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TacCraft – “Covert Rural Surveillance”

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Due to several decades of operational application during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, the British developed an excellent standard in covert rural surveillance. CROPS UK offers a manual on covert rural surveillance.

Covert Rural Surveillance

“Covert Rural Surveillance” is a tradecraft manual dedicated to modern military techniques and covert tactics for rural surveillance operations. With over 560 pages, in excess of 1500 color images and diagrams, it offers unrivaled insight and quality to this unique subject. This manual has been designed, to enable the reader to carry it under the ‘top flap’ of their CROPS Bergen or other pack for immediate reference should it be required. It also contains a number of blank documents such as: Surveillance Logs / Reconnaissance Report Template / Replenishment Cards / Sketch Sheets and File Notes used on operations that can all be photocopied and used during your surveillance.

The rural environment is by far the most challenging, requiring the utmost of personal discipline and the aim of this manual, is to make your operations successful every time. The content of this manual has been taken directly from the author’s Covert Rural Surveillance Course syllabus.

Subjects covered:
• Introduction to surveillance
• Planning & Preparation
• Clothing & Equipment
• Rural communications
• Navigation
• Field Craft
• Patrol Skills
• Rural hide construction
• Logging & Reporting
• Triggers (static follow)
• Sketch Maps
• Panoramic Sketching
• Observation Skills & search
• Close Target Reconnaissance
• Methods of Resupply
• Digital Still & Video Imagery
• Deployment of Covert Camera Systems
• Eavesdropping
• Operating from Buildings
• Winter Operations
• Law & Legal Issues

Covert Rural Surveillance is a highly recommended tradecraft manual, which is currently been used by a number of overseas specialist units as the comprehensive training guild for this subject available anywhere.


How to Fold a Topo Map by Pro Guiding Service

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Topo maps come in flat sheets that aren’t prefolded. Guide Martin Volken shows you the best way to fold it for handy use.

Hat tip to Outdoor Research’s VertiCulture.

5.11 Outdoors Part III: Wayfinding

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Since I’m at a Scout Leaders training program this weekend I thought it was appropriate to share this video from 5.11 Outdoor featuring SGM Kyle Lamb (USA, Ret) as he discusses Wayfinding. As this is the third video in this series, check out the others on their YouTube channel.

TacCraft – Footprint and Gait Interpretation from TTOS

Friday, August 30th, 2013