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TreT – Ukrainian Parkour Dog

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

It’s amazing to see this K9 go head to head with a human Traceur in a Parkour run.


Soldier Dogs, by Maria Goodavage

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

War dogs have been a part of military operations pretty much since canines were first domesticated. Back in February we reported on the book Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage (original story). It’s out now, and the author has recently completed a series of radio and television interviews about the book (like this one on Fox and Friends).

“…The garrison were asleep after an orgy, the dogs alone kept watch and the fifty pickets fell on the enemy like lions; all but one were casualties. Sorter, sole survivor, retiring from the conflict, fled to town to give warning and roused the drunken soldiers, who came forth to battle. To him alone were the honors of victory, and the grateful town…erected a monument engraved with his name and those of the forty-nine heroes who fell.”  From an account of the Pelopponesian War cited in War Dogs, Michael Lemish

Soldier Dogs is a very good book, covering a number of different aspects of the Military Working Dog program, though if you’re looking for chapters and chapters about Cairo and canines assigned to USSOCOM you’re going to be disappointed. For obvious reasons there isn’t a lot of information about that side of things. Don’t let that stop you though, even if that was the catalyst for your interest in Soldier Dogs. You certainly don’t have to be a puppy pusher to enjoy it. This is a great read, covering dogs and handlers from the acquisition process to Lackland AFB to the Yuma Proving Grounds to paws on the ground downrange. There’s a full review over on Under the Radar, or you can go straight to the book’s official website and just buy one for yourself.




Garmin K9 Tracker

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

The Astro 320 from Garmin International was designed as a GPS-enabled tracking system for sporting dogs. However, military and LE K9 personnel might find the gears in their heads start to move once they take a look at it. Others may come up with some other interesting uses as well.

Compatible with Garmin’s DC 20, DC 30, and DC™ 40 dog tracking collars the new Astro 320 GPS receiver can up to ten dogs at once across up to nine miles in flat, unobstructed terrain with the optional extended range antenna. The waterproof handheld has a 3-axis electronic compass allowing you to accurately view the dog’s position when holding the Astro 320 at any angle, an internal vibration motor that supports silent alerts in addition to audible tones, and a keypad lock.

It features a vibrant 2.6” 65k color sunlight-readable display and built-in shaded relief world wide basemap that depicts basic geographical features. Additional mapping detail can be added by using the internal memory or a microSD card slot for optional products such as the subscription-based BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery or topographic maps.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of some of the Astro 320’s functionality.

The best place I have found to purchase Garmin products is from Strohman Enterprise. Owned by Lt Col Joseph Strohman USMC (Ret), the company supplies Garmin and Aimpoint products to LE & Military organizations as well as individual personnel. Joe and his crew are well versed in all of the products and can answer any questions.


Helo Casting K9

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

One of our readers sent us this DoD photo of a Special Forces Soldier helo casting with his K9 during Exercise Emerald Warrior 11. While the reader thought that it was interesting that the Soldier was wearing Five Fingers, we were more interested in the K9’s Bass Pro Shops flotation vest.

Thanks Anatolii!

S.O.Tech Canine Mission System Panel Review

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

S.O.Tech K9 Mission PanelDesigned for working dogs but useful for any canine handler or dog enthusiast alike, we took the S.O.Tech Canine Mission System Panel (MSP-K9) through its paces.

The MSP-K9 is intended to cover all your K9 needs in a single pack. Use it as an on-site hanging organizer, stand-alone pack or mission module for S.O.Tech Mission packs. We used it as a stand-alone on a few single-day hikes in the mountains of Colorado this past fall to see if it could earn its mettle.

With five interior zippered compartments and stuff-sack compartments featuring exchangeable Velcro label patches, the pack allows for full customization so you can build out your pack as you wish.

Two of the zippered compartments are removable and one of those doubles as a convenient fanny pack, perfect for first aid use. On the exterior you’ll find a clear vinyl window and large pocket perfect for storing veterinary records, maps and other quick-access documents.

K9 Panel First Aid kit

Futhermore, you are supplied with a 32oz lexan bottle, collapsible food and water dish, belt mountable treats pouch, and reflective nylon webbing adjustable collar (16-24″), and dual-handle leash.

So how did it do?

Well we built it out exactly as S.O.Tech has it pictured on the product page in keeping with the intent of the manufacturer and we were more than pleased. One might expect it to be uncomfortable as a stand-alone pack with simple nylon webbing shoulder straps, but that was not the case at all.

S.O.Tech K9 Panel Worn

Sometimes wearing only a t-shirt, the straps were more than comfortable. The 2″ shoulder straps are plenty wide and somewhat flexible too, so you never feel the edge of a strap digging into your shoulder. Additionally, the oversized zippers and pulls were effortless even with gloved hands toward the summit.

The belt-mounted treat bag was perfect for occasional treats and rewards, and the food compartment is a convenient zippered bowl that we simply detached and unzipped next to the collapsible water bowl until our Doberman had her fill when we stopped for lunch. Luckily the training aids compartment had plenty of room to include some people food and water in there too.

Over the course of a several hour hike covering a few thousand vertical feet, the pack was never an encumbrance and proved to be a well-balanced and organized alternative to the standard top-loading single compartment pack for any dog handler or enthusiast.

What would we change about it?

The pack itself is quite nearly flawless for its simplicity. We would like to see the seemingly purposeless top and bottom buckles a little heavier duty to provide an impromptu litter in the case an injured dog needs to be packed out. Otherwise our only gripe stands with the five-foot leash.

Test K9

The leash seems too short for proper handling and training as compared to a standard six-footer. The 18-inch secondary grab handle is mighty convenient, but when not in use continually slapped our test case in the face leaving us no option but to tape it down with tape provided in the first-aid kit. We would love to see a Velcro or button-snap securing of this handle when not in use. Additionally, S.O. Tech may want to think about a scissor-style hook clasp providing a much faster and unencumbered release of a canine than the standard leash hook.

Editors Note: S.O.Tech now offers 6′ leashes and is considering the author’s feedback for future iterations of the system.

This report was prepared by Correspondent Dave Eyvazzadeh.

TAG’s New Canine Vest

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008


We are beginning to see a lot more products on the market tailored specifically for working canines. Tactical Assault Gear has just released a new canine vest which is already in use by DOD canine teams, and various SRT as well as Border Patrol canine units.

TAG’s New Canine Vest

The vest is constructed from 1000D Cordura and mesh panels. It also features rigger belt style adjustment straps with metal buckles for durability, a drag/carry handle, PALS webbing, as well as an adjustable camera mount. Due to the construction details, the vest can be used to secure the canine while rappelling and fast roping.

TAG Canine Vest

Additionally, the vest is designed for freedom of movement by the canine yet maintain durability for prolonged operations. The canine vests are manufactured in the USA and can be custom fitted and adapted for specialty requirements.

TAG’s New Canine Vest

Available in Coyote, Black, Ranger Green, UCP, and Multicam. Contact TAG to order.
Photos courtesy of TAG.