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Kilted to Kick Cancer in the UK

Monday, September 24th, 2012

What do you get when you take “Kilted to Kick Cancer”, take it to the UK and then add a dash of MultiCam? You get this.

SSD reader SKN Neilson shared his project with us to participate in KTKC UK and do so in style. He created his own MultiCam kilt after reading about the 5.11 MultiCam kilt we mentioned on April Fool’s Day. Neilson’s was no fool’s errand tho. He put a lot of effort into it. For example, the sporran is a UK issue commander’s admin pouch with a KTKC UK’s patch velcro’d on it.

To support his effort visit It’s a great cause intended to raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer.

British Military Officially Adopts Brown Boots

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

We mentioned that the British military was looking to move to Brown boots for wear with their Multi Terrain Pattern uniforms last December but now it’s official. The new boots come in 5 models for different environments with two styles of each model. Lots of options there. Additionally, there are now both men and women’s sizing. And finally, Black boots will be retained for use with RAF and RAN Blues as well as ceremonial dress. What follows is the MoD’s press release.

The Ministry of Defence has signed a multi-million-pound contract for new boots for the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Armed Forces personnel will receive a new range of brown combat boots to replace the black and desert combat footwear they currently wear.

As part of a contract worth £80 million, troops will have the choice of wearing five different boots, depending on where they are based and what job they are doing. The five types available are:

Desert Combat: worn by dismounted troops conducting high levels of activity in desert environments exceeding 40 °C
Desert Patrol: worn by mounted troops, typically drivers or armoured troops conducting lower levels of activity in desert environments exceeding 40 °C
Temperate combat: worn by dismounted troops for high levels of activity in temperate climates
Patrol: worn by mounted troops, typically drivers or armoured troops conducting lower levels of activity in temperate climates
Cold Wet Weather: worn by dismounted troops for high levels of activity in temperatures down to –20 °C.

Each of the five boot types comes in two different styles, so personnel can wear whichever one is more comfortable for them.

Different foot shapes of men and women

The improved brown boots, which have been developed to match the Multi Terrain Pattern uniform worn by all service personnel, will be made in two different width fittings, taking into account for the first time the different foot shapes of men and women.

The new boots have been chosen after months of trials involving 2000 troops serving across the world in Kenya, Cyprus, Canada and the UK. The brown boots will be rolled out to personnel in all three services later this year.

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Peter Luff said:

“This contract will provide our troops with the high-quality footwear they need whilst on operations and back in the UK. Our Armed Forces will have more choice than ever before to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, whatever their role.”

Warrant Officer Class One Julie Lodge from the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Clothing team said:

“The boots we have now do the job well, but having footwear that is specially designed for female troops means we get an even better result, and marks a real development in the kit available to us. The new boots are very comfortable and fit so well I feel like I could run a marathon in them.

“We have had excellent feedback on the new boots from both male and female soldiers and we are buying a variety of styles to cover the full range of conditions we might encounter on operations, which means all our troops will have new boots for all seasons.”

The right boot for the right job

WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major Ian Wright of the Parachute Regiment took part in the trials and said:

“The choice offered to us with this new range of boots is fantastic as it means troops can find the right boot for the right job.

“It is important that we continue to feel comfortable in the boots that we wear and reassured that they are going to provide the right protection – and these new brown boots offer that.

“They performed well on the trials and I am sure our soldiers will be delighted with them.”

Black boots will continue to be worn with most non-camouflage uniforms and by units on parade in full dress uniform, such as Guards regiments on ceremonial duties in central London

Forces Focus – USMC and UK Jump Ops

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Marines and Sailors from 1st and 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies conducted a live jump with members of the British Army’s 148th Forward Observer Battery (Commando) at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, on June 15th. Years ago, when I was in the Army I went drinking with some of the members of the 148th when they and I were, by happenstance, all at Camp Lejeune on TDY. It resulted in one of the most epic hangovers of my life. The dive trip I took the next day at Topsail Beach basically sucked but I must say, those boys could hold their liquor and were some really great guys.

Forces Focus – UK Army to be Reduced by 23 Units by 2015

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

According to the British Army’s website, “The Army is to be reduced by 23 Regular units since the Strategic Defence and Security Review as part of Army 2020. The changes are due to be implemented by 2015, with the overall mandate to reach the capacity of 82,000 for the Regular Army and 30,000 for the Reserves by 2018.”

Read all of the bad news here, and here

Intelligent Armour UKSF Helmet Cover

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Intelligent Armour was approached by UKSF to develop a cover for the MICH helmet equipped with an Ops-Core VAS Shroud and Ops-Core ARC Rails. What they came up with looks fairly familiar. It is manufactured from a 2-Way stretch fabric and MultiCam mesh sides with printed Velcro loop on the top and rear.

Royal Navy Trials New Working Uniforms

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Royal Navy personnel are conducting wear test of a new new PCS working uniform aboard the new HMS Daring during its first deployment. This new uniform consists of T-shirt, shirt, thermal fleece and windproof jacket as well as trousers with slanted pockets to accommodate access while seated. There are also boots that feature zips as well as laces for rapid donning. The shirt’s collar can also be turned up and fastened instantly with Velcro to help protect from flame threats. Additionally, it’s in a new dark blue color rather than the light blue found on the current No 4 Dress. What’s even more interesting about this new uniform is that it is the same cut as the PCS uniform used by the UK’s ground combatants.

Further testing will be conducted aboard the Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster and the Trafalgar Class submarine HMS Talent.

Hat Tip – Strike Hold!

Intelligent Armour – Team Wendy Distributor for UK & France

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Team Wendy produces the Zorbium Action Pads (ZAP) that are the only US DoD approved padding system for ballistic helmets. Not only will IA offer the pad systems for sale but they will also provide them as an upgrade for their its MACH range of combat helmets.

Team Wendy
EPIC™ (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort)

Zorbium® helmet liner. Ideal for standard and high cut helmets

Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System
Zorbium® helmet liner with patent-pending Air Channeling. Ideal for standard and high cut helmets

Team Wendy ZAP Pads
Zorbium® helmet liner, 3/4 inch system authorized for all ground combat helmets

Altberg Leaning Forward In The Foxhole

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Anticipating a wholesale switch to brown boots for the UK military in order to blend in better with their new MultiCam-based pattern Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP), specialist cobbler Altberg boots has introduced several of their models in brown. For example, here is the Bergen, one of their rough terrain models.