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Hensoldt/Zeiss Tactical

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Optics giant Zeiss has acquired long time Euro tactical scope manufacturer Hensoldt and the firm Hudisco is currently importing them into the US for the first time. Many feel they are comparable to Schmidt & Bender scopes in quality and durability. While pricey, users claim that they have excellent eye relief which makes getting back on target that much quicker.

One of the members of Snipers Hide did an excellent review of the Hensoldt 3-12X56 FF. It is a fact-filled look at the scope and features several videos, one of which is included above. Overall, the evaluation was favorable.

For more information visit www.hudisco.com.

RRA Releases New Collapsible Stock

Friday, June 26th, 2009

RRA Stock Kit

Rock River Arms has just released a new 6 position Operator stock for the M16/M4 series weapons. Reminiscent of the SOPMOD stock with its sloping sides, it also features watertight tubes integrated on either side of the stock capable of holding 4 AA or 6 Cr123 batteries. To access the tubes, the ribbed buttpad is released via a button. It is then pulled downward to reveal the recesses.

RRA Stock

The stock also has multiple sling mounts. RRA is selling the stock in kit form that includes a commercial receiver extension, end plate, lock nut, CAR buffer and buffer spring and retails for $170.00. It is available online from Rock River Arms.

Article by Mike Perry

Lock Pick Business Card – Update!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

We received some new information on the Lock Pick business card used by Kevin Mitnick.

Kevin Mitnick's Business Card
Mitnick Card

Melvin Business Card
Melvin Card

Mitnick actually got permission to slightly modify the design from Melvin self-described “hacker, entrepreneur, and all around mischief maker.” ultimately, the Mitnick card is more show than go, but, TOOOL, the Open Organization of Lockpickers have a VERY practical last ditch card that is usually only available at hacker and security conferences.

Thanks to WK at c4i.org for the info!

The Rattler EZ Lock

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


We ran into this item at the recent Multi Agency Craft Conference at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base. The EZ Loop Lock from utilizes two steel cables connected by a series of steel lugs. Each locking lug is made of forged steel that is press on to the steel cable and coated in plastic to prevent scratching. The unique design allows the user to make up to 4 locking loops. This means you can lock up four individual items with one locking cable. Additionally, the 54″ cables can be connected using the loops on the end as girth hitches to extend their length as long as is required.

I Love This Picture

Current production features a different key set for each rattler but teh next wave of rattlers will allow users to purchase as many as they need with a common key. The Rattler is available in Black, Green, and Military Green. Order from www.ellock.com. They are also looking for retailers.

S.O.Tech Overstock Blowout

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Special Operations Technologies has got a phenomenal sale going on right now. 32 overstocked items are going out teh door at substantial discounts including Mission Packs, Go Bags, and even the USSOCOM issue Mission Go Bag!

Check out the great sale going on now at www.specopstech.com.

Mayflower Review

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

One of our readers sent us this link of a review of Mayflower’s UW Chest Rig. It weighed in at an astounding 15.8 ounces! The article has many excellent photos of the vest’s various features and also contains feedback from Mayflower on issue that were brought up in the review. It is available here.

ITW Ghillie Tex TAC Link

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

ITW TAC Link Supports 200 lbs

ITW Military Products has just released the TAC Link. Designed as a low cost alternative to snap links that see duty for such administrative tasks as attaching slings and gloves as well as other non-life support functions, the Ghillie Tex Tactical Link is non-infrared reflective and like all ITW products, color matched to your equipment.

ITW TAC Link Gate Detail

The spring-loaded gate closes with a solid tongue and groove joint. This helps to ensure that the gate doesn’t break under constant use. The TAC Link supports up to 200 lbs but is NOT intended as a life support item and should never be used for climbing.

ITW TAC Link Color Assortment

Available in Coyote, Foliage Green, Black, and Orange, they are currently in-stock at Supply Captain. Our only advice is that you need to buy a handful. We brought samples home from SOFIC and they immediately disappeared and began to show up on packs and as key rings. They are like Grimlocs, once you start using them, you come up with more and more uses and you can never have enough of them around.

UPDATE: The TAC Link will also be available as a commercial product as the Polymer Attachment Link or PAL. Additionally, another color was approved today; Red.

Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Daniel Defense T1 Mount

Daniel Defense has just released the Aimpoint® Micro Mount (Tall). Designed to attach an Aimpoint Micro R-1, H-1, or T-1 optics, to a flat top upper receiver, the mount is lightweight, and it’s essentials only design offers a snag-free, low-profile, reversible mounting option for shooters that do not require or desire a quick attach/detach mount. The Aimpoint® Micro Mount features Daniel Defense’s Rock & Lock attachment system and secures to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail with two slotted machine screws. These fasteners thread into stainless steel self-locking threaded inserts that resist vibration and loosening. They are also mitigated by a recoil lug that minimizes sheer forces on the factory mounting screws. Offering a lower 1⁄3rd co-witness with your back up iron sights, this mount is ideal for shooters who are looking for the lightest mount for their Aimpoint® Micro. In fact, one internet user who has already adopted the mount for his rifle weighed the mount AND painted T-1 optic at an astounding 4.7 ounces.

The new mount is machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and then Military Specification Hard Coat Anodized. Available from www.DanielDefense.com.