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Mission Ready’s No-Contact LLC Announces First Order of Riot Shield Covers

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

VANCOUVER, B.C. – December 13, 2016 – Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: MRS) is pleased to announce the initial order of its No-Contact Riot Shield Covers for use in a military application. Developed and fulfilled through the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Protect The Force Inc. (“PTF”), the modest sub $9,000 order of 12 units represents the official commercial launch of this now market-ready product.

The No-Contact Shield cover, upon activation, releases a strong electrical pulse and an electrical shock sound and spark that deters an assailant. Similar to stun guns, the No-Contact technology is uniquely engineered into a textile composite that can be applied into any type of shield cover, including riot control and correctional facilities types as well as other form factors.

Requirements for this unique patented technology have been established through a product development effort that was initiated in FY2016 and has resulted in further intellectual property claims being filed by the Company. This order further validates No-Contact as a less than lethal technology that supports the unique mission sets of those who protect us.

The manufacturing of the No-Contact Shield covers will be done at the Company’s PTF Manufacturing Inc. facility in Jacksboro, TN and the key electronic components will be manufactured at the Company’s laboratory in Boston, MA.
Francisco Martinez, CTO states: “This small but fundamentally significant order is a milestone for the Company and the commercialization process. We strive to meet the changing demands being placed on military and law enforcement personnel and we believe this product provides them with another tool to help them successfully complete their mission. In addition to the application for this order, we have developed No-Contact Shield Covers for riot control units and for correctional facilities.”

Mission Ready Services Acquires No-Contact LLC

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Mission Ready Services Inc announced today that they have acquired a 100% interest in No-Contact, LLC a research and development company focused on wearable technologies synthesizing advanced textiles with electronics and computation for personal protection and safety.

No-Contact’s technology is really cool. In January of 2010 we described it as “the stungun you wear“.

Founded by Adam Whiton, a PhD candidate from MIT, and apparel engineer Yolita Nugent, No-Contact’s proprietary technology known as Electro Muscular Disruption technology (“EMD”), was originally envisioned to protect women from sexual assault but security personnel and law enforcement officers soon realized it could also be used protect them when confronted with close-quarter assault situations. It delivers a high-voltage but low-amperage charge to deter, but not seriously injure, an attacker. They’ve worked out the kinks. It won’t affect the wearer thanks to a shock and waterproof barrier.

“We are excited to welcome Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent to Mission Ready and feel that their expertise will be instrumental in the Company’s many research and developments projects moving forward. This acquisition furthers our Mission to offer unrivaled products and services in the global defense, security and first-responder markets,” said Rod Reum, President & CEO of Mission Ready.

No-Contact brings a great deal of expertise in integrating electronics with clothing. The implications are huge for the military and law enforcement markets as well as for consumers.