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Redback One Zeroing Standards

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Redback One has posted the zeroing standards from their Carbine Operator’s manual. Redback One is a wealth of knowledge so keep up with their latest posts on www.RedbackOne.com.

M4 Iron Sights

To adjust elevation using the factory M4 iron sights, rotate the front sight using a sight adjustment tool, multi tool or the tip of a bullet. To bring the point of impact up, follow the arrow markings on the front sight base. Up will be clock-wise and down counter clock-wise. Each indent or click on the front sight will move the Point Of Impact or (POI) by 1-inch at 100-meters.

To adjust windage using the factory rear A2 sight, follow the arrow markings on the right side of the windage knob. To move the POI to the right, turn the knob clockwise. To move the POI to the left rotate the knob counter clock-wise. Each click of the windage knob will move the POI ½ an inch at 100-meters.

Moving the Group

Following the manufacturers guide will give the shooter the best results when making adjustments to the sight during the zeroing process. The shooter must determine the center of the group or, the Mean Point of Impact or (MPI) before making any adjustments to the sight. The pattern formed after firing is known as the group. The center of the group is known as the Mean Point of Impact. If after firing the first three round group it is determined that the MPI is a long way from the desired zero point, the shooter should make bold adjustments, using the manufacturers guide to move the group in the general direction of the zero point. Once the shooter is in the vicinity of the zero point, he can then use fewer click adjustments to make fine movements of the group until the correct zero is achieved. Remember, the value of the click will be reduced by ¾ when zeroing from 25-meters. Therefore, if the value of each click is 1-inch of movement at 100-meters, the value of the same click will be ¾ less or ¼ of an inch at 25-meters.

Redback One Launches New Site

Friday, February 15th, 2013


Redback One has launched an all new website with streamlined navigation.


The Training Industry Adapts to Ammunition Shortages – Redback One

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

First it was Magpul Dynamics, then I.C.E. Training, next we found out about Kyle Defoor and now Redback One has issued guidance to students that lower round counts are the new normal.

Revision of Redback One Course Ammunition Requirements for 2013

Revision of Redback One Course Ammunition Requirements for 2013 page 2

Redback Shooting System

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Redback One has shared an overview of their new Redback Shooting System with us. It is a total system that relies on measurable standards to ensure that students attain the knowledge, skills and attitude to safely and confidently carry, control, handle, and operate weapon systems. They offer competency based training at four levels from entry up to CQB and Home Defense proficiency. Additionally, RB1 will offer instructor level training.

Redback Shooting System


Coming Soon – Redback One Snakebite Kit

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


What can I say? I’m intrigued. Coming soon from Redback One.


“RB1” Limited Edition Aimpoint T-1 Micro 2MOA & LRP Mount

Monday, July 9th, 2012

UNOFFICIALLY referred to as the RB1 Limited Edition Aimpoint T-1 Micro, it features the new 2MOA red dot and is mated to an LRP Mount.

Redback One just received their first batch from Aimpoint Sweden. They are still discussing the availability of this product for commercial sales in the US. I am looking to upgrade my T-1 to the new 2MOA design so I can say that I’d like to have one. Who else is interested?

www.redbackone.com or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/redbackone.

New Patches from Mil-Spec Monkey

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Mil-SPec Monkey has intoduced a whole slew of new products including Stay Classy, RedBackOne Logo in 2 sizes, Goodguy, Instructor Patch, 2-Assterisk, Pegasus Unicorn and Modular Face set as well as Classic Snap Shackles.


Redback 1 Target

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Redback One released a photo of their new RB1 Combat Training Target, the ‘RB1 Skeleton.’ The concept came from Redback One and they enlisted the design genius of Steve Web St-Louis of Webtechgear to give it that perfect look.

It will be available for purchase in their Pro Shop soon.