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Private Bloggins – Cobra vs. Raptor – Head to Head

Friday, April 4th, 2014

A while back, CTOMS, through their Private Bloggins site, posted an article featuring self testing of the Raptor buckle in order to determine if it was a suitable replacement for the AustriAplin Cobra buckles in use on their X-belts and M-harnesses.

Recently, they’ve written a follow up to that original round of testing. This time, instead of conducting their own comparative testing, they posted the results of a study conducted by independent testing company TÜV SÜD at the request of AustriAlpin. AustriAlpin supplied 5 Cobra and Raptor buckles of each size for evaluation; the Raptor buckles were sourced by 3rd parties from online suppliers of the buckles.

Through the testing results, it was determined that Raptor Buckles bend and brake consistently below the direct pull stamped rating. Those interested in viewing TÜV SÜD’s test results can view them by clicking the image below:

AustriAlpin test


CTOMS – Pack To Armor Rapid Integration System (PARIS)

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


The CTOMS’ PARIS is a retrofit to the CTOMS 2ndLine Pack featuring the MQRB shoulder straps. It is compatible with most MOLLE armor/plate carriers and integrates with limited effect on mounted pouches and equipment. This eliminates the traditional shoulder strap configuration that can cause problems such as:

– Restriction of circulation to the arms
– Restriction of shoulder and arm range of motion
– Negative impact on shooting stance
– Negative impact on mobility, flexibility, and agility
– Negative impact on long term comfort


(Click to view .pdf)

CTOMS – Turtle’s Harness

Friday, February 21st, 2014


The Turtle’s Harness from CTOMS is a MOLLE plate carrier integrated chest harness system that creates a mid-chest attachment point for hoisting and high angle work. Fully compatible with the CTOMS M-Harness, the Turtle’s Harness raises the attachment point, significantly mitigating the potential of inverting, especially when wearing a heavy pack. It’s designed so that it integrates behind any pouches on the plate carrier, so as to not impede access or disrupt and/or crush contents such as radios and ammunition.

Available in Black and Coyote Brown.



Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

The Trace Systems Rope Bag is often called the ‘Magic Rope Bag’ because it makes a rope disappear into the bag so quickly. There are many rope bags on the market with integrated skirts out there but they are all pretty big. This bag is made from MultiCam 70D nylon along with a solid colored skirt.


There is also a side pocket for a rope protection sleeve.


Although it is not yet on the site as a stand alone product, it can be specified as a component of the Trace lots or purchased alone.


CTOMS – Dual Pattern TRACE Systems Rope

Monday, December 9th, 2013

TRACE rope

CTOMS has just announced their new Dual Pattern TRACE Systems rope. As the name would imply, the rope features two patterns, which allows the user to quickly find center rope in addition to being able to log use based on rope side/pattern. TRACE rope will be stocked in 30m, 46m, and 60m lengths. Available immediately for custom order, TRACE rope will be in stock starting early January.

I’m looking forward to catching up with CTOMS at this year’s SOMA.


EdgeGuard from CTOMS

Friday, September 27th, 2013


The EdgePro™ provides a light weight and compact solution for rope edge protection. Moldable to edge shapes with ToughTek backing helps keep the EdgePro™ in place. Grommets at the corners allow for daisy chaining together or securing to prevent it from falling. Padded buffers on the sides prevent the rope from slipping off. SuperFabric® swatch on the rope track provide an excellent friction free surface for the running rope while adding significant durability to prevent the rope from burning through.


CTOMS Canineline

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Canada’s CTOMS has introduced a new line of products specifically for Canines. In addition to what you see here, they will be introducing other products.



TRACE Systems Silver Kit from CTOMS

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Once again, CTOMS introduces a product designed specifically designed for military mountaineering applications.


The newest addition to their TRACE™ (Tactical Rope Access & Confined Extraction) Systems line is the Silver Kit, the Tactical Assault Climber’s Gear Loop Kit designed for use with the M-HARNESS but also compatible with any 1-3/4″ belt (riggers belt). Btw, we hear CTOMS has new M-HARNESS designs and accessories in the works



They’ve already demonstrated that commercially colored gear will highlight a climber on a wall. Like other CTOMS TRACE™ Systems, the new Silver Kit is offered in MultiCam.


Check out the full data sheet here.