner

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Chris Costa has announced a new syndicate partner. I’ll certainly say that Costa uses what works. Below is the story of how he learned about RockTape and adopted it. The take away here is that for him, RockTape works but he doesn’t want you using it unless you need it. Otherwise, it would be like hobbling around on crutches when your ankles are fine.

For those that saw me earlier this year I was wearing an ACE wrap on my left arm due to all the shooting and ground work I have been doing this year. I just haven’t had a chance to give my arm a break and there is really no let up in sight. A student that does cross fit showed up in my class recently with this tape on her arm and when I inquired to what it was and did it really work, she wrapped my arm up with this product called RockTape. I, like many others, figured I would just fall victim to a placebo affect and believe that having stretchy tape on my arm was really helping me. I have to say I was dead wrong. My arm normally twitches when I shoot, that twitch was gone and my arm felt almost normal when I was shooting. It gave me support but also increased blood flow that is normally restricted in that area.

RockTape makes many different types based on how aggressive and what environment you may find yourself in, for example water they make a H2O tape. One of the cool things is that this tape lasts for about five days, and yes that means taking a shower with it on. Is RockTape for everyone, NO. Don’t wear it to look cool, wear it if you need it. There are many other applications based on problem areas with the body. Please stop by and check them out.


Costa – When Work is Play

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Chris Costa enjoying a day at the office. Jumping a Camo Rigs harness, he’s wearing a Bone Head helmet dipped by the guys at WW Guns, and fitted with Smith Elite boogie goggles.

LaRue Tactical Costa-Edition OBR Hybrid 5.56 Rifle Now Available

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Unveiled at SHOT Show 2012, the LaRue Tactical Costa-Edition OBR is a collaboration between the two brands to develop a version of the popular rifle that is set up the way trainer Chris Costa runs his.

This 5.56mm rifle is built to Costa’s specifications. It incorporates the popular and lightweight PredatAR chassis, combined with the accuracy and reliability of an OBR 5.56 barrel. It also features a 14.5” barrel that is pinned and welded with a SureFire Muzzle Brake. Furthermore, the entire frame is finished in FDE, KG GunKote with the “COSTA LUDUS” logo engraved on the left side of the receiver. Finally, Black parts and rail covers provide dramatic contrast.

It’s a great looking, well built rifle. Make sure you check it out at www.laruetactical.com/costa-edition where Larue has provided loads of photos. And, if you are looking to order one, you’d better jump on it fast. With only 125 to start withe they are moving quick.

Costa Talks Handgun Mods with 21CG

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

21st Century Gunfighter talks handgun mods with Chris Costa

Costa on Training

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Chris Costa discusses Costa Ludus and the challenges of training. Produced for Gun News Blog by our friend Ted Tae.

Costa Fires the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

On a recent visit with Falcon Operations Group, Chris Costa fires the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle (SOAR). The Rate Reduction System really shines in full auto fire as you can see here below.

In a nutshell the heart of the FERFRANS line of weapons is the Delayed Sear Activation System which is a mechanical device that reduces the cyclic rate of full-auto fire of the M16 / M4A1 type rifles from 850-900 rpm to 550-680 rpm. Military Morons has covered FERFRANS in the past. The coverage is about three-quarters of the way down the page.


Costa Sportin FirstSpear

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Chris Costa shared these two images of himself wearing a FirstSpear 6/12 Standhogg Plate Carrier. For those of you who are saying to yourself, “Screw Costa, what about ME?” please understand that he is wearing a pre-production demonstration sample and not a final product. Those will be available later this quarter.