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Hill People Gear Presents Longhouse : Clothing System

Monday, December 26th, 2016


Hill People Gear – M2016 Butt Pack

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Hill People Gear has answered the requests of customers and persuasive friends with an updated version of the venerable M1956 / M1967 military butt pack. For many in the US, a moldy military surplus M1967 on an alice belt with a couple of canteen pouches (and sheath knife if you were lucky!) was a first field setup and still holds a special place.

Just like the originals, the M2016 Butt Pack can be used as a shoulder bag or mounted on a belt with or without H-Harness. Unlike the original, HPG’s new offering is also designed to mount securely on the top of a full sized pack as a floating and compressible top pocket. It comes with a shoulder strap with other carriage options offered separately.

The exterior has 4 different surfaces comprised of FirstSpear’s proprietary 6/12 PALS grid fabric. There are both top and bottom compression straps for adding additional items. The interior is accessed via a full panel opening secured with a #10 zipper and additionally protected with side release buckles. Internal organization consists of a full 6/12 velcro / PALS field next to the removable HDPE frame sheet and a mesh zippered pocket opposite that.

I love their videos which not only inform you about the product but also have a travelogue vibe.

The Hill People Gear M2016 Butt Pack will be available in mid-November for $135 in two-tone ranger green / khaki and two tone manatee grey / foliage grey. To be notified when it is available, email [email protected]. Please specify color choice.

Hill People Gear – Slot Pocket Survival Kit

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Hill People Gear teamed up with their friends at SOLKOA to come up with the Slot Pocket Survival Kit. The goal was to hit as many bases as possible in a kit that would go in one of the internal slot pockets on a Kit Bag.

They also made it TSA friendly so you could carry it anywhere, but with the understanding that their customers always carry a good knife when they can anyway. “Slot pocket size” also is great for a variety of other places such as a pants or jacket pocket.

Here are it’s characteristics:
TSA friendly
5 oz
4.5 x 5.5 x 1″
x2 mini fastfire fire starter
x4 rubber patches fire starter
x10 waterproof storm matches
ferrocerium rod
saw blade / striker
1 liter water bag
x6 Aquamira water purification tabs
ACR Rescue whistle
signal mirror
Photon LED micro light
Orange signal panel
15 ft 400lb test cordage
x4 write in the rain paper squares
2 ft duct tape
magnification lens
Type A (highest quality available – made in Japan) button compass

If you would like notification when this is available, email [email protected].

Hill People Gear in the field : Robinson Roundabout

Monday, June 20th, 2016

This video by our friends at Hill People Gear offered me the most relaxing five minutes I’ve had in quite awhile. thanks guys!


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Hill People Gear Aston House Pack

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Every once in awhile during the FirstSpear Friday Focus, they like to concentrate in their OEM partners. This time, it’s Hill People Gear and the Aston House Pack. The name of the pack has a rather interesting history. Also known as ‘Station 12’ Aston House was the development lab for World War Two’s British Special Operations Executive. Although the pack has a great historical name as inspiration, it is fully modern, making use of FirstSpear’s 6/12 technology.

According the HPG, the overall size is 11″x8″x21″ with two compartments and a removable compression pocket/panel.

Removable load compartment
This is a 4″ deep compartment that can be accessed via zippers at both the top and bottom of the pack. It is meant for the heavier elements of your load. Additional features include:
-Slick interior to make removal of load cells (such as AstonInsert, Palspocket, Tarapocket, etc.) quick and easy.
-Dual hypalon load hangers at the top, one on each side of the compartment
-Top and bottom compression straps have two different tab sets they can be attached to for a standard or extra wide strap placement. Extra wide is meant to clear anything you might want to carry in the removable load compartment that needs to stick out of the top of the pack.
-The outer sides of this compartment have First Spear 6/12 slot pockets with a 2 channel PALS grid cut into them.
-There is a plastic insert between this compartment and the next to help support load elements suspended from the hypalon load hangers.

Organizer compartment

This is a contoured 4″ deep compartment that is accessed via a generous zippered panel. It includes:
-Fully lined with 6/12 PALS cut fabric, velcro loop side out. This lets you use either PALS or velcro backed pouches to organize this pocket.
-Hypalon load hanger array at the top
-Aston Pocket

This is a removable compression pocket / panel that comes with the pack. It has the following features:
-Full zipper panel access
-3 vertically stacked slot pockets on inner surface
-Single mesh pocket on rear surface
-Scalloped hypalon load control detail that terminate in compression strap attachment slots
-External loop cord attachment points


Hill People Gear – Winter Skills Training 2016

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Each year Hill People Gear customers gather to share knowledge in an outdoor experience. This video gives you an overview of what goes on. Hopefully, I’ll make it one of these days.

Hill People Gear – qui-Ya Backpack

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

The qui-Ya is Hill People Gear’s dedicated large volume multiday internal frame backpack. It is built on the same heavy duty chassis as the Ute backpack, but with a 28” frame and 29.5” overall height as well as a larger diameter bag. This yields an approximate ~5500 ci volume (conservatively). At a weight of 6.25lbs, the qui-Ya has a very favorable weight to volume / load capacity ratio.

The pack bag consists of a main compartment, 1.5” tall zippered top pocket, generous wand pockets, and a Velcro loop field on the underside of the zippered top lid. Materials include 1000d cordura on the suspension side and bottom, hypalon details, and 500d cordura for the rest. The chassis is dual 7000 series aluminum stays landed in the included Prairie Belt, HPG’s signature contoured shoulder harness, and an HDPE framesheet. The qui-Ya is made in the USA by FirstSpear out of US materials.

Just like its little brother the Ute, the qui-Ya can be expanded with a selection of optional back pockets depending on the user’s needs. The addition of a back pocket increases volume and organization, but it also turns the pack into a load hauler frame as the situation warrants. The HPG-original pulley compression system controls load very effectively and also allows the pack to be collapsed to nearly empty while still maintaining excellent load cohesion.

Retail price for the new pack is $450 and it will be available by mid-May directly from Hill People Gear. Color choices include – two tone ranger / khaki and two tone foliage / manatee. Email [email protected] if you would like to be notified when this pack is available. Please specify color choice.


Hill People Gear – Cook System

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016