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Arktis Launches New Site

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

If you’re an Arktis fan, you may have noticed their absence from the web for some time. But, now they’re back with an all new website. UK-based Arktis was started in the mid-80s by a Royal Marine veteran of the Falkland Campaign. Since then, they’ve led the development of specialized military fabrics, clothing and equipment across Europe. They’ve even made some penetration into the American market. Welcome back to the web!

UK – www.arktisltd.co.uk
France – www.noorloos-se.com
Netherlands – www.noorloos-se.com
USA – www.arktisusa.com

FirstSpear Announces Partnership with Elite Defense

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Today, FirstSpear announced a partnership with Elite Defense that will expand FirstSpear’s channels to market, increasing access to the company’s innovative personal equipment solutions.

FirstSpear already has a product line of over 60 items that include vest systems, backpacks, pouches, holsters, and apparel. Elite Defense maintains a comprehensive network of qualified distributors and retailers around the globe and works extensively with specialized, research and development focused companies to facilitate the transfer of niche products into broader markets.

Capitalizing on a shared understanding of their products and their capabilities, Elite Defense will maintain FirstSpear product inventory and distribute products to retail dealers throughout the US. This partnership will maximize distribution opportunities for FirstSpear and facilitate the rapid filling of increasing demand for FirstSpear products.

“Partnering with Elite Defense will enable FirstSpear to support multiple markets, while maintaining our unique focus on developing innovative, field-driven solutions,” said Scott Carver, CEO and President of FirstSpear. “As we grow our product line, collaborating with Elite Defense will ensure our expanded reach into new channels, without sacrificing the direct R&D work with our end-users that drives our technologies.”

“At Elite Defense, we work with industry leaders to grow their business and help further their success. We are excited to join FirstSpear in their work to pioneer lightweight, innovative solutions for our soldiers and professional users domestically and abroad.” said Brett Westcott, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Elite Defense. “Working together we will establish a limited quantity of dealers in strategic demographic areas to represent the FirstSpear line, and get these solutions to the field quickly.”

FirstSpear will be displaying their current line of next-generation products and releasing over 25 new items at the 2012 SHOT Show taking place from January 17-19, 2012 in Las Vegas. FirstSpear and Elite Defense will be sharing booth #27411 and interested retailers may contact Elite Defense to schedule a product review at the show or to learn more about becoming a dealer.

Spike’s Tactical Rally Fighter Walkaround

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

We are big fans of Local Motors and their Rally Fighter kit car. It turns out that Spike’s Tactical is an even bigger fan. They went out and built a custom version of the Rally Fighter for themselves. Photographer John J Irvin captured this walk around of Spike’s creation.

Local Motors on the Rally Fighter:

The Rally Fighter is a premium, authentic off-road experience. It is capable of racing the deserts of the American Southwest and handle the city streets. But build in an extra 10 minutes on your commute to answer questions, it’s a head-turner!

The Rally Fighter is the first vehicle by Local Motors and will be built with the our customer in Phoenix, Arizona.


American Warrior Issue 5 – Coming This Week

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Here is a preview of an article on the US National SWAT Championship in the upcoming issue number 5 of NRA Life of Duty’s “American Warrior.”


Ambush Firearms Launches Website

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Although the brand officially launched early this year at SHOT Show, Daniel Defense’s hunting line, Ambush Firearms now has a web presence. AR platforms are quickly becoming a viable option for hunting as manufacturers accessorize the basic platform for the task. Daniel Defense decided to get out in front of this growing phenomenon with the Ambush Firearms brand and produce rifles specially outfitted for hunting. The Ambush 6.8 is available in full rifle configurations as well as upper receiver groups. The monolithic rail upper features a full length Picatinny rail fore end with an indexable foregrip that will feel natural to hunters, reminding them of a shotgun fore end. However, while not commonly offered in a hunting gun, many hunters will find the adjustable buttstock a welcome addition to their rifle. Additionally, the Ambush 6.8 incorporates a Geissele Super Semi-Auto two-stage trigger. Finally, Ambush products can be had in Black as well as the popular hunting patterns, Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity.

Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmbushFirearms


Tour of Duty: Australia’s Secret War

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Here is part 1 of the Australia Channel Ten special “Tour of Duty: Australia’s Secret War.” The other sections are available via YouTube.

For the first time ever Network Ten joins Australia’s elite Special Forces in combat. Chris Masters brings you this WORLD EXCLUSIVE documentary from the frontline in Afghanistan. WANT TO SEE MORE?? WATCH: TOUR OF DUTY: AUSTRALIA’S SECRET WAR: EXTENTED. SPECIAL 90 MINUTE EDITION. PREMIERES 9:30PM MONDAY 5th DECEMBER ON ONE.


Costa Adding Second Carbine Course with Falcon Ops Group

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Chris Costa is considering adding a second Carbine course to his lineup with Falcon Ops Group. The dates are set at 2-4 Jan but at this point they haven’t finalized whether it will be a Carbine I or II class. If you are interested, head over to falconops.net and let them know your opinion. These will be Costa’s first courses after leaving Magpul Dynamics.

War Sport Thermal Rail Cover

Monday, November 28th, 2011

At the request of military personnel, War Sport Inc. has put together a rail cover for cold weather operations. Its purpose is simple, to keep the cold from transferring from a weapon into the fingers and wrist, especially from aluminum rails, which don’t shed cold well. WSI’s specialty is actually thermal cloaking (such as with their Barrel Sock, also originally built at the request of a specific organization, and the Suppressor Sock). They used their thermal material and expertise to make such a rail cover work a little better, basically inverting it so the thermal cloth is pointed upward, guarded by a rugged but lightweight 330 Cordura wrap. It reflects heat back into the hand, though not enough to create much of a signature and does reduce the visibility of rail temperature.

The rail cover is not specifically designed to mitigate the weapon’s thermal signature, though it will do so by virtue of its construction. Initial evaluations showed it reduces measured rail temperature by approximately 20 degrees. Obviously, it can be used in conjunction with the Suppressor and Barrel Socks to reduce overall signature.

The rail cover is available with and without MOLLE points, and in the latter case will be available in vertical strips, lateral strips or a mix of the two. (The MOLLE points were added as an option for those who might want to run brush or natural camo through them, or perhaps to throw a small pouch on there if they’re going to be lying prone for a long period of time. It’s obviously not to hang modular pouches off of while you’re busting brush, or running CQB/MOUT operations—don’t read more into it than there is.)

They’ll have it in ATACS UA, the new ATACS FG, Woodland, Coyote, Black, etc. The most likely market for these will be cold weather shooters, hunters and similar commercial applications, though LEOs and military personnel may like it as well.

The thermal rail cover with MOLLE weighs in at 3.9 oz., the one without MOLLE just under 3. Contact War Sport on their website or on Facebook for more information.