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Lancer Systems 2017 Catalog

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017


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Check out the Lancer Systems 2017 catalog, which features their entire line of magazines, handguards, and rifles.

SHOT Show 17 – Lancer Systems Carbon Fiber Handguard & X-Cinch For SIG MPX

Friday, January 27th, 2017

MCX handguard

Lancer’s new MCX handguard is the only alternative to the OEM option. M-LOK compatibility allows for added accessory choices. Lancer’s MCX handguard, constructed from lightweight and reliable carbon composite, boasts suppressor compatibility, with around a 40% weight reduction as compared to the competition. Due to the use of composites, as with other Lancer handguards, such as their MPX handguard alternative, this handguard has a much lower rate of thermal conductivity. This allows for safer handling, as the handguard stays cooler.

• Available in 10.5”, 12“, and 18” lengths?• M-LOK compatible slots at 12, 3, 6, and 9 O’clock, as well as 45 deg offset faces?• Turn-key replacement for OEM handguard (no additional tools or parts needed) • Around 40% lighter than the OEM handguard?• Allows for use over suppressors with an OD less than 1.8”?• 1.5″ top rail included, or an upgrade to 3″ (all), or 4.5″ (12 & 18”) is available

Lancer Systems’ goal with their MCX handguard design is to provide recreational and professional shooters with a product that aids their performance, with apparent quality. Dean DeTurk, a sponsored competitive shooter said, “the light weight and durability of the carbon fiber, and the adaptability and cooling properties of the (design) provides me with a comfortable and quick handling rifle that enables me to compete at the highest level.”

MPX X-Cinch

A convenient, molded cinch enabling the user to double their on-weapon capacity and quicken reload time. Made from durable reinforced nylon and engineered to engage with locking ribs, this X-Cinch reflects the quality you’ve come to expect from a Lancer product.

• For use with 10/20-round and 30-round magazines?• Tool-less, thumbscrew assembly?• Locking ribs designed to mate with magazine texture to provide a secure fit

The goal of the cinch was to create a handy way to double the MPX’s capacity. This could be useful for both recreational and professional applications. Marine Infantry veteran Sean Burke commented, “this (X-Cinch) is useful because sometimes you don’t have the ability to carry additional magazines on your person, and the cinch provides security forces, or other individuals, the ability to decisively respond to threats with only the ammunition immediately available, on the weapon.”

Ross Botha Joins Lancer Systems

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Lancer Systems is proud to announce that Ross Botha has joined their team as Director of Government and International Sales.

Lancer Systems is an engineering-driven company. Their goal is to provide total engineered solutions; applications assessment, component design & development, validation and manufacturing. Lancer Systems aim to fill capability gaps for the military, law enforcement agencies, OEMs and end users across the defense, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. Lancer’s facility has a Type-07 Federal Firearms License as well as an SOT allowing them to manufacture firearms as well as NFA items. Lancer Systems designs, develops and tests all advanced weapons and components in-house. Lancer Systems is well known for their L5AWM and L7AWM ultimate hybrid magazines for military self-loading type rifles.

Ross comes from a military background and has been involved in the defense industry for well over 20 years with much of this time as Director of Training for a large defense related training provider in Southern Africa. After relocating to the United States, Ross continued this involvement and worked as law enforcement/military sales associate, Director of Training and National Sales Manager and Industry Expert, Training and Development for well-known defense companies such as Cor-Bon, SAGE International and SDI, Inc.

Ross says “My goal is to continue building Lancer Systems’ first class reputation as cutting-edge manufacturer, effective top-tier supplier and innovator of products that keep Americans and our friends internationally, safe; in a progressively hostile and dangerous world”.

Ross is an ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) and NRA (National Rifle Association) Member. He carries qualifications amongst others from:
• International Firearms Training Academy
• International Training Academy
• Defense Training International
• Behavior System Development
• South African Defense Force
• South African Police Service
• Personal Defense Systems
• University of South Africa

This is great news. Congratulations to Ross as well as Lancer Systems!

Lancer Selects Tim Bailey & Associates, Inc., Plans for Continued Growth in 2016

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Quakertown, PA – March 9, 2016 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components engineering company, today announced it has selected manufacturer representative group Tim Bailey & Associates (TBA) to represent its Advanced Weapons & Components business, and grow Lancer’s dealer and distributor networks in the U.S. and Canada.In business since 1973, TBA covers 30 contiguous states in the U.S. and all of Canada for many of the country’s top sporting goods and outdoor companies. TBA will support several of Lancer’s largest distributors and dealers, including MidwayUSA® and Brownells®.

“We’re pleased to welcome Tim Bailey & Associates to our team,” said Bill Meiklejohn, president, Lancer Systems. “TBA’s entrepreneurial spirit and professional attitude will be great assets as we continue to grow and increase accessibility of our rifles and accessories.”

Lancer Systems – One Piece Adaptive Magwell

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

adaptive magwell one-piece

Lancer Systems’ One Piece Adaptive Magwell is now available. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the Adaptive Magwell is an easily installed component which increases the diameter of the magwell and trigger guard area of the AR-15 platform.


With its funnel-like design, the Adaptive Magwell is engineered to significantly reduce load times for the user. It will fit on MilSpec 5.56 AR-pattern lower receivers and requires no tools to install. Additionally, it only adds 2.145 ounces to the total weight of the weapon.

SHOT Show – Lancer Introduces 25 Rd 7.62mm L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine

Thursday, January 29th, 2015


Lancer Systems has introduced a 25 round version of their excellent 7.62mm L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine. Like its 10 and 20 round counterparts, the new higher capacity model incorporates a stainless front guard and rear feed lip insert into the polymer body to increase reliability.

Lancer Releases One Piece Adaptive Magwell

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Back in November I got a chance to check out Lancer’s Adaptive Magwell. Initially developed as a two-piece item, Lancer Systems created a few one-piece models to demonstrate to the US Army as a simple add-on to existing mil-spec M4/16 rifles. Now, the one-piece variant is available as a production item. Installed with a cartridge tip, it’s a great way to incorporate a flared magwell into existing mil-spec weapons without having to replace the lower receiver. I’ve tried it and with minimal practice, you can easily insert a magazine without having to bring the weapon up into your workspace to take a look at what you are doing. Sure, the Luddites will say that you can get there with a standard magwell and they are right, but the flare makes it a lot easier. The Adaptive Magwell slides onto the rifle’s existing Magwell and detent at the rear of the Adaptive Magwell fits into the front of the trigger guard to hold it fast.

Component to Debut at SHOT Show 2015, Lancer Booth #7503

adaptive magwell one-piece

Quakertown, PA – January 13, 2015 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components engineering and manufacturing company, today announced the release of the one piece Adaptive Magwell, a simple, easy-to-install component engineered to significantly reduce reload times for law enforcement officers and Soldiers. The new magwell will debut at SHOT Show 2015 in Lancer’s booth, #7503.

With its funnel-like design, the one piece adaptive magwell increases the diameter of the magwell and trigger guard area. The component is designed to fit Mil spec 5.56 AR style rifles with winter trigger guards and requires no tools to install. The adaptive magwell is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and weighs 0.05 lbs.

“A few seconds can make all of the difference for our military and law enforcement officers. The one piece adaptive magwell is a simple, cost effective tool that an officer or Soldier can quickly attach to his or her rifle without any tools to significantly reduce reload times,” explained Ty Weaver, director, advanced weapons & components, Lancer Systems.

Lancer is driving the weapon industry’s push for innovation through advanced technologies. The new adaptive magwell is engineered to reduce reload times, maximize reliability and exceed military standards. MSRP $99.99. Available March 2015.

Lancer Systems – Adaptive Magwell

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014


Yesterday, I had the chance to visit Pennsylvania-based Lancer Systems. All I really knew about them is that they make a great AR magazine along with some really cool 3-Gun carbines. Aside from with the carbon fiber furniture, the guns’ most prominent feature is the flared Magwell.


The thing about these Magwells is that they were originally a component in a modular lower receiver that could be swapped out for different degrees of flare. Think of this as a big funnel that, once you get your magazine into, it’s going to seat home and I can tell you, this isn’t some 3-gun gimmick, it works.


The story I’m told by Lancer’s Director of Advanced Weapons & Components Ty Weaver, is that someone with the Army saw this feature but mentioned that there was no way they were going to buy a million new lower receivers. That’s when the engineers at Lancer Systems went to work and developed the two-piece Adaptive Magwell which can be retrofit to any mil-spec AR lower receiver as well as few others. It will give your existing rifle that flared Magwell.


One thing that is required to mount the Enhanced Magwell is a standard AR-style triggerguard because the Magwell mounts into the triggerguard slot in front of the trigger. The two-piece design was meant to accommodate slight variances in AR Magwells. It’s available right now and mounts using an Allen wrench.


That Allen Wrench was a point of contention for GI use since most troops don’t run around with tools, so Lancer Systems came up with a one-piece design that can be mounted using the tip of a 5.56mm cartridge. Prototypes were made by welding the current two-piece models into a single unit. This eliminated the need for an Allen wrench.


You may also notice that the Enhanced Magwell opens up the trigger guard a bit which can help while wearing gloves. But, you’ll also notice it doesn’t widen the gap under the trigger so you won’t get caught under it.


Some readers may not understand the advantage to a flared Magwell, so now that we’ve talked about how easy it is to install, I’d like to explain what using it did for me during a range session. I ran numerous reload drills. I didn’t have to remove my carbine from my shoulder and put the Magwell into my workspace in order to see what I was doing out of the edge of my vision. Instead, I kept the weapon shouldered and was able to guide the magazine into the enlarged Magwell while keeping my attention on what was in front of me. For me, that was the huge advantage and sped up my reload times.


The Lancer Systems Adaptive Magwell is great for anyone that wants to incorporate a flared magwell into an existing rifle in order to speed up magazine changes. Because it allows the weapon to be returned to its original configuration by removing the magwell, it should be an attractive option for law-enforcement and military use. The two-piece model is available now and can be easily installed with the supplied Allen wrench. The new one-piece version which can be installed using a cartridge tip comes out around SHOT Show.

If all of that doesn’t sound good enough, how about this? It’s only $99.99 retail.