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Ceramic Escape Knife from Gearward

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Seen here with other items, the Ceramic Escape Knife from Gearward makes a great emergency backup knife. The uses are limited but by your imagination.


As you can see, it can be also stored in a wide variety of locations on your clothing, footwear and kit for retrieval and use in the most dire of circumstances. Being ceramic, it’s also not going to set off magnetometers.


A simple storage compartment can easily be created with the aid of the CEK.


-Ceramic blade stays sharp 10x longer than steel
-Will not rust
-1.75″ x 0.4″ closed; 1.25″ cutting edge
-Weighs 2.5 grams – as much as a penny
-Made in Canada

Tactical Fanboy Reports – Swedish FireKnife

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

We picked up a couple of the new Swedish FireKnife from Light My Fire at the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Although we’ve only been able to try them out a couple of times, we are impressed enough to share them with you. Having a fire starter built into the knife’s handle is a pretty handy feature for a 72-hour kit knife. Additionally, Mora has an excellent reputation for offering quality knives.

Light My Fire x Mora

The Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife is a product by Mora and Light My Fire. The blade is 3.9″ and made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, with a Scandinavian grind. The handle is made of high-friction, TPE rubber, and houses a FireSteel Scout firestarter, which twist locks into the handle for convenient access, and can provide about 3000 strikes. This starter works when wet and at all altitudes, producing a 2,980°C (5,400°F) spark, which lights easily when struck by the flat end of the FireKnife blade. The sheath is made of polypropylene and has an included belt clip.

The blade handle and sheath comes in five colors: Black, Red, Orange, Blue, and Green.

- The Three Amigos reporting for Tactical Fanboy

OR Summer Market – Zubin Axe

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

The Zubin Axe caught my eye as I walked through the maze of booths in the three outdoor pavilions. It consists of a hiking staff and a series of optional heads that change the function of the device.


Heads include Axe, Saw, Slingshot, Spear and Fishing Spear.

OR Summer Market – Gerber Introduces Freescape Series

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Gerber introduced a new line of products called the Freescape Series. Available this month, the car camping line consists of Hatchet, Camp Kitchen Knife, Camp Paring knife, Folding Sheath Knife, Camp Saw, Camp Kitchen Kit, Flashlight, and two lantern styles.


The Hatchet’s sheath can be stowed in the handle for use so that you don’t lose it.


Below, you can see several of the new knives in the Freescape Series.


This video by Gerber gives you some info on the Camp Kitchen Knife.

Below, is the Flashlight which is a triangle shape so it won’t roll off.


Several of the items are already available including the Hatchet and Lanterns.

Both Large and Small Lanterns incorporate touch technology which allows you to turn them on and off as well as dim control with the touch of a finger.


OR Summer Market – Task Lab

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Task Lab offers three different cell phone based tool kits.


The TaskOne case incorporates 22 stainless still tools as well as two kickstands and a saws all blade mount. The knife blade is removable making it fully TSA compliant.


Go to the website for full details.

OR Outdoor Demo – Kindling Froe from Buck Knives

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Coming 2015, the new Kindling Froe from Buck Knives is part of the Comadre camp series which includes a hatchet and fixed blade knife.

16″ splitter for small rounds and kindling in 5160 spring steel with red powder coat for corrosion resistance. It’s finished off with Heritage Walnut handle atop the full tang design. It comes with a black leather sheath.


DPx Gear – Hit Cutter

Friday, July 18th, 2014

At SHOT Show 2014, DPx Gear introduced a new knife concept called DPx Centric which consists of a blade with a carabiner and a rotating, locking blade guard that forms the handle, eliminating the need for a sheath.


The DPx HIT (Handle Inversion Tool) Cutter is one of a new series of knives utilizing the DPx Centric system. Constructed of martensitic CPM S35-VN heat treated steel, the HIT Cutter features a blade length of 2″, with an overall length of 5.5″. The HIT Cutter comes with a soft leather embossed pouch.

Sneak Peek – Gerber GhostStrike Series

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


I got a chance to check out the new GhostStrike series from Gerber during my visit earlier today. Look for details soon.

Spartan Blades – NYMPH – Intregral Frame Slipjoint

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

photo 1

The NYMPH came about as a result of Spartan Blades wanting to produce a high quality slip joint folder, using as few small moving parts as possible. The resulting design features a blade made from S35VN steel in a Drop Point style, with a frame and clip made from 6AL-4V titanium.

photo 4

Spartan partnered with Les Halpern of Halpern Titanium to develop the locking system of the NYMPH, which is called an “Integral Frame Slipjoint”. This system utilizes the dorsal side of the frame which is cut to work as a spring and holds a pin that creates a bias to close and open. To open the blade, one must push on the tab on the blade while pulling on the triangle cut-out of the opposite side and hand. The pin locks into the blade when held firmly by the thumb and forefinger in position of use, but is free to rotate upon release of the frame handle.

photo 3

Due to its unique design, the NYMPH is legal in countries such as the UK and Germany which restrict knives with traditional lock systems, knives capable of one-handed opening, and those with long blades. SSD’s Editor picked up a NYMPH at Blade Show 2014, and used it on his recent trip to France; he was very happy with the performance.

photo 2

The blade finish is Stonewashed. Frame finish available in Stonewashed and Purple Anodized.

5.11 Double Duty Responder Knife

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

The Double Duty Responder Knife from 5.11 Tactical really pulls triple duty. It incorporates a 3.7″ combo edge main sheepsfoot blade, blunt tipped fully serrated cord cutter secondary blade and carbide-tipped glass breaker.


Both of the blades are crafted from AUS8 stainless steel and given a satin finish with the main blade at 3mm thick and the secondary at 1.8mm thick. With both of these blades deployed at opposing ends, the knife is 9.7” overall length. It includes a Torx wrench and replacement screws and is offered with Orange rubber-overmolded FRN handle scales for high visibility. There is also a three-position carry clip.

Be forewarned, folks have complained about the glass breaker tearing pants. This is a common occurrence with many knives that incorporate this feature. It’s about how and where you carry it.