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EOG’s New Garmin 301/401 Wrist Strap

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

EOG - Garmin 301-401 wrist strap

ExplosiveOps Gear’s new Garmin 301/401 wrist strap was made to provide a superior mounting option for the Garmin 301/401 GPS device. It uses hardware already on the Garmin 301/401, which eliminates the many problems that come with using a GPS in a clear window pouch: no glare, no fumbling with buttons, and operating the GPS with gloves becomes much easier.

The strap is fully adjustable and comes in a length of 11.5″; it’s longer and wider than the stock strap. Constructed of a comfortable, breathable, wicking fabric, the strap is washable and gets softer with each use.

Available in MultiCam, Coyote, and SRT Black. Made in the USA.

5.11 Outdoors Part III: Wayfinding

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Since I’m at a Scout Leaders training program this weekend I thought it was appropriate to share this video from 5.11 Outdoor featuring SGM Kyle Lamb (USA, Ret) as he discusses Wayfinding. As this is the third video in this series, check out the others on their YouTube channel.

Beyond Clothing Standing By For Your EOY Needs

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


We’ve mentioned quite a few new Beyond products over the past few months such as the AXIOS Alpha Jacket, Enhanced Combat Uniforms with Universal Knee Pads and Woodland L9’s. to help jog your memory visit If you’re clothing out your EOY buys, contact Beyond for any of those products.

Pencari Training Launches New Website

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


Following up on PENCARI’s existing and highly successful training packages they are proud to announce the launch of their new and exciting training product range for the Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial Sectors.

Corps Strength – Leopards Vs Lions

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Over the past few months I’ve been working with someone who purchased my book CorpsStrength and is using my PT system. After six weeks of good progress, he stalled and couldn’t get his max pull-ups past 13, or his mile run time below 7 minutes. People hit walls with their PT goals all the time, so this was nothing new. However with him I knew immediately what the issue was. He was just too big, (a very solid 240 lbs). A former competitive power lifter who racked up some very impressive lifts over the years, but now due to injuries decided it was time to move away from the heavy lifting and get in better overall condition. His problem brought me back to something I’ve spoken to many people about when helping them get into shape; it’s the mental dilemma of Leopards vs. Lions.

As we all know people come in all shapes and sizes, however stuck in the minds of many people (especially young men) is this misconception that to be in true kick-ass physical condition you need to be big, physically large. To illustrate this concept in a simple way, they want to be lions. You know the big cat, King of the Beasts and all that that. I get the appeal, however the problem is that most people are just not born lions, (I’m talking physically here, attitude wise is another thing) they’re something else. Some people are badger size, some are more like a buffalo. In my own case for example, I was designed pretty much to be leopard size, with my best fighting weight right around 160lbs. However when I was younger, that wasn’t enough. 160lbs? No way, too little. I wanted to be a lion, and that meant 200lbs of muscle, so I went heavy on the weights, chow and supplements for many years. At my biggest I got up to a very solid 195lbs. Was I now a Lion? The simple answer was no, In reality I was just a overweight, slow ass Leopard. I was very strong in all the standard weight room lifts, and I could still run ok, but I just wasn’t at my best. I didn’t feel all that hot either, my joints were sore all the time and my uniforms didn’t fit right. I was just too big and frankly in denial about it. After many years (Marines are hard-headed), I figured this all out and got my weight to where it needed to be (160-165lbs), and like magic I immediately felt better, looked better in uniform and could do almost everything (physically) better, much better in fact (with the exception of a max bench or squat). That ideal ratio of muscle to frame size made everything work more efficiently. There is no getting around genetics, nor should you try. It won’t work in the end. If you’ve ever seen a bodybuilder is huffing and puffing after then just do a posing routine you’ll get my drift. Looks are just looks, and size is just weight unless you can use it. Real conditioning is a combination of many factors, and carrying a bodyweight that matches your natural frame size is one of them.

I related this simple concept to my reader about two months ago. He tightened up on his diet, the PT program didn’t change, didn’t need to. I received an email from him last week where he stated that his weight was now around 210lbs, he can easily do 20+ pull-ups, and his last timed mile run was 6:04. But more importantly he said he has never felt better. He feels stronger, healthier with much more energy. Magic huh? No, not really, its just long practical experience that has lead me many times to this conclusion. That’s if you really want to get and stay in great condition for the long term. You need to wear the uniform you’re issued and work on making that the best you can, not trying to up-size just for its own sake. Be a kick ass leopard, wolverine, or whatever you are and forget about the Lions, they always seemed kind of lazy to me.

Be safe and good luck


Gunfighter Moment – Kyle Defoor

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Generally, Kyle shares training and employment tips but we thought that you’d like to see another side of Defoor. He’s an avid outdoorsman and shares reviews of equipment he uses for work and play on his blog.

Not a lot of gear reviews lately here. I’ve been turning down more gear lately than normal. I’ve also been advising manufacturers from different industries why the things they send to me suck so bad, and believe me, some of the stuff I’ve seen recently really does.


With that said, I’ve had the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer for almost a year now. I wanted to get a lot of cold time in it before I made a call and I wanted to really work in it to see the durability, which I admit, I was concerned with at first.

The CEO of Mission Ready Equipment sent me the GW with the words- “you’re not gonna believe it”. That about sums it up. It’s almost unbelievably warm for what it is.


What it is is a 7oz (my scale, MH says 8) down jacket that will fit in your back pocket (yes it hangs out a little but not much) that has down in it that has been “infused” ( don’t ask me) to make it almost waterproof (I’m a toad man, so nothing is waterproof to me). I’ve been in rain with it and so far it lives up to the hype. The outside shell is a nylon that my only complaint is its shininess (I don’t think MH is too much about lo pro judging from the yellow zips on my Drystein), and of course it’s loud for hunting, but I simply wear a shirt over top and it’s golden.

Combined with above said rain shell it is comfortable with only a t-shirt down to low-mid thirties easily. I would venture to say the GW is as warm as a “normal” 600-800 fill down jacket but obviously without the weight, bulk, and inability to get wet and still perform.

It’s so damn small and “nothing” feeling that it takes some time with it and some nerve to take it as your only thermal piece. I’ve done that many times and it has yet to let me down. One day, I even did my normal range setup by carrying steel ipscs on my shoulder 200 yards for 40 mins wearing the GW and it didn’t tear. I mean you could rip it with something sharp if you weren’t careful but it’s as durable as any normal nylon type jacket.

For those that have ventured down the super light weight jacket road before, think of this as a Patagonia ultra light down shirt that is twice as warm and the same size, or very similar to a Montbell Alpine but more durable IMHO.

Highly recommended for anyone but especially for those who are of a minimalist mindset.
Find it here-


Kyle Defoor

“Trainer of Feeders”

Kyle Defoor is one of the world’s most committed and passionate shooting instructors. Literally growing up with a gun in hand he took his talents into the military where he was combat decorated as a SEAL assaulter and sniper. Kyle helped to create and define modern training while along the way personally teaching thousands of military personal and civilians from around the globe. His shooting prowess led to appearances on multiple TV shows including Shooting Gallery, Tactical Arms, and Tactical Impact, and guest appearances on History Channel. Kyle’s outdoor athletic lifestyle includes shooting, ultra running, stand-up paddle surfing and climbing. He now serves as the brand ambassador for Mission Ready Equipment and runs his own company which offers tactical training, wilderness navigation, TV and film consulting, and motivational speaking.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer some words of wisdom.

St Martin’s Press Teams With SOFREP For Ebooks

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

St Martin’s Press editor Marc Resnick has negotiated a deal with SOFREP.COM (Special Operations Forces Report) to publish hard-hitting, news-breaking original e-books from the world of Special Operations. With millions of visitors monthly, SOFREP is the largest Spec Ops site on the internet devoted to authentic, accurate, and timely analysis of Special Operations, Intelligence, and foreign policy issues that affect the United States. SOFREP’s editor-in-chief Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author of The Red Circle and the original e-book, Benghazi: The Definitive Report.

Resnick says, “With the December 17, 2013 publication of OPERATION RED WINGS: THE UNTOLD STORY BEHIND LONE SURVIVOR, St. Martin’s Press is thrilled to begin an extraordinary new e-book publishing program with our partner, SOFREP.COM.”

Tapping directly into the huge fan base of the bestselling memoir, Lone Survivor, and the upcoming Universal Pictures adaptation of that book, OPERATION RED WINGS tells the story of the recovery mission to rescue Luttrell for the first time ever. Written by Peter Nealen and the team at SOFREP using exclusive interviews, after-action reports, military intelligence, and previously untold accounts of the rescue mission, OPERATION RED WINGS is filled with never-before-told details and shocking new revelations.

ATS Tactical Announces Cobra 2.6 in Wolf Grey

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Cobra 2-6 main

ATS Tactical has released their popular Cobra 2.6 in Wolf Grey, their first product in that color but eventually the entire line will be offered in Wolf. Also you might take not of the model number. Because of custom runs of this pack for specialized customers and expanded commercial offerings, it became necessary to differentiate the packs. The Cobra 2.5 is the original, slick front pack design. Cobra 2.6 are variations with the shock cord daisy chain on the face. There will also be offerings under the name Cobra 2.7 Custom that will be sprint runs of five or more packs with variations to the design. As long as ATS can source the material, they can build that pack run. Retail price has not been set yet, but ATS expects it will be very close to the current retail price of the 2.5 series of $152.25. They will go live at early next week.