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Armor Express Hosts Saves Retreat at Northern Michigan Headquarters

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

CENTRAL LAKE, MI – Six Police Officers and their families, which credit Armor Express body armor for saving their lives from death or serious injury, have descended upon Central Lake, Michigan to partake in a company sponsored Saves Retreat.

The Saves Retreat kicked off Thursday at the company’s global headquarters, announced Matt Davis, CEO and President of Armor Express. “We view our Saves as the true life-blood of our company,” explained Matt. “This retreat gives us the opportunity to give a little back to these heroes that sacrifice so much to protect everyday citizens.”

The company has a formal Saves Program which tracks those Officers who have been positively impacted by the protective qualities of their products. Heading up the program is Armor Express Save Lt. Brian Murphy, who was the first responding Officer to the 2012 Sikh Temple massacre in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Brian was shot 15 times during the altercation with the assailant. His body armor absorbed 3 of the rounds.

“Only these Officers and their families know exactly what they have gone through. By bringing them together we want them to know that they aren’t alone. They form life long bonds and friendships which are part of the healing process,” noted Brian.

“What these families go through is all too often taken for granted. These guys are true heroes but little focus is given to their own personal healing. We try to foster an environment where that healing can take place,” added Davis.

During the retreat the families have an opportunity to tour the Armor Express facilities, meet the employees, and share their life saving stories. Following the tour the company is hosted a picnic for all the Save Families and employees as a gesture of gratitude.

Davis continued, “The Saves wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the hard work of our employees. They take a lot of pride in what they do and they deserve a lot of thanks.”

After that, the group moved to a home on Torch Lake which was donated for their use by a generous family from Central Lake. For the next three days they have the opportunity to relax, build relationships and enjoy some camaraderie.


SHOT Show – Armor Express

Monday, January 26th, 2015


As I meandered through the halls of SHOT Show 2015, the aesthetic of the Raven carrier from Armor Express caught my eye. The refer to the PALS compatible triangle-shaped laser cuts as Trilogrid. It also features a built-in kangaroo pocket as well as ambidextrous horizontal knife sleeve. The padded shoulders are nonskid and incorporate utility ports for comms. Additionally, the best is lined with 3d spacer mesh.


Armor Express Live Demo for US PALM

Friday, September 27th, 2013


In the attached video, Matt Davis from Armor Express conducts a controversial self-demo to demonstrate his confidence in his company’s armor products and their relationship with US PALM. He has not self-demo’d one of their ballistic solutions since 2008. This is his 4th demo, but the first with a .45ACP, and the first with their IIIa ballistic package [that US Palm runs exclusively].



This is not a parlor trick. Matt Davis is a professional and employee of Armor Express. The demonstration is dangerous. Do not attempt this on your own. SSD is not responsible for the stupidity of Mark (see comments) or anyone else for that matter.