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Russo-Finnish Camo Debacle – Strike Hold Has the Goods

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

In an update to the NY Times story of Finnish concerns over Russia’s purloining of their Army’s camo pattern, Strike Hold has published a photo of Russian troops in Georgia wearing the Finnish m05 camo as well as a copy of Brit DPM.

PECOC Update

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Recently some photos of PECOC trials webbing appeared on the net. MOD still has not settled on a camo scheme but the Hybrid Cam for load carriage seems to be catching on. In fact, as you will see in the photos, the actual nylon webbing is in the pattern and there are plans to offer camo buckles and Hypalon as well.

On the load carriage side, there are currently 14 MOLLE-style (yes, we said MOLLE) pouches associated with the PECOC program in addition to a new set of webbing, assault vest, patrol sack, rucksack (bergan), plate carrier, and armor vest. The armor vest has been slimmed down a bit from the current Osprey design in order to improve the agility of the wearer. However, an improved Osprey is in the works for use when there is a need to go in heavy.

PECOC Assault Vest

One of the most interesting features on the assault vest is the use of Hypalon. This can be seen in the photo as Black surfaces. Non-skid has been in use for some time on the shoulders of vest in order to “lock” the buttstock in place. However, the concept’s application in PECOC goes one step further. Hypalon is also sewn to the underside of straps in order to provide improved purchase. Additionally, a large MOLLE grid is supplied in order to customize the vest.

PECOC Webbing

Similar to the current Soldier 95 webbing, the new PECOC variant relies on a “Hippo” padded belt as a foundation. Added to this is a yoke with Hypalon patches on the shoulders and a family of pockets. One item still requires some additional development and that is the closure system for the pouches. Apparently, they are having difficulty establishing a consensus on which style is preferable.

Vulcan Camo

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

It seems several years ago a paintball team in the UK commissioned a custom camo pattern to commemorate their name; the Vulcans. We will let the pics speak for themselves.

Vulcan Cam

Yes, that’s Spock’s face on that smock. Thanks to a reader for the pics!

Vulcan Cam - Detail

Bushnell Backtrack GPS Receiver

Friday, November 28th, 2008

New from Bushnell Outdoors comes the Backtrack, a new take on GPS receivers. Intended as a low cost alternative to more complicated GPS systems, simplicity was key in it’s design. The Backtrack stores up to three locations and uses an onboard digital compass to guide you back to one of the stored points. The device has only two buttons. Simply turn it on and then mark a point such as your truck on a hunting trip. In the event you need to return to a stored point, the Backtrack will give you a direction and distance to the waypoint. Our only concern for military use with this device is that there is no simple way to zeroize it on the event of capture. However, it is a simple and inexpensive GPS receiver for many applications and would not only be a good choice for personnel who would not normally have access to a GPS receiver but also for use off-duty or for family members when away from home.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS Reciever

The Backtrack uses two AAA batteries and contains a SiRF Star III GPS receiver chip. It can be dummy corded utilizing the integral lanyard loop and comes in Yellow, Green, Woodland, Grey, and Pink.

To order visit Bushnell.

Photo from Bushnell.

Thanksgiving in Space

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal take a moment to consider what our Astronauts on the International Space Station are eating. Its a turkey dinner with the trimmings but conventional, it ain’t. But fortunately for NASA crew, rations have come a long way since the tubes used on the Apollo program.

A reporter from Discovery News got a chance to sample some of the cuisine last week. His opinion? Bland. io9, a science fiction blog also has a few photos.

100% Cotton ABU Now Available From Propper

Thursday, November 27th, 2008


Propper has struck a major coup for Airmen everywhere by offering a 100% version of the ABU. This is an excellent alternative to the current issue garment which has drawn a lot of heat from the field due to its heavy fabric.

Men’s 100% Cotton ABUs are already available and women’s sizes will also be available in the next 2-3 weeks.

ABU Coat ABU Trouser

The men’s coat comes in sizes 36-48 in short, regular and long lengths and the men’s trousers are available in sizes 30-42 in short, regular and long lengths. Women’s sizes for both the coat and trousers are size 4 in short and regular lengths and sizes 6-16 in extra short, short, regular and long lengths.

The 100% Cotton ABU does not have a permanent press finish but is NIR-compliant.

Propper’s Part numbers are:
F542555 – Men’s coat
F542655 – Women’s coat
F521555 – Men’s trouser
F521655 – Women’s trouser

Contact Propper for more information.

Photos from Propper.

Tactical Gear Digest

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Think Digg for the Gear Junkie or Small Arms Enthusiast and that would adequately describe Tactical Gear Digest. If you don’t have any experience with Digg it is a place for readers to aggregate and comment on web based articles on a particular topic.

Check it out.

Tactical Gear Digest

Low-Profile Assault Armor from Mayflower Research and Consulting

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Here is a teaser of just one of the new products coming from Mayflower and just in time for Thanksgiving. In addition to the armor there are several pouches including Admin, 5.56 Shingle, MBITR Pouch, and Tourniquet Holder.

Mayflower Research and Consulting, LLC Low-profile Assault Armor

Mayflower’s website will be up soon and the line will be released around SHOT show.

Photo courtesy of Mayflower Research and Consulting, LLC.