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Juggernaut Will Be At SOFIC

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Scottsdale, Arizona – Juggernaut.Case™, the industry leader in ruggedized cases, mounts, connectivity and accessories for mobile devices will be showcasing their latest products at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference May 15-18 in Tampa, Florida (Booth #848).

To coincide with SOFIC, Juggernaut.Case™ will be extending a 20% discount on all web orders through their eCommerce website: Use Coupon-Code: SOFIC2017 at checkout to apply the discount during the show dates only. See website for details.

Warrior West – BadAss New Designs From Juggernaut.Case

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Juggernaut.Case keeps coming up with great designs and the latest additions to the line are BadAss.

In addition to the iPad Mini 3&4 cases at the lower right, you see a Tab S2 9.7 Tablet Case on a 10-series vehicle mount. To the right of the vehicle mount is a inductive charge vehicle mount. Which allows you to dock and charge your device without plugging in a cable. All of this BadAssery is coming soon.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Thanks to Juggernaut.Case for this photo from the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar.

Juggernaut.Case Launches New eCommerce Website

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

New for 2017, Juggernaut.Case™ launches a website focused on ease-of-use and product-support: The new website allows users to sort products quickly by category and type of device as well as configure accessories directly on each product page. With category tabs for Military Freefall, Cables & Connectivity, and Mounting Solutions, users can build entire kits for any type of mission and checkout with ease. The PRODUCT SUPPORT tab provides quick access to: Instructions, Photos, PDF Downloads, etc.

Several new products are also now available on the new website including the iPhone7 BUMPR case that starts at $60 and is compatible with all legacy 5-series mounting solutions. Other new cases are available for Samsung Galaxy phones, Bittium Tough Mobile, the CAT S50c as well as the Tab S2 8.0 and iPad Mini Tablets.

The new HAHO-L MFF product is designed to quickly attach/detach to a 5 or 6-series Armor.Mount and provides an integrated solution for Freefall Navigation:

New MOUNTS available including Forearm, RAM-Compatible Vehicle, Boa Aviation Kneeboard, and even 1913-Rail Weapon mount:


With the success of Juggernaut.Case™ products within US and Coalition SOF, many agencies and rugged industries are seeing the value of defending their devices and having the capability to mount them in multiple scenarios that are not armor based. For more information or orders visit: or use the CONTACT US tab for inquiries.

MDM – Juggernaut.Case BUMPR

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

This is the upcoming BUMPR Android S6/7 case from Juggernaut.Case. You’ll also see it for the iPhone 6/7. It is a low cost / low frills alternative for those who do not require full environmental protection and external radio connectivity.

This is the rear of the BUMPR.

They’ve also created a QD USB-A Juggernaut cable which allows recharge from within the case for those who don’t need a Glenaire cable.

These are the dust caps which facilitate use of the charging cable.

This shows you the difference between the BUMPR and a fully ruggedized Juggernaut.Case.

Juggernaut.Case Introduces the New SLEEV and BUMPR Products for 2016

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

For years guys have been telling me that they wished Juggernaut’s handheld device cases were more affordable.  Now, they’ve leveraged everything they learned building the program-level cases in order to introduce streamlined variants that you can afford to buy out of your pocket. Check these out.

With more waterproof smartphones on the market, Juggernaut.Case™ introduces two new levels of protective cases evolved from our field-proven rugged hard case. The new cases are an affordable solution for users that don’t need all of the protection of the original Juggernaut.Case™ but still seek impact/drop protection in addition to full compatibility with all existing Juggernaut.Case™ mounts. The new cases are called the “SLEEV” and the “BUMPR”. Both are available with or without cables for connecting to Tactical Radios/Hubs.

While the SLEEV retains the capability to utilize the new QDD (quick disconnect DOOR) and the QD Cable assemblies via the two thumbscrews, the BUMPR is either Cabled or Non-Cabled with sealed access ports to the micro-USB connector and 3.5 mm audio jack. A new low-cost cable assembly for these cases that terminates in a standard USB-A connector allows unshielded data transfer and 5V power to the device from any portable external battery or car charger, etc.

For more information on these new cases visit: or download the PDF file at:

Warrior Expo – Juggernaut Case

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Juggernaut Case has a whole slew of new products. Today, we’ll discuss several of them.  Clockwise from the top we have the User Removable Cable Assembly, HAHO-L Accessory, and the Radio Universal Custom Kit.

User Removable Cable Assembly

The allows the user to acquire cases and cables separately, facilitates quick cable replacement and allows users to swap between a cable and a fully sealed door.  When Juggernaut tweaked the case for this new cable, they made it so you can still use the standard cable that comes with the phone.

HAHO-L Accessory

The HAHO-L is an add-on accessory to add MFF electronic navigation equipment to any 5 or 6 series armor mount. It is a low profile alternative to more traditional, full size Nav Boards.

Radio Universal Custom Kit

The RUCK is an amazing new chassis technology that allows a direct gold-dot connection to an S series case. The RUCK is fully customizable and can carry a wide of array of payloads such as radio cards, storage devices, heaters and extended batteries. Additionally, it snaps right into any of Juggernaut’s different mounts like the RAM vehicle, Forearm or PALS compatible Armor mount. I think it’s going to change how we look at and use these devices.  When used to its full potential, RUCK will eliminate many cables and redundant radios as well as extend the operational capabilities of the device.