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Redback One

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Spartan Village‘s PrairiefirePhoto produced this rockstar video for Redback One.

What do you think?

RB1 Combat Pistol Sights – Now Available

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Back in July we mentioned that Redback One was working with 10-8 Performance on new Combat Pistol Sights for the Glock. Well, they’re now available, in limited quantities.

They’re not even up on the site yet so if you’re interested in securing a set, you need to email Jason directly.


Monday, July 18th, 2011

Designed in conjunction with Jason Falla of Redback One, the Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier (ARAC) from SORD is a compact plate carrier, capable of holding soft and/or hard armor plates.

The cut of the ARAC allows maximum range of movement and does not hinder shooting positions like other larger armor carriers. If you’ve trained with Jason Falla, you know that mobility is a big issue for him. The ARACS includes a “Joey” pouch on the front with internal Velcro panels that will accommodate a variety of equipment options including an internal M4 triple shingle (included). Also included are are two different cummerbund options, one with top access Velcro pockets that allow for insertion of single M4 internal shingles (2 total included). The other cummerbund includes side release buckles for quick and quiet donning and doffing. Additionally, the ARAC is a releasable vest with a Teflon coated Stainless Steel cable that can be rigged for right or left hand release.

Look for it in A-TACS, MultiCam, Black, and SBC. The ARAC is available now for pre-order with a 1 September release date from PredatorARMAMENT.

RB1 Combat Pistol Sights

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Redback One’s custom designed Combat Pistol Sights are now in production and should be ready in a few weeks. At first they’ll only be available for Glock model handguns but they may add other pistols based upon demand.

According to RB1, they have been working on these sights over several months of T&E to find the perfect match of height, width and depth to produce a pair of combat sights that shoot Point Of Aim/Point Of Impact at all ranges out to 100m. They are being produced by 10-8 Performance who have a great reputation for producing quality sights.

Interested parties should contact RB1 to reserve theirs.

Cool Video – Redback One

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Our friend Ted Tae put together this cool video featuring Redback One. Then Chen Lee posted it on Youtube. It’s great to see so many friends working together.

SORD USA Announces A-TACS Clothing

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

SORD USA has just announced that they are now offering their Smock in A-TACS camouflage (NYCO) as well as MultiCam (NYCO) and Tan (100% ripstop Cotton). We have chosen to include a photo in Tan because the A-TACS pattern works so well it masks some of the smocks features.

Redback One chief instructor Jason Falla has been wearing the SORD smock for a few months now and everyone who has seen it has been asking where they can get one. SORD USA heard their pleas and has answered them.

The smock features ELEVEN pockets (five around the waist, four on the chest and two on each bicep). Rather than the wire usually found in the brim of the hood, SORD is using a tube to shape it. The smock also integrates pit zips as well as 1000D Cordura elbows as well as tie down points for gloves at the cuffs. When buttons are used, they are of the slotted variety.

Four chest pockets consist of two large pockets with button closure and two side zip opening pouches for easy access while wearing body armor or chest rigs with a single zippered opening on the left chest allowing access to garments underneath. The waist features five pockets with the center rear pocket being a larger poacher-style pocket.

Generous bicep pockets consist of a large zipper opening main pouch, with a smaller top opening pocket for range cards, etc. The outer face of the bicep pockets features a large 4” x 4” Velcro panel for attaching IFF, ANFs, etc. SORD has also included a cover spare panel of matching material for instances where the IFF panel is not needed.

Additionally, they will have the Field Uniform Jackets and Pants in A-TACS within the week. They are also currently updating their website with caps in 3 versions; SORD logo, Velcro patch and US flag variants. Finally, check out the US flag on A-TACS background.

To order your smock visit

SORD USA – It’s On

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The US subsidiary of the Australian gear company SORD (Special Operations Research & Development) has been around for awhile but it was more of a distributor. Now, all of that has changed with the launching of a production facility in Kentucky. SORD was originally founded by Australian Special Forces veterans and SORD USA is no different. In fact, you may have noticed some of the clothing and equipment being used by Jason of RedbackOne Training. It was manufactured by SORD and together they provide a single solution for both tactical equipment and training.

At the official opening of the 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Frankfort, Kentucky on March 16, Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, remarked that, “I’m pleased to welcome SORD KY to the Commonwealth as Frankfort’s newest corporate citizen.” “This new manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facility, the company’s first in the U.S., will have a positive economic impact. We’re pleased to partner with SORD in this effort to help bring dozens of new jobs to Frankfort.”

There is a lot of good that can come of this. Aside from the creation of new jobs, SORD has already shown that they are an international player in the Soldier Systems market with their win in the Canadian Modular Fighting Rig. Having a US facility will allow them to compete for US contracts with Berry compliant products. Additionally, they will be able to work more closely with US units to produce specialized kit in much the same manner that the support the Australian military.

Products will initially be available in SORD Base Color (SBC), Black, Multicamâ„¢ and A-TACSâ„¢.

Redback One SOF Combatives Course

Monday, March 21st, 2011

SSD is very excited to announce this course. Combining pistol, carbine, shotgun, and combatives into a single 7-day course, Redback One is hosting what looks to be the Ultimate Close Quarters Combat course in Virginia Beach, Virginia 4-10 June, 2011. While the main intent of the course is hand-to-hand combatives, it features two days of combat marksmanship at the beginning. The course is all about combatives teaching the student to rely on not only the primary weapon system, but also the secondary, tertiary and alternates as well. Furthermore, the course has been designed specifically for Special Operations personnel with a heavy emphasis on overseas direct action mission skills. This intense training package will be led by a Subject Matter Expert with multiple combat tours.

Due to course content it is restricted to Military and Federal Agencies and I know from discussing the training regimen with them that they would like to see unit/agency teams go through together. But they are also open to SMEs so that they can pass their knowledge on to small unit in-house trainers as well as formal instructors from military and government schoolhouses. For those of you who are interested in the particulars make the jump to the full article (more…)