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Warrior Expo – Scott AP75 SCBA

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


It’s Like Legos for Grunts

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Yes, we realize these aren’t LEGO, that’s why we are calling them Legos and not LEGO. This story originated on TacticalFanboy.com. Check it out. It’s not just about mammaries anymore.

Here’s something just about anyone will have fun playing with it. Whether you need to occasionally change the interior layout of a training area to meet different instructional objectives or you just want to have the coolest, most bad ass back yard fort in the whole neighborhood, Combat Training Aids’ TacBlox are gonna be just your speed.

Theoretically you could use it as a faster way to build a target mock-up to do rehearsals before a mission, assuming you had time. Certainly more lifelike than a chalk or tape outline in a parking log, if not as quick to throw down.

Now, granted, they’re going to be somewhat more expensive than your average box of Legos, but they will certainly allow for some serious flexibility when you’re designing a threat area for room-clearing drills (or a very realistic MilSim battle). Essentially, they’re lightweight urethane foam versions of the ubiquitous cinder block (of which you’ve seen endless thousands, if you spent any time at all in a MOUT village).

They have full blocks, half blocks, and block caps so you can put together whatever sort of wall you want. As the manufacturers say, “Many situational training facilities offer separate buildings or permanent concrete maize to provide situational training scenarios. Unlike fixed wall training centers, TACBLOXâ„¢ walls provide unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations, increasing the trainers’ effectiveness…”

Oh, and if that isn’t cool enough, you can shoot them a lot before they wear out, without any ricochet issues. According to CTA, individual TACBLOXâ„¢ can take thousands of rounds shot through it before sacrificing its structural integrity.

Guess what’s going on my Christmas list?

International Military Magazines

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

After learning about the Polish magazine “Special Ops,” we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of all of the magazines out there. Please help us out by visiting our International Military Magazine page. And helping us update it.

This is a list of international military magazines:





Special Ops

Combat & Survival

United States
Soldier of Fortune

Game On

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Issues resolved and they are rocking and rolling. Visit Grey Group now!

New Products from TYR Tactical

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

We just found out earlier today about a couple of new products from TYR Tactical. This photo shows both of them, being used in concert with one another.

The first item is the VTAC/ TYR Brokos Belt w/ T33 Soft Armor. Designed by VTAC it is natural progression of the padded Brokos Belt. TYR has replaced the padding with soft armor for those that need it. Contact TYR for exact ballistics data. It is designed to serve as an overbelt so you have to thread a gun belt through the pad. Here, TYR has paired it with a belt of their own design.

The PV Tactical Base Belt with Cobra Buckle is built using one continuous piece of PV folded three times. According to TYR Tactical, this gives it an estimated 1200 lbs of tensile strength per square inch along the belt’s surface. Additionally, it incorporates a soft loop for tie-ins. It is important for us to note that this belt has not received any life support certifications yet.

Both belts are sized so make sure you order the right size. Colors are subject to availability,


GGT Bandwidth Exceeded

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Grey Group informed us that they exceeded their bandwidth in the first hour. They are working the issue. They also mentioned that sale will probably go a little longer.


Happy Anniversary Grey Group!

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Grey Group Training is celebrating their 4th Anniversary and with it they are offering a generous 30% off apparel, footwear, packs, bags, and cases today through Sunday.

What’s even cooler is that you can order all of your new kit on their updated website!

They’ve also provided us with this statement which we’d like to share with you.

For the last year we at Grey Group have been busy revamping our software infrastructure and building a brand new web page. After all the hard work we are finally at a point to unveil it to you. That doesn’t mean all the work is done. We will continue to improve the web page by adding new features, brands and products. We will continue to improve our ability to provide the best gear and training to our customers.

For our loyal customers, thank you. You have been patient with us, provided feedback, offered suggestions, and most importantly you stayed with us. You are why we WANT to do this. We could continue to do what we do, but you deserve our best efforts.

For our Vendors and Trainers, we look forward to supporting you better than we ever have before. We want to have the best images, the best videos, the best AAR’s and reviews of you and your brands. You deserve it. We want to provide your products and training to our customers in a fashion that will make you proud.

For our competitors, you have been given an opportunity over the last year to improve yourselves. We opened the door for you to gain a portion of the market. We hope you took advantage of it because the door just closed.

Please take a moment to browse through our new web store. We are having a sale to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. There are some significant savings on some of our best gear. Please let us know what you think. We’re not perfect so there are probably some little things that slipped through the cracks. We can’t fix them if we don’t know about them. We hope you like what you see.

Josh Burmeister
CEO and Owner, Grey Group Training


Just Sayin’

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

When we mentioned Orion Design Group we told you that their ODTDM-2 camouflage pattern would be featured on the cover of the Fall issue of SureFire’s “Combat Tactics” magazine. Well here it is, as promised.