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Rapid Wraps Phone Skins for LifeProof Cases in A-TACS AU and FG Camo Patterns

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

US Nightvision and LifeProof is now offering A-TACS AU and FG, Phone skins designed specifically to fit LifeProof iPhone 4, 4s or iPhone 5 Cases. They are printed on a high-speed 3M-vinyl material and then precisely cut to fit every contour of the LifeProof case. The wraps easy to install, just “peel and stick” and are completely waterproof and UV resistant. These skins are now available.


New from Intelligent Armour – Lightweight 1” Combat Belt in A-TACS FG Camo

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Gloucestershire, UK based Intelligent Armour introduces their new lightweight combat belt in A-TACS FG Camo and built to UK Military Specifications.

IA Belt

The new Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt can be worn with any trousers on or off duty without worrying about the width of the belt. At 1″ wide, the Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt 1″ will fit snugly on tactical trousers or jeans and is easily adjusted.

This belt also features a 1” Cobra Buckle…the smallest in the Cobra Buckle range from Austrialpin, the 1″ Cobra Buckle is lightweight, and very strong.

Cobras are CNC machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminium alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. All AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested and certified by highly respected independent/3rd party test houses and exceed Military Specification guidelines.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested to the following standards:
• MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Dust Test Cert
• MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Sand Test Cert
• MIL-STD 810F (509.4) Salt Fog / Corrosion Resistance Test Cert


New Products from US Night Vision Corporation Available in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo Patterns

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Since SHOT Show US Night Vision Corporation has been working on several new products in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns.

Mag Wraps

Mag Wraps come in three packs and will fit virtually any 30 round Magazine. They are easy to install and offer both protection and enhanced concealment for your magazines. The wraps are designed to stop right at the mag well so there is no interference with the operation of the magazine while in the weapon.

Additionally, these US-Made Mag Wraps offer UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes and are completely waterproof. All Mag Wraps are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating and will adhere to virtually any substrate and leave zero residue when removed. They can be placed over each other if need be for an immediate mission profile change. Their exclusive two-piece wrap design also leaves so seams on the crucial sides of the magazine for concealment.


Rapid Wraps Do-It-Yourself A-TACS Camo Wrap

Rapid Wraps rolls come in 2?x60? lengths to custom cover just about anything from firearms to optics. They are easy to use and can be cut to size for any application, simply peel and stick.

Rapid Wraps are custom printed on a high speed 3M material and are adaptable for virtually any application and offer great protection from moisture and scuffs to your weapon or optic system. They will adhere to virtually any substrate and leave zero residue when removed. If removed properly, Rapid Wraps can be reused again and again.


Hard Shell A-TACS Camo Solution for your iPhone

US Nightvision iPhone Cases goes through a five step coating process and are finished in their exclusive “Silicone Grip” Soft-Touch coating. The protective hard shell case is non-skid and includes matching face plate graphics are also included to compliment the A-TACS Camo design.



Coming Soon

Friday, January 4th, 2013



Now Available from CAMOCLAD…A-TACS AU and FG Camo Kits for Large-Scale Vehicle Applications

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


CAMOCLAD in conjunction with Digital Concealment Systems has introduced a full line of options for large-scale vehicle and other applications available in both A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo. Both patterns are now available through their entire product line including their newest innovation, CAMOCLAD Engineered Vehicle Graphic Kits. Pre-engineered kits designed and cast to fit specific vehicles.


“Cast vinyl provides better print quality and materials free of edge lifting, peeling, cracking and pulling away,” says Joe Warner, inventor, founder and president of CAMOCLAD “Both, the do-it-yourselfer and professional graphics installer will quickly realize the many benefits of our high performance Vinyl Graphic Kits.”


CAMOCLAD Concealment Systems manufactures solutions to effectively conceal a wide variety of military and tactical weapons and hardware from Tanks, Jeeps, Transport Vehicles, Watercraft, Command and Control Modules to Firearms, Spotting Scopes and everything in between. CAMOCLAD is waterproof, weather proof, scratch resistant and designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -65 to +225 degrees. These kits have been specially developed and are offered on a super matte vinyl substrate to minimize sheen and flare in harsh outdoor lighting conditions. Additionally, Both A-TACS Camo patterns have been specially developed and scaled appropriately to fit larger scale vehicles with a repeat size more than double most other patterns on the market. This minimizes the “step and repeat” effect common with large scale pattern applications.


Warrior Assault Systems’ DCS DA Plate Carrier Available in A-TACS FG

Monday, October 15th, 2012

UK-based Warrior Assault Systems has introduced their DCS (Dynamic Combat System) in A-TACS FG Camo. Warrior Assault Systems claims that the design was developed with “direct input from active S.F. Operators” and is “suitable for both Special Forces requirements, and PSD Operations”. Fair enough. The DCS accommodates large plates front and back and has the ability to carry either “6 x 6? or “6 x 8? side plates. It is also designed to accept NEXUS NIJ Level 3a Front and Back. Additionally, there is room for ICW side plates.

The shoulders are fully adjustable and have an Emergency Release on one side which frees the left hand side shoulder section and allows the wearer to remove the vest without having to remove his helmet. The side sections of the DCS are fully adjustable for size and can be adjusted in under 15 seconds. 3D Spacer Mesh lining is used for comfort and allows body heat to move away from the bodies surface while assisting in air flow to provide cooling.

The DCS was developed to be worn in tandem with their Warrior Frag Belt and comes standard with 5 x Open Mag pouches for 5.56mm Mags as well as 2 x Small Utility / Medic Pouch.


Now Available A-TACS FG Camo Sniper Gear from Tactical Concealment Mfg

Friday, October 12th, 2012


Tactical Concealment Manufacturing is well known for their purpose built ghillie suits and accessories. Now, they have introduced A-TACS FG to their line up.

The MAMBA Suit in A-TACS FG Camo
For operators who want the BEST ghilliesuit base available the choice is clear… GhillieSkins Mamba in A-TACS FG Camo. The Mamba is in a class all of its own. It’s built from scratch and constructed from the highest quality materials and highest performance fabrics available. Ultra lightweight and strong as nails, the Mamba is provided ungarnished allowing the operator to garnish it as best suited for their operating environment. Superior design and quality workmanship attribute to its popularity with military special operation teams. The Mamba offers the operator full body concealment. The Mamba is combat proven and the “King of Choice”. This suit is built so well it will likely last an entire career span for a military/LEO sniper. Designed and built to deliver the “to hell and back” reliability operators come to expect from Tactical Concealment.

Standard Features include:
– Constructed from A-TACS FG Camo NYCO fabric 1000 Denier Cordura A-TACS FG Camo Nylon Skid Protection
– Removable & Thickness Adjustable Padding on: Elbows, Forearms, Chest & Knees.
– Super Heavy Duty & reinforced Shin Guards Thread less Skid Surface Areas Throughout
– Nylon 550 Nylon Cord for Garnish Attach (Tighter grid work for more effective foliage attach).
– Closed-Chest System, side entry via Fastex buckles along side of blouse.
– Adjustable Hand Loops
– Blouse is upgradeable to accommodate Tactical Concealment’s adjustable sniper hood.
– Adjustable Foot Stirrups
– One-Size-Fits-All Sleeve length via wrist tension cords.
– One-Size-Fits-All Leg Length via ankle tension cords
– Adjustable Egress Suspension System (Crotch Strap) via Fastex buckle
– One-Size-Fits-All sleeve & pant length MOLLE webbing integrated on each trouser leg to accommodate your own custom gear pocket
– Adjustable V-Neck, preacher collar
– Reinforced seat and crotch using Cordura
– 2?-Wide belt loops around trouser waistband.
– 2? Wide duty belt, fully waist adjustable
– Inner knee abrasion protection
– Suspenders & tactical nylon adjustable belt included with purchase.
– Entire back of shirt is ventilated with super-tough A-TACS FG Camo mesh fabric

James Gilliland Joins Digital Concealment Systems, LLC

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Industry Pro James Gilliland has joined Digital Concealment Systems, LLC the creators of the A-TACS family of camouflage.


Jim will serve as Director of Special Projects with primary responsibilities including interfacing with new and existing manufacturing partners to bring new and innovative products to market utilizing both the A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns. Additionally, Jim will assist the DCS Marketing team with content creation and with the development of specialized media projects. Jim will also coordinate with various Government Agencies with respect to utilizing the A-TACS Camo platform.

Jim brings over 15 years of practical military experience to the A-TACS Camo team. He Joined the Army in 1996 where he served in the 3rd Batallion of the 75th Ranger Regiment as an Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortar Gunner), Forward Observer, Sniper, Spotter, RTO, Team Leader, and a Squad Leader. He later deployed twice to Afghanistan with C company 3/75 as a Squad Leader where he participated in the highly televised night combat Airborne Assault in the Helmand providence on 19 Oct 2001.

Jim went on to instruct at the NCO academy for 18 months before being assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. While there, Jim selected and trained a Sniper Section from scratch in 2004 and deployed for one year as a Sniper Section Leader. Jim’s sniper section was recognized as the best Sniper Section in Iraq in 2005 by the Joint Chief Counter IED Task Force. Jim is accredited with taking a record successful single shot engagement with a 7.62 rifle.

Jim was later assigned as a Ranger Instructor at Mountain Phase of the Army’s Ranger school for three years as both tactics and mountaineering instructor. Following that, Jim returned to the 3rd ID and completed his second tour in Iraq as a Platoon Sergeant leading a quick Reaction Force and counter IED/Post blast section Leader finishing his time in the 3d ID as a First Sergeant.

Jim was assigned to Fort Benning in the summer of 2011 to serve in the Soldier Requirement Division, Small Arms Branch as the Senior Enlisted Adviser and Branch NCOIC. In this role Jim was directly involved in the selection, refinement and development of all future Army small arms. Jim is currently assigned to Cco 2-29 IN as the Rifle Marksmanship Proponent where he is tasked with the update and rewrite of the Rifle Marksmanship Manual.

Jim also founded and runs Shadow 6 Consulting. Through Shadow 6, he focuses on individual and group firearms training with emphasis on Weapons Handling, Marksmanship Training, Tactical Maneuver scenarios, Home Defense Training, Equipment Selection and Use, and Industry Consulting. Jim can be contacted at: jim@a-tacs.com.

Jim is going to be a great addition to the A-TACS team. Congrats to all!