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New Gerber Sharkbelly Now Available

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017


PORTLAND, OREGON (July 25th, 2017) – GERBER, an industry-leading manufacturer of personal knives, multi-tools, and gear, announces the introduction of the new Sharkbelly. This smartly designed knife is an update to the classic everyday carry pocket knife with lightweight utility and standout features. Designed and built in Gerber’s Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility, this American made knife is available in partially serrated and full fine edge blade variations.


The 420HC modern sheepsfoot-style blade is easily deployed with a sizable thumb hole, revealing flat top serrations that are easy to sharpen on a flat stone and practical for daily use. The tactile SharkSkin Grip™ succeeds in function and aesthetics with unidirectional scales that provide additional traction when in hand – smooth in one direction and grippy in the other.


The SharkBelly’s scratch-resistant wire pocket clip means it can be worn anywhere without worry of causing damage to a car, bike, or other valuables you might brush up against, and weighing in at just under 2.3 oz, it has a place in any pocket or pack.

Learn more about the Sharkbelly here. $39, available now.

Learn more about Gerber’s commitment to American manufacturing here.

CJ Buck and John Sullivan Re-Elected as Leaders of AKTI

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Knife Advocacy Organization Chooses CJ Buck and John Sullivan to Continue as the Organization’s President and Vice President

Cody, WY (July 20, 2017) – The Board of Regents of the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) recently re-elected CJ Buck, the fourth generation of his family to head Idaho-based Buck Knives, to serve an additional two-year term as president, and John Sullivan, Director of Marketing at W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, to continue as vice president of the association.

CJ Buck

Buck was a founding member of the non-profit advocacy organization committed to ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, sell, carry and use knives and served two terms as vice president and was president from 2001-2003 and from 2015-2017.

In addition to providing leadership as a Board member, Buck has focused on AKTI’s legislative work, chairing the AKTI Legislative Committee until 2015. He was inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame in 2016 for his efforts on behalf of the knife industry.

“I’m very excited about AKTI’s legislative successes and the solutions we are working on to solve the issues that face knife users and the entire knife industry.” Buck said. “It is an honor to have the Board’s confidence and to continue leading two separate major federal initiatives. We are working on legislation to protect knife owners traveling from state to state and to remove the commerce restrictions on automatic knives.”

John Sullivan

Sullivan has volunteered on the Board of Regents of AKTI since 2012 and has been involved in the knife industry for over twenty years. As AKTI vice president the past two years, he has been involved in the organization’s fundraising event at the Blade Show, and on the membership, legislative and finance committees.”AKTI best represents the interests of the knife industry and the concerns of individual knife users. I’m pleased to continue to work with a united board that is committed to the growth of the industry and that our customers can freely use the knife of their choice.” Sullivan said. “W.R. Case is eager to give back to the organization that has made a difference, protecting and ensuring our ability to make and use knives.”

The American Knife & Tool Institute is governed by a nine member Board of Regents that include a broad cross section of the knife industry. Regular input to the Board from Advisory members also adds to the knowledge, credibility and professionalism of the organization to represent a broad spectrum of issues for the knife community.
For more information visit

ZU Bladeworx Australia Announces Collaboration With Danny Gator

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

ZU Bladeworx Australia is proud to announce their latest knife, the Omega, designed by Danny Gator. ZU Bladeworx continues to work with Australian CQC experts Paul Cale and Ray Floro, and Danny is the first American subject matter expert to work with ZU Bladeworx.


About Danny Gator

Gator founded Firebase Combat Studies group in 2005. He served first as a United States Marine, then transitioned to civilian law enforcement where he worked as a SWAT deputy with the Orange County Sheriffs office in Orlando, Florida. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, he worked with the State Department Diplomatic Protection Services in the Middle East, and eventually as a Protective Special Agent, where he led numerous protective missions in support of counter terrorism operations.

To date, he has served as cadre instructor for the Department of Energy, State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, Universal Shooting Academy, Surefire Institute, Strategos International and Deliberate Dynamics. He remains active within training and protective operations.


Danny’s philosophy behind the Omega

“a compact fixed blade should be a part every professional’s first line gear. First line is equipment carried on your body and supports the individuals mission. Items such as weapons, communications and medical are categories that makeup the 1st line. The Omega is designed to serve as a backup to your handgun. Omega is your last, and possibly, the final line of defense. The Persian blade design is a battle proven design; with the addition of the retention ring, it makes for a unique, compact fixed blade. Designed to be drawn by the support hand when carrying a firearm, the user can configure the carry for a reverse grip or standard grip.”


About the Omega

The Omega is a one piece double edged knife machined from a 15mm thick billet of Cryodur 2379 (D2) steel. It is 100% manufactured in Australia. The handle is 3/8 inch thick and the blade is 1/4 inch thick. The Omega weighs just under 6.5 ounces. It has an overall length of just over 8 inches.

ZU Bladeworx is an edged weapons manufacturer to the Australian Army and has been issued an Australian Defence Force Vendor number.

Empire Outfitters in NY represents ZU Bladeworx in the USA and Canada.

Warrior East 2017 – Benchmade 10 Hook

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Originally developed for the corrections community, the large mouth of the new 10 Hook has caught the eye of a variety of users because it will accommodate up to 1″ of material.

The sheath itself offered dual retention, but the 10 Hook can be worn belt mounted with the handle along the belt line and keepers can be used to cover the handle for those who need even more retention.

Prometheus Design Werx – Badger Framelock Folder

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

This is the new Badger Framelock Folder from Prometheus Design Werx. It features a V-cut blade seat channel, glow in the dark dual thumbstud inlays, and proprietary internal lockbar pocket.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The PDW Badger™ folder design is an instantly recognizable tool aesthetic and characteristic of our Founder-Chief Designer’s lifelong design ethos. This folder is inspired by and takes its design cues from the tried and trued millennia old spear point blade silhouettes, to the tapered capsule shapes, streamlined arcs, and the purposeful fluting and texturing of the modern machine age. Many of this design’s details will only be noticed after the knife has been picked up and handled in person. The lock bar ‘pocket’ is a new approach in creating the relief needed for the ‘lock bar’ for folding knives of this type. Our signature PDW glow-in-the-dark thumbstud inlays provides just an extra bit of visibility if the knife is every dropped in the dark and easier to spot and recover. Extra chamfering and 2-piece handle construction with integrated backstrap jimping required extra time on the mill, but all add to a greater whole. The Badger™ was designed to be as a stout, compact, yet elegant cutting tool, ideally suited for EDC, and for any discriminating user who prefers a smaller folder footprint.”



Blade Material: S35VN
Scale Material: Titanium

Approx Dimensions:
OAL: 7.0″
Blade: 3″
Cutting Edge: 2.875″
Blade Thickness: .160″
Approx. Weight: 4.4 Oz

Dual Thumb Stud: GID Inlay
Locking Type: Frame Lock
Pocket Clip: Billet Tip Up
Lanyard Pin: Internal for 3mm Cordage

Badger mark laser engraved in handle pocket
PDW logo laser etched on blade

Made In:

Tactical Rifleman – Victorinox Combat Utility Knife Review

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

YouTube channel Tactical Rifleman made a review video of the Victorinox Combat Utility Knife.

The Combat Utility Knife is an update to the classic Demo Knife. It is designed to be low profile, with black anodized tools, including:

  • Partially Serrated Blade
  • Awl / Reamer
  • Phillips Screw Driver / Punch
  • Small Screw Driver w/ Can Opener
  • Large Screw Driver w/ Cap Opener / Wire Stripper / Wire Bender
  • Wood Saw / Dual Cut
  • You can email for more information, or if you’re looking to order one for yourself. It can be had for $65.00 delivered, CONUS shipping addresses.


    Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

    PORTLAND, OREGON (June, 2nd, 2017) – Gerber, a category leading manufacturer of knives, tools, and equipment returns to the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia in 2017. An industry pioneer, Gerber has been crafting world-class knives and tools for decades and the introduction of the new G1 Series of custom knives showcases that dedication. Gerber presents this new collection to showcase the craftsmanship, design, and skill that are ongoing components of its robust American Manufacturing facility.

    Each year Gerber will introduce new editions to the G1 Series, reflecting new materials, processes, and technologies. This new series serves to fuel the future development of production-caliber products, serving a large market of both professional and recreational users.

    A commitment to excellence in physical form, the introduction of the first knife of the G1 Series – the G1-001 – presents a distinct combination of new materials and processes on a tested favorite – the Propel Auto. Gerber experts provide insightful design, informed engineering, precise machining, and first-class execution to bring the G1-001 to life; a hands-on approach to craftsmanship with an end result that is undeniable.

    “The G1-001 is an elevation of the Propel Automatic. Since its release in 2013, the Propel Auto has been heralded as a top product in midsize frame ergonomics and steadfast reliability. After observing the success – both with the military and commercially –the Propel Automatic has achieved, it was clear it would serve as the ideal platform for the first G1 knife.” Karrson Koivisto, Product Manager at Gerber.


    All upgrades on the G1-001 were meticulously considered, sourcing first-class materials and leveraging the master craftsmanship of the Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility. Each of the 20 hand built knives underwent a laborious 9 stage process, accumulating upwards of 60 hours each in production, processing, and assembly.

    A unique bi-metal blade is the foundation of the knife, each steel bringing different qualities to make the sum greater than the parts. Gerber exclusively sourced a custom-made blade combination of Hitachi Blue steel and 410 stainless steel. Sandwiched between the 410 stainless, the Hitachi Blue core is an oil-quenched steel that offers superior edge retention and acts as the unwavering backbone of the blade. The 410 stainless steel coats the Hitachi Blue and was chosen to improve the flexibility of the blade in use, increase resistance to corrosion and the elements, and the ability to be polished easily.


    After using a waterjet to cut the blanks, each blade is ground top and bottom to optimal thickness before machining the tang. Once machining is complete, the blade enters a proprietary heat treat that brings optimal performance to both steels, not just the inner steel as is commonly seen in bi-metal blades. Following the heat treatment, the blade is hand beveled to perfection by a 15 year master craftsman and Gerber veteran. Once the blade processing is complete the knife is assembled by hand.

    Custom machined titanium handle scales encase the spear point blade that is housed between two oil-impregnated bronze washers. The washers self-lubricate during use to create butter-smooth deployment over time. The final knife is completed with blue PVD fasteners and spacers and a black DLC custom plunge lock, safety, and pocket clip.

    Each knife is hand assembled, double inspected, and serialized for collection.

    “The 20 unit serialized run comes with a matching serialized tag cut out of the same bi-metal steel, it serves as a certificate of authenticity and is unique to each knife” says Koivisto. The knife and tag are served up in a custom Pelican case, a welcome addition to any discerning knife collection.

    Gerber will be selling the single batch, limited 20 unit run of the G1-001 at the 2017 Blade Show, where 100% of sales will be donated to the AKTI [American Knife & Tool Institute] to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to defend and improve the rights and laws of knife users and manufacturers.

    Learn more about AKTI:
    See more from Gerber:

    Blade Show 2017 – Winkler Knives and Case Announce Collaboration

    Monday, June 5th, 2017

    Of everythingthing I saw at Blade Show, this announcement was the most exciting due to the possibilities it opens for SSD readers. Winkler Knives told me about a collaboration between them and Case, an American knife manufacturer with a long and rich history. The new Case Winkler Skinner is the first in their new collaborative “American Heroes” series. It was designed by Kevin Holland. While many of you may know ABS Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, you may not know Kevin. He not only served in not just one, but two military services, it was with the most elite units in each, completing more than 2,000 combat missions in multiple deployments across the globe. Since retiring, Kevin has worked as a designer for Winkler Knives and as a consultant for several other companies. He is currently employed as a business executive in the private sector.

    If you’ve wanted a Winkler, but didn’t feel you could afford one, this may be just the answer.

    For around $300, you’ll get a knife built exactly how Daniel Winkler wants it be built, designed by a great knife designer.

    Below is the press release from Case.


    New fixed blade design demonstrates synergy between two influential American makers

    Bradford, Pa. – June 2, 2017 – The Case® Winkler Skinner is a new fixed blade knife crafted collectively by Case® and Winkler Knives. The design is the result of a decades-long career in knife making by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler and the extensive experiences of retired U.S. Army Special Operator and Navy SEAL Kevin Holland. Case will be unveiling a collection of three different versions of the new knife at BLADE Show 2017, which takes place June 2-4 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA.

    The Case® Winkler Skinner is the first in a planned series of collaborations aimed at celebrating American heroes, an idea brought to life by Case’s historic military contributions and Winkler Knives’ ongoing involvement with U.S. Special Operations. The knife is manufactured in Case’s modern production facility by an elite team of Case knife makers whose work is held to strict quality and performance standards equaling the reputation of Winkler Knives’ custom manufactured blades.

    The Case® Winkler Skinner is a high-performance field knife that is lightweight, well balanced and built for dependability. The flat ground, distal tapered Trailing Point blade is made from tough 80CrV2 steel, known for its enduring lateral strength, superior edge retention and ease of sharpening. The full tang is skeletonized and tapered to reduce weight and improve balance. The knife is accompanied by a molded black leather sheath that’s specially reinforced to help keep its shape, ensuring a continually snug fit when not in use. A reversible belt attachment accommodates carrying the knife on either side of the body.

    All of these premium features make the Case® Winkler Skinner the perfect ally to take on hiking, camping and hunting adventures, and a welcome addition to any military operator’s kit.

    “At Case, we like to say that every knife tells a story, and this new collaboration will surely speak volumes,” remarked John Sullivan, Case’s Director of Marketing. By combining Daniel’s and Kevin’s expertise and personal experiences with Winkler Knives’ methods and our own Case technology, we’ve crafted a tough, utilitarian field knife that performs as well as a Winkler Knives II original and is suitable for use across many different environments.”

    Daniel Winkler, with more than 30 years of experience to his credit, brings multiple disciplines to the Case® Winkler Skinner project – as a Master Bladesmith, respected metallurgist, blade geometrist and full-time knife maker who, through Winkler Knives, has served some of the most elite Special Operators across all branches of the U.S. military. “My introduction to Case knives came to me as a young boy in North Carolina, when my father gifted me the ‘Tested’ era Folding Hunter that was given to him by his grandfather – which I still own,” Winkler said. “I’m proud to be working with Case – a company who outfitted the First Special Service Force during World War II – and my friend, Kevin Holland – to bring a knife of this caliber to those who still serve.”

    As co-designer of the Case® Winkler Skinner, Kevin Holland brings decades of intense military expertise to this collaboration. A highly decorated veteran member of U.S. Special Operations, Holland’s vast knowledge of knife design, construction and tactical use hails from the many different situations and extreme environments in which he had to depend on knives to survive. Holland’s real-world experiences helped craft the Case® Winkler Skinner into an optimal field knife as well as an essential accessory to Special Operators everywhere.

    “As a veteran of U.S. Special Operations, I learned first-hand the importance of carrying the highest quality tools on assignment,” said Kevin Holland. “I’m proud to have been able to share my experiences to help create something that performs as well for outdoorspeople at home as it can for our Armed Forces around the world.”

    The knife’s name, “Skinner”, reflects Holland’s years as a young hunter and trapper who relied on his Case Slimline Trapper to field dress small game and clean fish in the mountains of North Carolina. It is this story which inspired a Commanding Officer to assign “Skinner” as Holland’s nickname during SEAL Team selection, a title by which he answers to even today.

    The Case® Winkler Skinner is 9.625 in (24.5 cm) in length; AKTI blade length is 5.125 in (13 cm) and is .1875 in (4.8 mm) wide. The knife will be available in August 2017 from Case Authorized Dealers nationwide with MSRP’s ranging from $295 to $310. For additional information, please visit