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Mystery Ranch – RFAK Is Now Available

Friday, March 11th, 2016

If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “what is in RFAK?” Turns out, the answer is simpler than I thought.

The new Removable First Aid Kit (RFAK) replaces the MR IFAK and was created at the request of a rather well known guy out of Camp Lejeuene.  It’s named Removable because it incorporates an insert which holds the medical items and can be removed from the pouch. 


Inside the RFAK, the medical contents are contained in an expandable bundle with elastic webbing and held to the pouch with velcro. The outside container is essentially a durable shell for the contents. A pull of the handle allows quick, one-handed access to all the contents. This allows for easier and quicker self-aid or handing off to a buddy.


Available Coyote, OD and MultiCam, the RFAK is available from

SHOT Show – Mystery Ranch

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

You’ve got to visit Mystery Ranch in booth #7409.  They are unveiling their new line of jump ready packs.  

Kent will show you his missing tooth and his new jump packs.  All you have to do is ask.

Mystery Ranch 2016 Catalog

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016


Click image to download PDF

Cordura Presents – Meet The Maker: Dana Gleason of Mystery Ranch

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

CORDURA features Mystery Ranch founder Dana Gleason in their debut episode of “Meet the Maker,” an ongoing series that highlights key brand partners and collaborators with whom the CORDURA brand has built long-lasting relationships during its 40-year history.

“CORDURA fabric has been the backbone of everything we’ve built for the last forty years,” said Gleason. “We’re proud of our long relationship with the CORDURA Brand, and honored to be the first featured brand partner in this great new series.”

OR – Mystery Ranch Mission Duffle

Friday, January 8th, 2016


Available in three sizes (90, 55 and 40 liters) the Mission Duffle from Mystery Ranch is offered in three colors (Redwood, Black and Nightfall).


The Mission Duffle is made from a TPU coated 1000D Cordura which makes it very water resistant.


There is a large, horseshoe shaped YKK zippered opening. 

At either end, there are zippered pockets for wet gear, dirty clothing or footwear.

Finally, you can deploy backpack straps from a padded compartment along the back of the bag.  Available late Summer, 2016.


I’d also like to congratulate D3 (Dana Gleason, III)  for winning a Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for the Sphimx & Mystic packs.  They are great packs and this is the first time that this award has been given to multi-generations.  MR founder Dana Gleason has won the award a couple of times in the past.


Here they are together.

USMC Snipers Select Mystery Ranch Packs

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Marine Corps Systems Command selects Mystery Ranch by way of DLA’s Tailored Logistic Support Program to provide the Overload pack

MYSTERY RANCH has been selected by Marine Corps Systems Command to provide their Overload pack for the Scout Snipers. The Overload pack is a unique carry system designed to securely transport all manner of crew-served weapons. Based on the carbon-fiber NICE frame, the pack folds away from the frame allowing weapons, etc to be attached close to the user’s back. Weapons are secured cross-carry, which allows for protection of a weapon’s optic while being transported and also helps conceal the sniper’s rifle from observation. Additionally, the pack can extend further to transport mortars, Pelican cases, ammo cans or larger gear.

“It’s great to see this come full circle for the Overload pack –its design began with the Scout Snipers. I’m proud that we’re able to help them be more combat effective.” said Kent Orms, Director of Gov’t Programs for MYSTERY RANCH.

The MYSTERY RANCH Overload has previous success with the Marine Corps; it and the 3-Day Assault pack have been the main issue packs for MARSOC since 2013.

OR – Mystery Ranch Is Back In Retail

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

One of the biggest stories of 2015’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is Mystery Ranch’s reintroduction of a consumer based, retail line. MR literally overhauled everything available commercially, and introduced new colorways with several completely new packs added to the line as well. This move means that the hunting and outdoor packs will be available through retailers all across North America. It also means that if you’ve been carrying a MR pack for work, now you can carry one for recreation as well.  


Mystery Ranch founder Dana Gleason and I talked about the expansion. MR has been concentrating on military and fire load carriage for the past 15 years and these new packs incorporate a lot of lessons learned. Dana related, “It has to carry the load extremely well. Our goal for outdoor is 45-50 lbs. Nobody is going to make a 75 lbs invisible, but we will make it bearable.”

Mystery Ranch – How To Pack An Elk: The Definitive Guide

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Mystery Ranch partnered with outdoor media group Montana Wild to produce a hunting film that details how to process and pack an elk. Additionally, the entire process was transcribed into a blog format, which can be read at the link below: