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CJ Buck Inducted Into Cutlery Hall of Fame

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Co-Founder and President of the American Knife & Tool Institute Honored for His Contributions to the Knife Community

CJ Buck, CEO and Chairman of Buck Knives, Inc., Post Falls, Idaho, was recently honored for his extraordinary service and contribution to the knife community. He was inducted at the 2016 BLADE Show into the Cutlery Hall of Fame©. Active members of the Cutlery Hall of Fame elect an annual inductee by a vote prior to each show.

Hall of Fame member Goldie Russell, President of A.G. Russell Knives, and Jan Billeb, Executive Director of the American Knife & Tool Institute, shared how CJ Buck’s foresight and commitment in the formation and work of the American Knife & Tool Institute insured that a forum for the industry was in place to develop solutions to problems when needed.

“As an ambassador of the knife community and AKTI, CJ Buck has elevated the knife industry’s image to the greater world at large and fostered partnerships with labor unions, congressional caucuses and conservation and outdoor groups,” noted Jan Billeb.

CJ Buck challenged the organization to be multi-faceted and proactive – protecting the American heritage of knives in daily lives, promoting growth in the industry and encouraging the next generation of knife users.

“CJ’s grandfather Al and father Chuck, also Hall of Fame members, would be proud of him – the man he is, heritage he successfully continues and his accomplishments to ensure that everyone in the knife community can continue doing what they love – making knives and sharing them with others,” said Goldie Russell.

“The Cutlery Hall of Fame includes individuals who have had such a strong and passionate impact on the industry I love,” said CJ Buck, “and the fact that those same individuals have accorded this recognition to me is almost overwhelming.”

He added, “I continue to enjoy my involvement with the American Knife & Tool Institute and am so pleased with how much progress we have made by working together. From the closed and short-sighted 1958 Federal Switchblade Act to the visionary Knife Owner’s Protection Act, we have brought outdoorsmen and women together with the building trades in a frank dialogue based on logic and reason and not fear. We have partnered with legislators and law enforcement rather than just be adversarial and have brought about change in how knives are regarded. That momentum continues.”

ORSM – MoraKniv Eldris

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

MoraKniv is offered in the US through Industrial Revolution. At the OR Summer Market, theyv’e unveiled the Eldris, a compact, fixed blade knife that fits in a pocket or can be hung around the neck.

It has a 2mm thick, 56mm long semi-matte Swedish stainless steel blade, and a scandi ground spine that’s compatible with a fire starter. Two different polymers and a grip-friendly shape make the handle durable and easy to hold. A built-in click lock between the sheath and handle ensures the Eldris stays safely in place when worn around the 

MSRP: $29.99/knife; $49.99/neck-knife kit

ORSM – New Gerber US-Assist Knife

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The US-Assist. Designed and built in Portland, Oregon, this assisted-opening knife offers Gerber’s smoothest, most consistent deployment to date. Including B.O.S.S. Tech™, it features a ball-bearing system to reduce friction and provide stable performance for the long haul. Intuitively designed and painstakingly tested, the US-Assist is the next generation of the everyday pocket knife.

-Scratch-resistant, removable pocket clip can be carried tip up or tip down and won’t cause damage
-Dual ramped thumbstuds offer intuitive purchase and ambidextrous opening
-The specialty stone washed finish on the S30V blade has a timeless aesthetic
-The plunge lock and cross-bolt safety system ensures stable use in open or closed position

ORSM – Klecker Knives Stowaway Tools

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Klecker Knives continues to innovate with their Stowaway Tools. Consisting of 12 EDC tools which are designed to be configured as a customizable pocket tool box. It doesn’t matter what your EDC is, because you can configure it.

The Stowaways work with KeyBar, other Key Carriers and Carabiners as well as Klecker’s new iPhone 6 case.

Look for the tools starting next month. Very cool stuff.

RAIDOPS – Centuaro Knife

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


The Centuaro knife is a new design by Korean company RAIDOPS and produced in Viper, Italy. The Centuaro is a folding knife made of N690 steel, with a blade length of 3.66 inches, featuring a stone wash finish. The handle, roughly a half-inch thick, also features a stone wash finish. The Centuaro comes complete with a Cordura nylon storage pouch.

SOG’s New Videos Show How a Multi-Tool is for Multi-Tasking

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Lynnwood, WA. – If you had to pick one tool – and one tool only – to diffuse, ignite and open new possibilities in your life, what would it be?

SOG Knives & Tools knows. It would be a multi-tool. And there’s video evidence to prove it.

In a series of short videos produced by Hanson Dodge Creative, SOG shows viewers how to use a multi-tool for life’s everyday and-not-so everyday tasks.

If you’re looking for a scorching video, click here to see how your multi-tool can a start a fire.

Open this link here to learn how to, well, open up.

Click here for a snippet on cutting wire when it matters most.

Beyond x Bradford Collaboration Knife

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Beyond has partnered with Local Seattle knife maker, Bradford Knives to collaborate on an exclusive run of 60 Guardian 4 fixed blade knives. The limited edition Guardian4 is a 4-inch fixed blade made from sturdy N690 steel with a nimbus finish and features a custom contoured canvas micarta handle and a leather sheath.

The Guardian4 and sheath are proudly made in the United States of America.

Straight Out Of The Bronze Age

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

SSD Reader Heinrich sent us this great photo with caption. Thanks for the find!


While recently traveling in Vietnam, I found this Gerber Mark II Commando Dagger in a small provincial museum in Quy Nhon (Bình Dinh Province). It looks like straight out of the bronze age and must have a fairly spooky history. But since Gerber introduced the Mark II in 1967, the description of the museum is probably not correct. It would be interesting, what your readers, who may have served in this area at the time, can speculate about its origin.