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New Russian Camo Causes Finnish Angst

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Not very often that you run across articles in the NY Times on Soldier System topics, but the Russian Interior Ministry’s latest camo pattern is allegedly a dead ringer for the Finnish Army’s pattern. The pattern was reportedly worn by Russian Special Operations troops during the recent hostilities in Georgia. While the Russian Government has flatly denied copying the pattern, they have been known in the past to copy US Woodland pattern as well as German Flecktarn. Additionally, tipsters have alerted us to Russian versions of the Finnish m/05 pattern for sale on ebay within the last year. Obviously, considering a sizable common border and a past history of conflict with Russia, the Finns are a bit concerned.

NY Times Article

Xtreme-Comfortâ„¢ ACH Combat Helmet Browband from BQM

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Many Soldiers complained about the issue pad system for the ACH being non-absorbent and in some cases painful. BQM listened and came up with a one piece brow pad to combat sweat and provide even pressure around the forehead. Backed with velcro, the Browband locks into place.


Lined with Coolmax® Dacron® the pad is comfortable and sweat is transferred into the Microbisoftâ„¢ hydrophilic foam core, a “breathable” 3/8” thick antimicrobial foam with an embedded polymer that features high moisture vapor transmission and absorption. Additionally, a Silver-ion treatment provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection to reduce odors.


To order go to

Photos from BQM. Please note that the Browpad has not been approved for airborne operations.

Special Air Sea Services

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

When we in the US were still thinking what a great idea it would be to offer quality commercial alternatives to issue Soldier Systems items, Special Air Seas Services was manufacturing and producing clothing, webbing, and packs. I have been using SASS products for 20 years and I recommend you take a look yourself.

Special Air Sea Services - Kit Karry Smock

One of SASS’ flagship products has long been the Kit Karry Smock. SASS constantly updates their designs and as a testament to this, the Kit Karry Smock is in the Mark V configuration. It features a whopping 17 pockets and is available in DPM Gabardine, Black, Olive or German Flecktarn. They are extremely accommodating and will manufacture smocks or other items from any camo pattern so long as you can provide the material.

To view Special Air Sea Services full line of kit, go to

Photo from SASS.

TOPS Knives Survival Neck Wallet

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Travelers face the danger of detainment or isolation from safety. Even at home, it’s wise to have a handy survival kit for the unforeseen. TOPS Knives has developed an new line of survival products and assembled them in a survival kit based on the popular neck wallet.

TOPS Knives Survival Neck Wallet

The Survival Neck Wallet has a see through ID window, two interior pouches, one zippered money/credit card pouch and rear slot.

It contains a variety of tools including:

1. TOPS Survival Whistle independently tested at 126 decibels.

2. TOPS Pocket size Survival Saw.

3. A liquid filled compass.

4. The TOPS Firestarter with Ferrocium Rod and magnesium. Will start fires even when wet.

5. Traditional P-38 military can opener/Firestarter striker.

6. Offset Phillips/flat head screwdriver.

7. TOPS Dog Tag Signal Mirror.

8. LED Flashlight.

9. Lansky Quick Fix Sharpener.

Several of the items are exclusive TOPS products including the Survival Mirror which is designed to be worn on a neck chain. It is hard chrome and includes a sighting hole.

TOPS Knives Survival Mirror

What really differentiates TOPS’ pouch from others is that the back features a 3M highly reflective backing which is ideal for signalling.

TOPS Knives Survival Neck Wallet

To order visit

Photos from TOPS Knives.

The Art of the Tactical Carbine DVD

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Magpul Dynamics

Hosted by Magpul Dynamics’ Travis Haley and Chris Costa the “Art of the Tactical Carbine” is an excellent training resource. Obviously, a video is no substitution for hands on training but it is a great refresher and may introduce you to some new techniques. The pace is brisk but they take the time to demonstrate, explain what is going on and why and often provide further instruction with a student. The three disc set covers respectively; Fundamentals, Advanced Skills, and Drills.

The video is a great example of the quality of the DVDs and the production value is fantastic. The method of filming makes you feel as if you are a member of the class. I have only have one slight complaint overall and that is with the sound. At times the voices are booming and at other times I had to increase the volume but this by no means distracted from the content. I highly recommend it as an addition to any tactical library.

The DVD is available for order from

WARNING: This item cannot be exported from the United States of America without a valid permit due to U.S. State Dept. ITAR restrictions. Unfortunately this also includes military APO addresses.

Video courtesy of Magpul Dynamics.

James Bond’s Weird World of Inventions (Jan, 1966)

Friday, November 21st, 2008

From the January 1966 issue of Popular Science via the blog Modern Mechanix comes a fantastic look at 1960s next tech.

Popular Science’s “James Bond’s Weird World of Inventions”

My favorite has always been the jet pack.

To read the entire article go to

EOTAC Seeking National Sales Director

Friday, November 21st, 2008

As a service to our readers we provide this announcement:

EOTAC – A supplier of Military, Law Enforcement, and Private Sector Tactical and Discreet clothing, announced today that it has begun a search for National Sales Director (NSD). The NSD’s responsibilities will include strategic and sales planning and implementation, coordination of Manufacturers Rep. groups, Management of large retail and catalog house accounts as well as, Representing EOTAC at trade shows, shoots and events.

The NSD will also participate in the development of competitive analysis and marketing strategies. The position is preferred will report to EOTAC’s President and will be located in West Columbia, SC – This may be subject to negotiation for the right person, so relocation may not be required.

Minimum qualifications include a college degree, experience in a sales management role, preferably in the tactical market place. A self starter and the ability to work effectively in a dynamic, team-oriented environment are critical. Prior experience in the law enforcement / security industry is desirable, but not required. Tactical clothing / soft goods market experience a plus. Travel would be required approximately 30-40% of the time.

Compensation includes an attractive base salary, generous bonus incentives. Benefits are excellent.

Qualified candidates should submit their resumes to EOTAC care of Fernando Coelho at [email protected]

Tru-Spec Combat Shirt

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

US Cavalry

Thanks to US Cav, we can now take the question mark (?) off of our previous article on a possible combat shirt from Tru-Spec. US Cavalry has just announced pre-orders for the Tru-Spec combat shirt with deliveries commencing mid-December.

Tru-Spec Combat Shirt

The prices are phenomenal for a combat shirt with an FR body. As we reported before the body is made from Cordura® Baselayer fabric which won’t drip or melt.

Tru-Spec Combat Shirt, Side View

Available in sizes from Small – 2XL in a veritable plethora of color schemes including (arms/body) UCP/Foliage, Black/Black, Khaki/Khaki, MULTICAM®/Sand and Olive Drab/Olive Drab.

To pre-order visit WWW.USCAV.COM.

Photos from US Cav.